All in the Chemistry


All in the Chemistry – Blurb

This man is a dynamite package of brains, a body to make women sweat, and manners of a true gentleman. Just as happy in the outdoors as he is in the lab, Kristof Farkas has no time for the frivolities of the world or the silliness of women. And then, across the divide of their dog-eat-dog world comes the shock of a lifetime in a confusing little package.

She’s always believed that she could out think and outsmart any man on the planet, but that she had nothing any man would want. Living dual lives, she’s the straight-laced bookworm by day and vibrantly sensual sex kitten at night. Both sides of Courtney Warsaw want the one person she’s always dreamed of having, but the down-to-earth side of her knows he’s out of her league. A chance encounter that leads to steamy dreams of what could be seals her fate.

Intrigue, back stabbing, and a brush with death have these two spinning out of control with each other and with their lives. Enemies without and enemies from within are all determined to ensure these two never have the life that destiny has set before them. Will this pair mate for life, or will they be destined to fail?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

The here and now… Kristof

The door creaking open behind him had Kris glaring at his computer readouts even harder. The sign said “Do Not Disturb”, whatthe hell was so hard to figure out about that? Like, really, he only asked for two things while he was working on a project, absolute peace and quiet and that someone poked him every six days if they hadn’t seen him to ensure he was still alive.

“Dr. Farkas, a moment of your time please,” the voice of the Chairman of the Board said from behind him. Crap, not exactly the guy to ignore, especially when he was responsible for getting Kristof all the funding he did.

Marking his spot he turned to look at the man, “Mr. Johnson,” he said, his voice deep and gravelly, something that drove him insane. He hated to talk around women, they got all silly and giggly when he spoke, a strange phenomenon that he just would never understand. One of his female co-workers had tried to explain that his was a voice that sent shivers down a woman’s spine and made her think of hot and very sexual things, but he still hadn’t understood. Kristof might be a certified genius, but some things really were beyond even his grasp.

“I hate to interrupt since I know you’re almost ready with the latest of the tests, but we’ve had a new case brought in and the Board has requested that you see to it personally since it is from Aegis.”

Lifting a brow Kristof leaned back casually in his seat, “What are they trying to sell the public now?” he asked quietly. Ever since he’d heard rumors of something ten years ago he’d ensured that every secondary trial that was required by law from Aegis had come to him, the Board had been more than willing to accommodate him. Besides being one of their brightest shining stars, Kristof also put a lot of his own money into the facility. Not his own section of course as that would be highly suspect, but into the other divisions that he believed in. The ones that were testing the new drugs for children with cancer or, specifically, leukemia. The division that worked on new ways of treating and healing burn victims and so forth.

“Not sure, it’s pretty closed mouth right now, but you know I couldn’t tell you anyway,” Johnson said with a pointed look.

“I know, but I’m ever hopeful that you’ll just tell me so I can shoot it down ahead of time and not have to go through the hassle,” Kristof grumbled. He hadn’t gotten anything good from Aegis for too long. They just didn’t seem to be hiring anyone with an IQ that was higher than their shoe size. Turning his gaze out the window he stared at their building, funnily enough they were neighbors which had a few folks on the FDA upset, but as there had never been any issues of corruption since the institution of the new Board five years back, they just sat and watched carefully.

“Well this one is apparently from one of their girl geniuses,” Johnson said with a smirk. He was old school, women shouldn’t be inthe work place. They should be at home, barefoot, fat with pregnancy and ensuring that dinner was on the table when their man arrived home with a martini in her hand perfectly mixed.

Kris barely controlled the urge to snarl at the old fart, funny thought that one since Kris was four times the man’s age easily and yet Johnson was the one with the hangups about women in the work force. “Well we’ll see if she’s got some smarts. If she does then maybe there’s hope for those lazy bastards. Get me the notes and whatever else they sent over as soon as it comes in. I should have this finished by the morning so I’ll start on it in the afternoon,” he said and spun in his seat.

He’d basically just dismissed Johnson but the Board was used to him and his quirks as they termed it. He did his job, saved them hordes of money and kept their name out of the papers unless there was a huge discovery, he was their star lab geek. Which meant he got away with practically murder.





