Their Unexpected Mate


Their Unexpected Mate – Blurb

After losing her father to cancer Katherine is hit doubly hard with the blow of her step-brother siphoning off money from her trust fund and her father’s large estate in order to cover his gambling and drug habits. Deciding that she needed to restart life, she goes to a small town in Montana where she opens a Bed and Breakfast for Cancer Survivors. While in the process of opening her B&B however life takes a turn when she meets three men that rock her world, three men she is instantly attracted to.

Alpha Team One of the Paranormal Protection Unit is in the middle of a sting when in walked a breath of fresh air, and their mate. The three men had always known that one day they would share a woman, a mate, but when she walked in none of them had expected her to be a little bit of nothing human with a shy attitude that took them all by surprise. Their hope was that the little human didn’t run from the three men, three men who happened to be animal shifters and needed to share her between them.

It will take all three men as well as the rest of the team of the Paranormal Protection Unit to keep their mate safe, and ease her into the life they wanted and needed her to live.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Chapter One

Sneezing into the crook of her arm, Katherine Douglas sniffed once, twice, and then a third time before pulling her ever-present Kleenex from her sleeve and wiping her eyes then nose. Wadding the tissue up and tossing it into the corner wastebasket, she sniffled again.

Taking the moment that she could, she leaned back, popping her aching and stiff back, and looked to her friend. “Good grief, I don’t think I could possibly dust, clean, or polish another thing, Bets. I’m exhausted,” she said and sat her plump rear on the corner of the antique Louis XVII desk.

“Come on, Kat, you can’t quit now,” Betsy Wilderbrand, aka Bets, told her friend as she grinned at her from the view screen. “You’re almost finished, besides.” There was a twinkle in her eyes as she leaned in closer to the computer camera. “You’ve never quit anything in your life, and you know as well as I do that if you quit now that asshat brother of yours will have a reason to point his bony, crooked finger at you and squawk about you squandering money.”

Shivering, Katherine crinkled up her nose and sighed. “Dammit, Bets, why do you have to be right?” she grumbled and picked up another piece of silver and the silver cloth once more. “He only reports each and every single dime that I spend in hopes that the attorneys will find a loophole and be able to take the inheritance from me and give it to him. Idiot.” That about summed up her brother. Dwayne Craft was truly a bastard of the nth degree and felt that because he was his mother’s oldest son, not even Wilder Douglas’s son, her father should have left his vast fortune to him, not his one and only true child. Her father had been kind, actually. He had given Dwayne fifteen million in his will along with two homes, but sadly her brother suffered from the same trouble his real father did, including gambling, drugs, and booze addiction.

“I know, honey.” Betsy Wilderbrand had been Katherine’s friend for years, had stood at her and her father’s side when she buried her mother, and then was there to hold her up on her feet when she had to bury the most important man in her life, her father. “That’s why Wilder made sure to put ironclad wording in the will. Trust me, your father knew what he was doing and my husband understood that as well as soon as he had met Dwayne.”

“True.” Wilder Douglas had been the single most amazing man alive. He had been taken from the Earth far too soon for his daughter’s heart, but he had touched the lives of so many in his seventy-two years. “I guess I just came into his life far too late, didn’t I?” Katherine felt the pain gripping her chest again, the ache that she always felt when she thought of her father.

“He loved you, Kat. You were his miracle, you and your mom both. Boyd and I knew Wilder before you came along and trust me, there was a change in him, for the better.”

It was so funny how easily Katherine forgot that Betsy was sixty-seven herself, forty years older than Katherine herself was. “All right, I will finish up here. Don’t forget that you and Boyd are supposed to come along in two months to try out the place. By then I should have the Wilder Resort up and running.”

“We will be there. Take care of yourself, kiddo,” Betsy said before she clicked the mouse to disconnect the connection to the camera and left Katherine to continue to clean.

Another sigh escaped the lips of the twenty-seven-year-old, but it was followed by a smile. “I can do this,” she said, and promptly sneezed again. “As long as I’m not allergic to this town, that is.” She blew her nose and wiped at her eyes. “Right, allergy medication needs to be added to the list.”


Chapter Two

Quinlan “Mac” McAllister shifted in the booth, his gaze watching everyone in the bar even as he drank his Budweiser. His nose twitched when the newest patron entered the bar, the scent of weed and rubbing alcohol all but wrapped around the wiry-looking little weasel, literally, that walked in. Shifting, he grinned and looked to the other side of the room, giving a nod to his partner and brother who were playing a game of pool. Tapping his first finger on the rim of the longneck bottle gave the signal necessary to alert his former Delta brothers to the first player falling into place.

Sullivan “Sully” McAllister shifted, sinking the nine ball easily, and looked up to first Mac and then his other operations partner, Treasach “Scythe” Campbell. Tapping the tip of the cue to the velvet top of the table, he repositioned himself to move a little closer to the weasel, his bear growling in anger and offence from the smells coming from the little bastard.

