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A reply from Honor can take up to a week (7 days) to come to you due to scheduling, and time constraints – please be patient. All replies from Honor are from her personally, and are not supplied by an assistant or representative. If you send Honor a question about her books, or one of her series she will put the answer directly into her Newsletter so that all her followers have the answer. You can sign up for this right here.

If you are reporting a possible site that is illegally selling Honor’s books, ensure your subject line reads “Possible Illegal Sales Site” when you send her a message so she deals with it promptly. Remember to include the LINK to the site/page with her book on it. You may not receive a reply in return for these messages depending on time available to Honor.

Any and all information from readers or visitors to the site that has been supplied via communication with Honor James and/or her representatives is confidential and not for sale. Requests to purchase any information that may have been supplied to Honor James and/or her representatives will be forwarded onto the appropriate authorities and dealt with according to the laws of said State/Country.