“So step seven is patience with your mate?” She asked with a whimper and then sobbed when he bit the inside of her thigh, “Oh god, biting is good, very, very good.” She had never thought herself much one for biting and licking, but with him, oh yeah she could see why so many writers included it for “spice.”

“Most definitely patience, if my mate is not patient then she will get all worked up long before we progress too far along. And skipping over steps is prohibited,” he commented reaching her other foot. Gently massaging her arch he nibbled up the top of her foot slowly.

Her hands fisted in the blankets and her head arched back, “Step eight, what is step eight?” She begged as a full shudder escaped her body, everything shook as she felt a release inside of her, toes curling she gave off a choked sound that was indiscernible.

Nipping and licking his way back up her body he paused to undo the shirt and stare at her for a long moment. “Woo your female or male with soft loving intent on pleasuring only them. Kisses, touches and a mind blowing orgasm are not amiss and are just gentle suggestions, of course.” Leaning over her he did kiss her, but he didn’t stay at her lips long, he began a slow and delightful trek down her body, licking every piece of her flesh he could pausing for a time to torment her breasts fully before moving down.

“Right, I will keep that in mind.” She held his head as he closed his mouth over her breasts, “Kristof!” She cried out softly as she rose up off the bed slightly, “More, please more.”

“Later,” he grinned moving down over her belly toward her pussy. Slowly he moved from side to side, his teeth scraping gently now and again until he reached her hip. Nibbling on the soft flesh of her inner hip he shifted to lay down, spreading her legs to accommodate his shoulders. Sliding a finger over her wet slit he pressed her open and then, with a murmur of appreciation, he put his mouth to her pussy and began to lap at her leaking juices. His tongue swirled over her clit, his fingers stroking the puffy folds of her pussy while his tongue lapped at her.

Heart and breath both stopping inside of her as she clenched the sheets she let out a gasp for air that was also a cry, a quiet scream, of pleasure. “Kristof,” she shook with intense need and finally felt her hips rise to his mouth and breathing out as he moved his teeth overthe nubbin of flesh there.

Cupping her ass as she lifted up he bit her clitoris gently before soothing it with his tongue and proceeding to suck the little piece of flesh. Flicking his tongue over the tip as he sucked her lightly massaged her ass, his fingers occasionally teasing her anus gently before moving away.

She felt her body shudder and screamed as she came again, her toes curled and fingers fisted so tightly in the sheets they came offthe bed. His name was sobbed out of her lips, desperate need tore at her.

Chuckling he moved his mouth lower as he wrapped an arm around her hip to toy with her clitoris as his tongue stroked her tight sheath. He wanted her languid, so relaxed that she couldn’t remember her name because, with this being her first time, it was going to hurt but the more loose she was the easier it would be for him to slide in. His mouth worked on her pussy, his tongue sliding in and out of her tight walls and then curling his tongue inside of her he would then pull away slightly and nibble on her clit before going back to lapping at her sopping pussy.

She knew that she was dead, there was no way that this could feel this amazing and after the second and then the third orgasm brought on by his lips she lay there completely limp and boneless gasping for air. She couldn’t speak if she had to warn him there was a fire. She was sated on a level she never knew was possible.

Licking at her once more Kris pushed up onto all fours and moved up her body slightly to nip at her neck. “Are you ready for step nine my sweet?” he asked with a near purring sound. “It is the most important one after all, though the critics do say step ten actually is.”

Every nerve in her body was alive in sensation so with hooded eyes she looked up at him and smiled, “Yes.” Her legs rubbed against his hairy ones, the sensation multiplied by the incredible feelings of being alive that she felt, “I need to know what step nine is.” She breathed finally and waited.

Smiling he pulled back and stripped down before sitting her up enough to divest her of the shirt, finally. Then, with a nip to her breast he flipped her over onto her belly. Knowing she was exhausted he used some pillows to prop her hips up into the air for the right angle. Settling in behind her he stroked her with his fingers, ensuring she was still ready for him, “Courtney love,” he breathed into her ear. “I need you to hear me for a moment here,” he said.

