Reaching for My Angel


Reaching for My Angel – Blurb

Quiet, laid-back, and the easiest going of all his siblings, Benedek Farkas prefers his books to people. A collector of old and a reader of new, he is well read and well educated, but nothing could have prepared him for her to enter his life. Who knew that she would be the paradox of his existence or that she would be the savior of his soul?

Evangeline “Evan” Farmer’s life was not what one would call normal or what any woman would ever dream of when she enters into a relationship till death do they part. But time can change anyone, and for some it only makes them less than what they should have been. Free at last, she roams the country, the open road her world. But a small lapse in memory brings her a whole new set of problems or the way to finally and truly be free. Can she take the chance and open up to him? Can she let him in where no man has ever really been?

The demons of the past haunt her daily, each movement, each breath, and every waking moment. Together they will fight them for a chance at happiness and a life together. Her heart is the carefully guarded jewel that he seeks. And, for a moment of bliss, he’ll sweep her off her feet into the romance of her life…

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Tongue-tied, Ben stared at her and slowly started to smile as his brain clicked back on and figured out just what was going on. Here he had been pushing to find his mate and, through pure luck, she was now here. “I’m Benedek, by the way,” he told her, “Figure the least I could do is introduce myself since you’re naked and all that.”

She shrugged and grinned, “It doesn’t matter, as much as I would like to have this dream more than once I can only do it once. I’ve never been able to have the same dream twice ever in my life.” She sighed and then grinned up at him, “But I am Evangeline, but everyone calls me Evan.”

Crouching down he eased to sit at her side. “A pleasure Evangeline,” he said, softly enjoying the way her name rolled off his lips. “Pretty name for a delightfully lovely woman,” he told her with a smile. “Tell me about yourself Evangeline, anything and everything will do for a start.”

“Not too much to tell.” Why she had given her name to her own figment of her imagination was beyond her. “I love to swim. This was the place I would swim as a child, I think I was ten maybe when I found this place a mile and half from my home in Tennessee. It was my sanctuary, my haven.”

Looking around, Ben smiled. “It’s a very lovely place, restful and serene,” he agreed closing his eyes to listen to the water and the birds in the distant trees. “I can see why you would want to come here,” he said as he looked back to her. “If I had a place such as this I doubt you’d get me to leave,” leaning closer he winked, “Or you could try, but I’d kick and scream the whole way.”

She got a hooded look over her eyes, the pain was there and bright only a moment before she was able to tamp it down and nod, “Yeah, it is lovely.” And she hadn’t been there in far too long. Maybe it was time to go back, time to forget about the things that happened there and try to recapture the feeling of peace that she had now. “And what about you Benedek, tell me about yourself?” She was curious what kind of man her mind would come up for her to dream about.

He’d seen the pain and reached out to gently stroke her dark hair gently, “Not much to tell,” he said softly. “I have four brothers, one older and three younger that are the bane of my existence,” he told her with a smile, his love for his family in his voice. “I run a small bookstore chain and am a onetime only published author, nothing too exciting really,” he chuckled. “But it gives me somewhere to go during the day at least,” he said with a shrug moving his hand over her hair once more enjoying the slight spring to it, and the smooth cool texture.

“It must be nice, having a family you could turn to in the time of crisis or need.” Her eyes closed as he stroked his hands along her hair, the feelings that he invoked making her feel more at ease and at peace than she ever had before. “I very much like this dream Benedek, I wish that I would have it more than this once because I don’t think that one time will be enough for me.” Too bad really, because it would have to be.

“They are a boon when I need them,” he agreed with a smile. “They are annoying and they do drive me to wonder why I haven’t killed them all some days, but they are also amazing.” Moving his hand to the back of her neck he gently massaged her tense muscles slowly. “If you think of me, maybe I’ll be here again,” he said with a smile leaning over to press a kiss to her shoulder. He really wished that he could tell her that he was her mate and she was his and that they’d have many more dreams together, but he couldn’t, he didn’t want to scare her off.

“Don’t leave me yet?” She asked as she shot her hand out to touch him, “I don’t want the dream to end yet, please?” She moved so that she could be closer to him and touching more of him than her hand, “I know that you are a figment of my imagination, but I want to keep you, if only for tonight Benedek?” Because men simply weren’t as wonderful as this one was, fifteen years of marriage told her that clearly. Men simply weren’t sweet, kind and giving like Ben Farkos seemed to be. They weren’t incredible and sweet, they weren’t open and loving. Right?

