To the Edge and Back


To the Edge & Back – Blurb

Janos Farkas is one of the Princes in hiding. His parents were murdered in a revolt that was brought about because of greed. It isn’t until he meets Mina Tremayne that he realizes that sometimes accepting the help of the Packs that swore their allegiance to the Crown and his family isn’t such a bad thing.

Mina was completely alone in the world, her every action carefully taken into account so that there was no misstep that would send her failing miserably and landing on the streets, or worse. It is by total happenstance that she walks into Janos’s world, a cracked keg of beer being the catalyst that will send her carefully shaped world into complete chaos.

To him she is a thing of beauty, pure in her mind and soul. To her he’s the man of her dreams and is the only one that can shake up her well-ordered, if poor, life.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

The here and now… Janos

Hanging up the phone, Janos let out a low growl of displeasure before shoving a hand through his long black hair. Sometimes he really questioned his decision to open as many bars and clubs as he had. Today was definitely one of those days.

“What’s up, boss?” Max, his manager for all three of the clubs, asked from the other end of the bar where he was tallying up the liquor order before he called it in for that day’s delivery.

“Miklos just called.” He named his older brother and middle of the pack. “The cameras he put in at Edge panned out apparently. He has solid proof that Dahlia and Ernie were robbing me blind.” He said mentioning Dahlia and Ernie who were the head bartender and her boyfriend, who was also a bouncer at Edge.

“Shit,” Frowning, Max looked around suddenly, his eyes skating over the entirety of the bar. “Uh, boss…” He let the question trail off
for Janos to figure it out.

“No,” Janos bit out. “I only did it at Edge because the books were being screwed with enough that even I, a non-accountant, could figure out. I did more checking and found that this had been going on even longer than I had first realized,” he said as he moved down the bar to press his hands to the surface near where Max sat. “They’ve managed to take somewhere in the range of ten to fifteen hundred over the last year.”

Stunned, Max stared at him. “Holy shit.” That was a good chunk of money and rather ballsy, too. When you took on a Wolf  you’d better ensure your life insurance was up to date and to the extreme. “What are you going to do?” he asked the Wolf in question whose dark blue eyes were taking on a distinctly feral look.

“I don’t get to do what I want to do. Miklos is going to arrest them and charge them according to human laws,” Janos said with a low animalistic growl and pointed at nothing in particular.

“Damned pesky human laws,” Max said, the look on his face almost comical, just managing to keep his face straight when those hunter eyes turned toward him. The growl from deep in the Janos’s  chest had him chuckling though. “Down, boy,” he teased, laughing even harder when the growl turned feral.

“Sometimes I really wish that you humans were under Wolf law,” Janos said. At the questioning look he shrugged. “I’d be able to call them out and turn them into mincemeat like I want to do.”

“Damn,” Max breathed out. “Harsh.”

“We’re not like you, Max. We have to have laws applicable to our lives,” he pointed out with a sigh. “I need you to go over to Edge tonight and run the show, let everyone there know about Ernie and Dahlia. I’ll handle here tonight,” he added so that Max wouldn’t worry about the Full Moon. “Place the liquor order before you head over and while I go through and make sure I remember what I’m doing,” he ordered, pushing off the bar top and moving away. “And no flirting with the chick that takes the order. It’s bad enough you make eyes at her while she’s here, none of that over the phone.”

Shaking his head, Max rolled his eyes and muttered internally nasty names at his boss’s back, knowing better than to speak them even under his breath. One thing he’d learned early on was that the Wolf had incredibly sharp ears and could hear just about anything, including a pin dropping in a chaotic machine shop. Picking up the phone, he made the call.

Two hours later, an hour before the liquor truck would arrive with the night requirements, Janos lay down on his sofa. He was exhausted and knew it wasn’t just physical exhaustion. He’d been feeling old of late even though he was only six years short of celebrating his second century without his parents, after the escape.

Resting an arm over his eyes, his mind turned to the woman who was their liquor distributor representative. She was a cute little thing, for a human, a tempting little bit that would serve as a delightful appetizer for a Wolf’s hunger. And he’d always had a bit of an interest in her, but knew better than to actually approach her. Humans were not on his particular menu.

Slipping into sleep, he wasn’t surprised when she came to be the main attraction of his dream, her delightfully naked body spread under his. Licking and nibbling at her smooth flesh, Janos growled softly as he shifted on the sofa. Smoothing his hands over her soft curves, he inhaled the heady scent of her flesh, moving ever lower on her body. He had a goal, to taste her, as he truly couldn’t wait to lap at her warm juices. He was almost there, her body quivering in need for his touch when a buzzer sounded, snapping him awake.

