Their Unusual Mating


Their Unusual Mating – Blurb

She was no one, so why in the world would anyone want to kidnap her? That is the question that surrounds Charisma after a thwarted kidnapping attempt leads her to an old, but trusted friends home. Unsure of everything around her she’s as surprised as everyone else to find her calm in the arms of a man she thought nothing but a dream.
Months before when he’d been woken by the Queen’s return Laighean had been sure the woman of his stasis dreams nothing more than a figment of a slowly degrading mind. To find her in his Queen’s home, mere feet separating them he fears the worst, insanity finally claiming another victim.
Their passions are fierce; years separated having stoked the fires of their needs to a fiery pitch. Charisma is still in danger, as are others who would be bond-mates from an unknown threat. To protect his woman Laighean will need to learn his new world and fast.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Waking had been a strange thing. In an unknown place and time. A new Queen having been crowned and many of his friends and kin long since buried in a war long since forgotten. Forgotten by many of those that had moved forward, but not those that had been forced to sleep.

A war not of their making, one constructed and construed to ensure the Fae were put to sleep and, if their enemies had gotten their way, left to turn to dust. But Gaia had been on their side finally and the new Queen had been found and her people awoken. Or rather, most of her people had been awoken.

It took him a great deal of time to realize it, there were so many amongst the Fae, the Pixie, and others of the realm of Nature, but some hadn’t ever made it to the Sleeping. “The Sleeping” was such an innocuous term for stasis where there were to be no dreams, no thoughts, nothing but darkness. No, it was obvious that those that had known the truth had been exterminated, all but him. Why he had been spared he didn’t know, but hopefully in time he’d figure it out.

First though came the passing of knowledge. Absorbing all that had passed in the too many years, new technology, new population growth, new cities, new laws, new, new, and more new. It was quite frankly scary, terrifying, and downright horrifying by equal turns. That the human race had nearly exterminated them all not once, not twice, but several times out of their own sheer stupidity was unreal.

Gaining and absorbing the knowledge was hard. He would easily admit that. Next though came the testing, to ensure they had all absorbed it and understood it, including the new laws that governed the world, but mostly where they would be going. Or rather where the majority would be going.

He hadn’t spoken to any of the others of it, but he needed to do something before going to be with their Queen. Yes, it was a driving desire to be close to her, at least for a time until their tie to Nature was reestablished. But he had to do one thing first. He needed to know, for himself, just who had set them up to fall.

He could have asked Gaia. He likely could have even asked for an audience with their Queen, but he didn’t trust either. Not given that he was the only surviving member of the original Royal Guard who had known the threat imminent on the horizon. They never should have gone to the Queen of that time. That’s where they’d gone wrong, where everything had gone wrong. It was why his brethren were not there and why none of their family was either. Full extermination.

Which yet again begged the question, why had he been saved instead of another?

* * * *

Six months after the awakening he was standing right where the final battle had been waged. He was hoping for some bits of information to return. He was missing large chunks from his memory and likely not from anything but a well-thought-out plan. Crouching in what had once been a valley with rolling hills on either side, now a housing complex around a ravine, he touched the soil. “What am I missing?” he whispered in the old language.

Closing his eyes, he thought back to that day. He and his Fae brethren had heard tell the borders had been breached by a warring faction of the Dragons. Dragons that had thrown off their King and gone rogue. The Fae Queen had dispatched much of the army as well as a select group of the Royal Guard, himself included, to go and meet the Dragon’s and ensure they knew they were not permitted to be there unless it was in peace.

Looking back at it now he realized that those selected from the Guard were all dead, all but him. Licking his lips, he let out a shuddering breath and stood, turning to look up the way. He was seeing the past, not the present. He saw his group of Fae riders coming over the hill to the south riding in a northwestern direction.

The wind was coming from the west, helping to hide the Fae’s scent from the Dragons. But it was aiding them to know just where the Dragons were. Which allowed the Fae to get close. From there it had all gone downhill fast.

The Dragons had known they were coming. It was all planned. The battle had raged hard and fast, other Fae coming in at the call,  not to aid their own but to aid the Dragon rebels! Frowning as his memories started to fuzz over, he fought to know more, to remember more.

The Dragons had pulled back. It had been a power play by the Fae Queen’s former King. She’d stepped down…Wait, when did that happen? Events were muddling. He was having a hard time keeping it all straight. The Fae fighting Fae had been discovered by Gaia and she’d stopped them. He and others of the Guard had tried to explain, but had been silenced by the Goddess, unwilling to hear their side and know the truth.

They’d been punished, all of the Fae, put into stasis, the sleep of the dead. Or so it was told. But it wasn’t silent, at least not for him. No, he’d dreamed, over and over of the moment when Gaia had refused to hear his words. But he, unlike all the others that had known the truth, was alive. Why?! “Why am I still alive, you bitch?!” he yelled in the original language to the Goddess who had no care.