Pulling her into his lap to face him he ran his hands up and down her bare back. Leaning in he kissed her cheek, “I’ll stay as long as you want me to Evangeline,” he promised. Nibbling along her skin he licked at the shell of her ear before lightly blowing at it. Smiling as she shivered slightly he stroked her spine with light fingers, “You can keep me forever if you want honey,” he told her honestly.

“If only you were real.” She murmured as her hands moved over the strong muscles of his shoulders and arms, “I can’t believe that you are a bookstore owner.” Then again, it was her dream so he could be all nice and buff and drop dead gorgeous and still be a bookstore owner, “I would keep you for all time if I could Benedek.” Her head fell back as his mouth moved along and down her neck. She shuddered in his arms as she gasped for air.





Setting her back on her feet he tugged at her clothing being careful not to tear any of it. It was close though at one point, especially after he had a good amount of her flesh bared to him and he could breathe her in even easier. Pressing his nose between her breasts as he knelt to tug off her pants, he inhaled deeply before completely losing track of what he was doing and gripping her hips in his hands once more to hold her as he trailed his lips over her belly slowly, his eyes closed as he breathed only her.

Her head fell back against the wall, hands braced on his shoulders as he breathed her in. She stood naked before him and forgot, if only for this one moment, that she was covered in scars, surgical and man-made courtesy of her ex. “I need to remove yours, Benedek, please.”

Growling softly he pulled himself from her and stood to let her have her time. Holding his arms out from his body and waited, his eyes skimming over her flesh slowly noting all the scars on her and knew that, from what he could see, he was not going to be a happy wolf by the time she even accounted for half of them.

Her hands moved over him, she didn’t see the look on his face as her concentration was on getting him naked alone. Fingers deftly moved through the shirt, removing it even as her hands connected with his skin. Her lower lip was caught between her teeth as she bent to her knees, kneeling before him as her hands freed his dick from the confines of his pants.

Eyes wide she looked up, “Uhm” Yes, she had seen cocks before but none as hard as he was and none as large, “Wow” Yep, she forgot how to think, speak and do anything other than feel.

Smiling slowly at her expression Benedek chuckled softly as he reached down to lightly brush his hand over her hair, barely keeping from rocking back and forth in satisfaction at her words.

Slowly, her hands moved his jeans down but her body leaned forward and she rubbed her cheek against his cock reverently before pulling back, “Step out?” She was so close, it was killing her because she wanted him so badly, she had never had such intense need in all her life, but she did now.

Lifting a foot he let her move his pants before he shifted and lifted his other foot. Watching as she tossed the pants aside he waited with an expectant look. When she just sat there he touched her cheek, “Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“You are going to think I’m some kind of a hick.” She slowly rose, allowing all of her body to rub against him and feeling the gooseflesh of pleasure rise, “But I never knew that cocks could get so big and be so hard.” One of the reasons he always beat her was because it simply couldn’t stay hard, even when beating her it was only semi-erect and he always took it out on her.

“Not a hick, you’d just never had a wolf in your bed,” and a damned good thing too, he’d have to kill the bastard. While he was the most easy going of his brothers he also had a temper that was flash fire fast to ignite and really slow to blow over. Sliding his hands down to cup her bare ass he pulled her against him, lifting her up to her toes as he ground his dick against her soft belly.

She moved a leg instinctively to circle his hips and her eyes closed as she moaned at the feeling, “Oh god.” She leaned in and using the wall as leverage, up, “I need you now though Benedek, please?” He had made her feel better with just that smallest of statements. He hadn’t belittled her or laughed at her but gave her the truth of the matter, and that mattered more than anything else ever would. “I need you to fuck me.”

Shifting her a little higher he rubbed the head of his cock against her very moist pussy. He didn’t let her move though, keeping her trapped just enough that he was able to get himself under control. Slowly, very slowly he slid her over him gently, “If anything doesn’t feel right tell me, I’ll stop,” he promised and, no matter the cost to him he’d keep that promise to her too.

She nodded and bit her lip, “Slow.” She whispered because he was more than she had ever felt before. Her body was adjusting to his cock as he pressed into her dripping pussy and growing wetter with each passing second. As he slowly made his way into her body she clenched her hands on his shoulders and wrapped her other leg around his hips as well, “Benedek.” There was no way that he was going to fully fit his freaking cock inside of her cunt, she thought briefly before she moaned, “Yes.” She hissed then as he pulled out and then pushed back in, her body drenching him with her release.