Into the Fire

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Into the Fire – Blurb

When you are the middle born of five brothers you learn to either take sides or mediate all battles. Miklos was no different, although he always did prefer to take sides in his younger years rather than waste time flapping his gums. But even he had to grow up and with age came wisdom and the desire to make peace rather than constantly battle. With time it led him to a career with the cities finest and he made it his life to bring the bad guys to justice. Then, in a night filled with flame and heat, he saw her and, like the explosion that flattened him, she certainly got his attention.

As a woman in a man’s world doing a job that only the most suicidal would even consider Harker is a firefighter with attitude and gumption. Tough as she needs to be and soft when she wants to be she’s a firecracker just waiting for a spark to set her on fire. Then she sees him flying out a window just to protect a child, who wouldn’t want that in her bed? No sane woman she can think of. But sometimes the best laid plans get sidetracked in the heat of the moment and hers were no different.

The arsonist brought them together and then nearly tore them apart before they could do more then think of what might be. But one determined firebug isn’t the only thing that will work to keep these two apart. Guilt from his past will drive a wedge between them and if she can’t make him see that it wasn’t his fault they’ll never have what they both want. Will the fires burn bright or will they be stifled for all time?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

The here and now…Miklos

Lifting the cup to his lips he sipped at the coffee in a distracted manner before spitting it back out into the cup and wrinkling his nose. Pushing the cup of too-cold coffee aside he shook his head as he pulled up the latest reports on muggings, home invasions, and various other innocuous reports of everyday violence. He looked at it all with fresh eyes. Since talking to his youngest brother he had the distinct impression that things could go from bad to worse very soon. He also had a feeling that things had already begun to go downhill. Now to just figure out what it might be and, if his hunch was right, who was behind it all.

Over the years he’d catalogued several mentions of Wolf activity. Seemingly random at first, he’d eventually begun to see a pattern developing. They were, from what he’d been able to determine, apparently looking for something, but the what of it had been a mystery. That was until a chance encounter on a bus with a young woman, his youngest brother’s mate to be exact.

Now though, now Miklos knew. The Wolves had been looking for the last of the Royal lineage all this time. They’d obviously figured out that the five sons that were the direct heirs apparent hadn’t been taken down in the slaughter almost two hundred years previous. Now that the packs knew that he and his brothers lived there would be trouble. They’d call out the pack hunters to track them down and, if possible, find their mates ahead of time and kill them, which, if Wolf lore could be believed, would seriously suck.

According to lore if the mate of a Wolf was killed before they had been marked, then the Wolf would eventually fall into a madness that would tear their mind apart leaving them a blithering, drooling mess. Of course, if a mate was killed after the marking then the Wolf still might end up mad, but in their madness they would be permitted, by their Laws, to exact revenge from the murderer first. But, on the flip side of the coin, if the Wolf was mated, any harm that came to their mate was just bad all around. Whole packs had been wiped out just for trying to intimidate a Wolf’s mate. Wolves were extremely protective of their mates, especially if the Wolf was male. They could be downright vicious and justifiably so.

Shifting, Miklos let his eyes roam over the squad room for a moment before he returned to his reading and note making. If he could determine just which pack was out for their blood he might be able to encourage them to back down. Again, that would all depend on what pack was interested in eviscerating them. There were packs that were loyal and working toward reinstating the Royal line as the rightful leaders of all Wolves. Then there were the packs that didn’t care and were waiting to see who came out on top. After that were the packs that were determined to maintain democracy of a voted-in leadership. And last, but not least by any means, were the packs that wanted any and all Wolves that were behind or supporters of the Royal line taking up the reins again dead. They were known as Blood Packs. They literally were out for blood of any that dared to breathe a word of the Royal heirs or their possible reinstatement to rule.

“Mik,” came a call from across the office. When he lifted his head he saw a senior detective waving the phone and holding up two fingers. Nodding, Miklos picked up line two. “Detective Farkus,” he rumbled into the phone.

“Mik, it’s Twitch,” one of Miklos’s informants said into the phone. “Just saw Johnny D heading into a building with Sparky. They had several cans of gas and were looking more than the normal type of shifty.”

“Where?” Miklos asked pulling his PDA to him and jotting the address down. “Got it, head home, Twitch, if the info’s good I’ll drop you an envelope tomorrow,” he said in reference to paying his snitch for good tidbits.

“I’d hurry, Mik. I think there’s a group of teens in the place coppin’ a squat,” Twitch said quietly and hung up.

“Shit.” Getting to his feet he slid the PDA into his pocket and then pulled his sidearm from the drawer. Checking the chamber he pushed it into his holster and pocketed his badge as well before scooping everything on his desk into the drawer and locking it. Snagging his jacket he pulled it on before he headed to the night watch commander and let him know where he was heading and why.

Twenty minutes later Mik stepped out of his truck and sniffed the air. Smelling smoke he cursed and hit speed dial on his phone, “This is Miklos Farkus, detective with the Eighth. Badge number 98856,” he said quickly and clearly to the operator. Giving her the address he then said that he had a potential fire starting and also possible squatters on the premises that may or may not be innocents. “Send fire rescue and EMTs to my location,” he ordered and then pulled out the radio in his truck. Radioing in to the night commander he repeated his situation and that he was going to do a quick sweep of the premises to see if he could find either the fire starters or the squatters.