She heard him. Even as her body pressed back against him, she heard him and smiled, murmuring a soft enticement.

“Do you want me to mark you as my mate? If not, you need to tell me now or I won’t be able to stop it from happening. Also,” he slid two fingers into her cunt and began to stretch her, “In this position I’m going to feel like I’m going to break you with my cock, I’m not, you’re made for me, little one. But it will be intense and I need you to trust me and not fight me if you can help it please.” He couldn’t guarantee her safety a hundred percent if she did, he was too sexually aware of her and she was so close to him that he was willing to break every Law the Wolves had to have her.

Courtney nodded, “I am yours Kris, I want your mark because that’s what I was born for, for you.” She sobbed slightly as his fingers moved into her body, stretching and readying her, “I trust you Kris I really need for you to fuck me with that impressive cock, I need to feel you filling my pussy to capacity and beyond. I need to feel more, my body feels like a livewire,” she moaned as she spread her legs wider for him, her body completely in a pose of submission and the honey of her juices coating his fingers heavily. “Please” she moved back toward his fingers in an aching needful movement.

“Soon baby,” he breathed half in relief half in desperate need slipping a third finger into her pussy. “I don’t want to hurt you any more than is absolutely necessary your first time. I’m not a small man, Courtney and you are so tight,” he murmured spreading his fingers slightly as he stroked her slowly.

“If you aren’t inside of me soon however I am going to hurt you Kris. I need” She cried out loudly, “Please Kris, I need you, now.” She didn’t care how not small he was, she wanted him to be a part of her because she felt the burning in her stomach once more that heralded her impending orgasm, “Please Kris” She begged.

Kissing her back gently he shifted to lay over her and gently began to press his cock into her weeping pussy. Slowly, inch by inch he eased into her throbbing pussy that held him so lovingly that he bit out a curse and his body tightened over hers. “Shh baby,” he whispered as she tried to wiggle and move, “Stay still honey and relax,” he whispered as he nibbled on her neck in a clear move to distract her.

He was telling her to relax when he was splitting her in half, funny, not. “You weren’t lying when you said that your cock was big, if anything you understated your size,” she muttered and then whimpered, “Wait, oh god there.” It suddenly no longer burned, the small sensation of tearing was gone and now it was just a blissful feeling of fullness, she could practically feel every breath that he took via his dick buried in her pussy the way that it was.

“Not quite,” he grinned as he slid his cock into her fully and couldn’t quite bite back the moan of pleasure. “Now we’re there,” he breathed out as he shifted where his hands were so he’d be able to move. Gently he pushed her hair from her right side, baring her neck and shoulder to him. Pressing a kiss to her skin he pulled out almost all the way before he slid his cock back into her slowly, enjoying every inch of her as he filled her. Kris pulled out and watched every single one of his nine inches sliding right back into her soaking wet pussy. This was what they both needed.

She turned to face him sideways, eyes glassy with the pleasure and whimpered, “Kris.” It felt amazing, the way that his cock filled her pussy and the way that he so slowly moved in and out of her body. It was the look on his face though that had her whole body shiver. The look of possession, the look of pure unadulterated joy as he watched his cock filling her pussy. He was filling her fuller than anything could ever have done before and the slow, even strokes were making her hotter. “Please,” she wanted to feel his teeth on her shoulder, knew that he was going to mark her and she simply couldn’t wait.

Nuzzling her cheek Kris slid one hand over her belly and between the pillows to burrow between her folds. Finding her clit he lightly rubbed at it as he changed the pace of his hips pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, speeding up then slowing down and repeating. He wanted this to last, it was her first sexual experience and it was the toughest one for him since he had to mark her and not turn her. “Soon Courtney, I promise,” he whispered clenching his teeth as he fought to maintain a semblance of control and not hurt her too badly. She’d be sore because of the fact he’d taken her virginity and how he was taking her, that was a given, but he wasn’t going to just let his dominant nature push him to causing any more pain than had been absolutely necessary.