He didn’t get an answer, not that he expected one. Not from her.

Knowing he had nowhere else to look for the he gave up. While Gaia had the answers she wasn’t answering. Perhaps the new Fae Queen could help him fill in the gaps. Not that he believed she’d give him the truth, not if Gaia was controlling what memories she might have. But he had to head for the Fae’s new home, a trip he was not looking forward to in the least.

Looking around at what he once knew and what was there in the now, he sighed. So much time had passed. So much had changed. How could he reconcile the past with the present? Taking one last look that only depressed him even more, Laighean turned his back on the place of his memories and headed into a future he wasn’t sure he wanted to face.




“Careful,” he said, watching her. “The thorns hold it all onto my arm, locking it in place. The more thorns and more times around it goes the higher the ranking of the person,” he told her as she continued to touch the vines. “They are also incredibly sensitive.” It felt like they were attached directly to his groin.

“Then you are very high ranking, aren’t you?” she asked and licked around one of the thorns and vines as she did so, grinning when his cock twitching. “I know you are one of Kat’s personal guards, right?” she asked and continued to tease his arm. “So that means you are very protective. I like that about you.”

“I am one of the Royal High Guards, the elite rank,” he murmured, fisting a hand in the sheets as she toyed with his rank markings. It was like she had a string attached to his cock. It was twitching in time with her licks and nibbles. “There is no rank higher in any of the Guards,” he moaned on a hiss of air.

“And you are mine.” Rimi said with a smile. “Do you know how much that turns me on? Knowing that you are mine. I don’t care about rank or any of that. I care about you Lee and only you. God I love you, Lee, so very much.”

He tightened his grip on the sheets. “And if you don’t want me coming right now you really need to stop toying with the markings. They are bloody sensitive, female,” he growled out, fighting for some sort of control. He used to have it by the gallon, and yet she touched him once and it was gone like the wind.

She pulled away to look down at him with a huge grin. “You are amazing, Lee.” Lying down at his side, she reached out and touched his chest again. “I want to make love with you. How about you come over here and kiss me again? I promise I will leave the markings alone, darling.”

Rolling up onto an arm, he leaned over her to kiss her, knowing she wouldn’t leave the markings be. She would touch them again and get them both into serious trouble. Sucking on her lip, he slid his fingers along her wet pussy and pressed a finger into her. “So wet,” he murmured, slipping a second finger in to stroke and stretch her.

“Because I’m here with you. I’m so wet because I have you,” she whispered and moved against his hand. “God you feel so good,” she murmured. “I really and truly do believe that you should give me more.” She wanted him inside of her, not just his finger.

Sliding his hand away, he teased her clitoris as he shifted over her. Gripping his cock, he rubbed the head through her silky wetness before pressing it into her body. Moving her legs, he spread her wide and slowly pushed into her body. She was tight, tiny even, her muscles clenching, releasing and sucking him in deeper before clenching again. The sensations were killing him as he pushed his cock into her sweet, silky pussy.

Looking up and into his eyes, Rimi accepted him. She accepted not just his body, but every part of him. Soft hands moved over his shoulders. Nails raked skin. “Lee.” His name came as a whispered plea when she arched up and into him. It was a desperate desire to become one with him, not just of body but of mind and soul as well. “Please.” It was a plea that she gave him, one of want and of need. One of hope for their future.

“I am right here,” he promised. Every muscle was tense as he slowly pushed deeper into her tight, hot sheath. Every ounce of concentration was equally divided between ensuring he didn’t hurt her and not coming like a fuzz-faced youth his first time. Lifting one of her legs over his arm to his shoulder, he spread her wider and slipped in deeper as her body relaxed, her mind shocked and distracted for a moment. One more push and he was seated deep inside, her sheath a hot wrap around his throbbing cock and her ass a lush place for his tight balls to rest against.

Rimi cried out at the invasion and shuddered. It was perfect. It felt so right to have him there inside of her like it was. She felt something odd, something she had never felt before. It felt as if there was a silvery rope wrapping around her heart and soul to tug her closer to him. Whimpering, she turned her head to the side and watched the vines in his arms in amazement. They had unwrapped from him and were wrapping around her. Sobbing out, she heard herself screaming in blinding orgasm.

Shuddering in orgasm as he felt their souls binding together, a reaction to her own, Laighean collapsed over her, careful not to move. The vines from his arm were returning to him but had left a seed of something with her. Watching, he could see the first formation of a vine, softer, less harsh, and much more delicate and feminine forming around her arm. It matched his own but was all hers, interesting. Sucking air, he brushed a kiss to her cheek and closed his eyes. She was his for all time.