Scythe ran his finger over the brow of his cowboy hat as if he had not a care in the world, and lined up his next shot, scratching the ball when he saw the next target entering and looking through the smoke-filled room to find the weasel that had taken refuge in one of the oversized wood and cushioned booths that gave a semblance of privacy. A large laugh came from the massive man as he slapped Sully on the back.

“Looks like drinks are on me,” he called to the bar. “Hey, Becky, how about you give out a round for everyone, on me.” Lifting his whiskey glass, he drained it in one drink and let out a rough sigh of appreciation of the fire that burned down his throat.

Now finally the mission they had worked most of the last year on was coming to a head. Thank the Moon Goddess on that one!

Subtle fluctuations and moves came from the trio of men as well as the three other Delta brothers in the darkness of the bar, and the click in their ears signaled that the ears and tech were there as well. Hell yeah, life sometimes was very, very damn good.





“Always and definitely forever, sweetness,” he told her with a smile. “You can have whatever time you like with us individually or as a group. It’s how bond-groups work,” he said softly. Nipping at her inner thigh, he smiled. “I do so love how you taste, my love.” Dropping an openmouthed kiss to her other thigh, he moved his hand so he could taste her while he got rid of his jeans and boots as quick as he could.

Katherine put her hands back on his head, holding him to her center and shuddering when his mouth moved up her thigh and closer to where she needed him. “Stop teasing,” she growled. “Killing me here, Trey.” She lifted her hips to him. Lord, she needed him to taste her. “Taste me, Trey. Lick me, make me come, and then take me,” she demanded.

“Bossy,” he teased with a grin as he nibbled ever closer to her weeping pussy. Her scent was heavy in the air, killing him a little at a time. Flicking his tongue over her flesh he blew out a breath to her and watched her flesh prickle up a bit. Spreading her folds open, he put his mouth on her and feasted. Cupping her ass, he lifted her up to his mouth and dined well.

One hand on the counter and the other on his head, she rubbed her body against him. She cried out when his tongue slid into her body, goose flesh peppering her skin from toe to head as the pleasure filled her body and soul. She heard herself crying his name out time and again. She felt her body shivering and needful for him and him alone. “So close,” she heard herself calling out to him. “Again.” It was a demand, pure and simple.

Flicking his tongue in and out, a mimicry of sex, he watched her as she writhed on the counter. Growling softly against her flesh, he pressed his tongue in deeper and curled it on the withdrawal, drawing out her liquid with each movement. Massaging her bottom, he rubbed his thumb to her anus lightly, teasing the tight bud as he growled deeper.

Katherine loved the pressure of his light touch, and the feeling of his tongue moving in and out of her body. When he reached that spot inside of her body, that spot hidden just behind her clit, she cried out suddenly. She felt his tongue curling and screamed with the orgasm that washed over her suddenly.

Sucking her dry as she spilled onto his tongue, Trey flicked one last, long lick over her pussy. Lifting his head, he pulled off his shirt and tossed it on top of his other clothing. Moving in between her legs, he lifted her ankles up to his shoulders. Taking his cock in hand, he pressed it into her wet body and tunneled in deeper and deeper.

Bracing her hands on the counter, Katherine lifted up to meet him halfway. “God, yes.” She moaned aloud. “This is what I needed.” Desperately, so very much so. She pushed back against him as he moved into her. This was what she loved about this man, these men. How strong they were, how much they loved her, needed her. “Please, more.” She adjusted her legs on his shoulders and pulled him deeper, causing her to cry out happily as he went further inside of her body.

Gripping her hips, he held her for his plunder, slamming into her over and over again. Gritting his teeth, he let out a snarl of pure pleasure, her body clenching at his with each thrust. Moving harder and faster, their flesh slapping together, he watched her. “Touch yourself,” he ordered her as he rolled his hips on a push into her body.

She couldn’t deny him any more than she could herself. Reaching between them, she began to rub her fingers over her clit, massaging it and gaining pleasure not only from him entering and exiting her body but also from her own fingers. “Bite me,” she demanded with need. “Please, come with me. Bite me.” She needed that sensation, both his bite as well as the feeling of him knotting inside of her when he came.

Bending her knees, he leaned over her and nuzzled at her breasts, the farthest he could reach. Nipping at her soft flesh, he grinned when she tightened around him. “I love you, kitten,” he whispered, biting her flesh just hard enough to make a point. Slamming his hips forward one last time, he froze, buried in deep as he came.

Katherine held him tightly as his seed spilled inside of her body. She felt it then, the knot of his cock inside of her body, and cried out again, coming from the sensation of feeling him locked solidly deep inside of her body as he was. Tears of sheer pleasure shimmered in her eyes and a smile played at the corners of her lips, the look of a woman who was well loved fitting her perfectly. “I love you, too, my wolf, so very much.”

Growling softly, he released her flesh and licked at the little wound slowly. Nuzzling at her soft skin, he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moments when he couldn’t leave her body. There were serious benefits to being a wolf. Leisurely time after making mad, passionate love to his mate was one of them.