Sitting up sharply as the buzzer sounded again, he snarled as he stood, his body having reacted to his dream more than any other. “Damn fine time for a hard-on,” he grumbled as he headed for the stairs and the back loading dock. Shifting his erection slightly in the suddenly too-tight jeans, he let out a breath. “Better not be dreaming about humans, too fragile and they just scare too easily,” he muttered, pushing open the door.





Her legs fell open further, allowing the assault on her body, and completely forgot how to breathe as she arched up and took his finger deeper into her pussy, whimpering as she did. “Janos.” It came out more of just the J and S melted together, but her eyes were crossing and she saw stars. It was as if something broke inside of her. There was a melting of sorts in her belly, and she felt the answering liquid sliding out of her cunt and onto his waiting hand.

“Shh, love,” he murmured, lifting his head as he inhaled her scent, his eyes drifting closed for a moment. Blinking them open again, they were fully Wolf, his mate’s scent pushing him closer and closer to the edge. But, before he lost complete control, “Love,” he said softly as he pushed a second finger into her pussy to stretch her gently.

“I’ll want to mark you,” he whispered against her cheek as he shifted his weight. “You need to tell me if you want it visible or if you want it hidden from all eyes but mine.”

Her eyes were glazed as she opened them and smiled as she looked at him. “I have nothing to hide, Janos. I want everyone to know that I am yours.” Her fingertips lightly stroked his jaw. Looking into the eyes of a Wolf, she wasn’t afraid. She was needy, anxious, and more in love than anyone had a right to be so soon.

His second finger was adding more pressure and more pleasure as he moved them inside of her pussy and bending them slightly to find that sweet spot inside that would send her flying. Her body was burning had her watching him. “Please, Janos, now?” She was desperate and needy, hungry, and hurting with need.

Nodding slowly, he eased away from her and, catching her look of surprise, flipped her over to her stomach. “I need you this way the first time, love. Every time after we can do it however you want, but to mark you and take you as my mate I need to be dominant or I could hurt you unintentionally.”

Lifting her hips up, he got her onto her hands and knees. “I’ll mark you on the curve of your neck,” he said as he moved over her slightly, his lips moving over her skin. “Right here. That way, if you want, you can hide it or you can leave it open for all to see.”

She braced herself on her hands and turned to look back at him. “I trust you, Janos.” She did trust him. Completely and fully she trusted him. “I will wear it proudly.” Because it was more than an engagement ring or anything of that type. It was a symbol of forever. Even if it faded it meant for all time, and that to her was more than she had ever thought she would get.

Moving over her a little more, Janos braced his hands on the mattress as he rubbed against hers softly.

She felt him pressing against her, felt the hot and hard press of him against her butt, and she whimpered, rocking forward on her hands and then back again by reaction more than knowledge. “I need you, Janos.” She did, too. She allowed her body to take on more of a submissive position, even if she wasn’t aware of it.

Growling softly as she lowered her shoulders to the mattress, Janos kept a tight rein on the Wolf. It was okay for the moment, acknowledging that it had to release control for a time. “I need you, too, baby,” he whispered softly to her. “I need you to relax, love. This is going to be hard enough as is, but to resist too much…” He ground his teeth together.

“I am trying,” she said as she forced herself to relax, needed to relax, because she was burning with desire.

Pressing the head of his cock into her wet pussy lips he moved a hand to her clit to gently rub at her. Easing in slowly and carefully, he let her get used to his intrusion. “That’s it, love,” he murmured, nibbling on her shoulder gently to help keep her distracted as he inched into her a little at a time.

Her hand reached back and pressed to his stomach when she felt him butting against what felt like the inner wall inside of her body. “You’re too big.” She gasped but shook. She was too small for him. He was barely inside of her and she couldn’t fit more of him into her body. She was frustrated and wanted to cry, but it also felt so very, very good to have him filling her so very full.

“Shh,” he whispered as he slowly moved his fingers over and around her clitoris. “We’re made for each other, love,” he murmured softly to her.

“We’ll fit just fine,” he promised as he slipped in a little further, the head of his cock pressing to her hymen. “I’m sorry, love, but this next little part may hurt you,” he said with regret. “I don’t want to hurt you, but unless I break through it with my fingers this is going to sting.”

“All right,” she whispered and looked back at him. “Are you going to come out of me now?” she asked as she felt him moving his cock from her body and moved his hands faster and faster over her clitoris. “I really like when you touch me like this.” She whimpered and pushed back into him more.

Watching her, Janos let her press back and froze when she pushed hard enough to break through her own hymen. Shuddering, he slid in the rest of the way into her silken pussy and then froze as he felt the first shimmer down his spine of what would be. Shuddering slightly, he pressed his forehead to her shoulder trying for some sort of restraint.