Tossing the radio in before he could be ordered otherwise Miklos took off his jacket and, tossing it on the seat, locked up the truck. “Crispy Wolf is bad, Mik,” he reminded himself softly as he headed in with his weapon in hand and a light in the other to begin his sweep.





Growling low in his chest he sat up on his knees, his eyes on her back, and wondered if he was going to have enough control not to hurt her through this. Lifting up he moved closer and gently ran a hand down her spine to caress her buttocks before slipping between her legs to stroke her pussy. Finding her wet, so wet that she coated his fingers immediately, had him rock hard with need and another, more feral sound rumbling past his lips as he leaned in and inhaled her hot and erotic scent while rubbing his cheek against the base of her spine.

Whimpering she looked over her shoulder when he rubbed his cheek to her back. “You’re killing me here Miklos,” she said with a smile that said she didn’t mind. Her ass rubbing to his cock though said she was wanting much more. She was arching her back, presenting her ass to him in silent demand.

Smiling faintly at her instinctual demands Miklos pressed a kiss to the small of her back before he shifted his weight to blanket her. Planting a hand by her head he made sure he had his body far enough from hers that he didn’t scrape against her healing wound. Taking his cock in hand he rubbed the head of his cock over her wet pussy, coating himself and driving them both insane and then, carefully, began to push his way inside.

She moved slightly, moving her legs a little wider to give him room to take him deeper. As he moved inside of her, his body stretching hers to new limits, she pressed back against him. Head down and shoulders to the mattress she moved in a way to take more of his cock in.

Sliding in her pussy was like a hot, wet, tight glove allowing just enough give to slide in. His eyes were nearly crossed by the time he was all the way into her pussy and his limbs were definitely wracked by the barely restrained need to just take what was his. Pressing his forehead to her shoulder he took a couple of steadying breaths. He wouldn’t hurt her, he couldn’t hurt her, but god did he need her. Lifting his head slowly he made sure her hair was out of the way so that for one he could watch her face and for the second reason, he needed her shoulder bare so as to mark her. And he was going to. He was going to mark her in a visible location but one she could cover easily if she chose.

“Please,” was the whispered sob that was torn from her throat as she moved back against him again. It felt perfect. To have his cock this deep inside of her vagina was perfection and truly she was in heaven. She turned her head to the side when he pulled her hair away from her face and smiled. “Do it.” God her womb clenched when she thought about him marking her, biting her, and it was something she wanted as much as she needed him to move.

“Soon,” he whispered against her neck, carefully keeping his back arched so his chest didn’t rub her wound. “Soon, Harker,” he promised again as he slid almost completely free of her pussy and then plunged back into her again. Moaning at the feeling of her clenching around him he continued to move and found a steady if slightly hard rhythm.

Her body found its matching rhythm and danced with his. She kept her shoulders down in the perfect position, her back arched just right, baring her shoulder to him. “Please,” she begged softly. “So close,” she moaned.

Reaching around her Miklos slid his fingers between her swollen labia to find the tight bud of her clit. Gently he rubbed at it as he scraped his teeth over her shoulder once, twice and then, “You are mine now and forever,” Janos told her softly. “I am yours for all of time. Mated through fate, through actions all our own, and through mutual love we are joined together for all our lives.” Licking slowly at the flesh where he would bite her, marking her as his for all time, he took a breath and finished it. “No one will ever tear us asunder, for we are meant to be.” And he sank his teeth into her flesh. Breaking through the upper layers he pressed just hard enough to mark her for many years to come as he continued to rock into her body, his hips moving at a faster pace at the hint of blood in his mouth. Growling deep in his chest he pushed his cock into her harder, more demanding with each thrust until he came, suddenly and explosively, his cock pulsing as he spilled his seed and swelled inside of her.

She slammed back on him again and again as her hands clenched the sheet tightly until she was moaning uncontrollably and then screamed as she fell apart in his arms.

His vision went black around the edges but somehow he managed to keep from collapsing over her and carefully turned them onto their sides. Pulling his teeth from her shoulder he licked at her shoulder a couple of times before wrapping her safely in his arms. Holding her to him as he continued to fill her he left some space between them so he could look at her back. Stroking his fingers down the red skin, he frowned. It was better than yesterday, but still looked painful.

Her eyes were closed as she tried desperately to get her feeling back in her extremities but instead all she could feel were the butterfly kisses of his fingers on her back and his seed pumping into her hot, hard, and fast. “Gods, I didn’t know you would lock inside of me.” And she wanted to do it all over again. It felt amazing to feel the swelling at the base of his cock locking him deep inside, the head against her womb, so good.

He flinched at her words, she could feel it against her shoulder. “Don’t worry, as soon as I’m finished I’ll pull free,” he told her quietly. “I should have told you but I honestly wasn’t thinking,” he said, pressing his forehead to her shoulder.

She grinned and rubbed her hand over his hand. “Don’t you dare pull right out of me, Miklos,” she uttered with the same growl he used. “I like it, I like it a lot and it makes me want to do this all over again just so that I can feel you locking inside of me and spilling deep inside of me as well.”