Their Mating Triad


Their Mating Triad – Blurb

Parker Michaels world has been dark for the last years of her life. Her vision taken in a horrific attack she is now at the mercy of a madman. His greatest desires? To kill the potential bond-mates of his enemies and claim the throne on which his birth father currently sits. And her role is to help him even as she tries everything to stop him.

Rayne Crimsonwing and Slade von Trustian are unlikely allies in the war raging under the humans noses. But more than that they are bond-mates to the woman helping their greatest enemy. Torn between duty and what fate has given them a chance to finally have they must make the hard choices in a battle that only one side can win. And they are not going down without a fight.

Time is running out as alliances are forged and loved discovered. They will only have one shot and death is breathing down their necks.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

“Parker. Please call me Parker, not Ms. Michaels.” She should keep the distance between them, knew that she should because it would make it easier when whoever was their leader ordered her death, but still it came out. She closed her mouth then. She found herself wanting to talk to these men, wanting to tell them everything about herself and everything about, well, everything.

She regretted it, Rayne realized, regretted offering the first name. Inhaling deep he frowned and tipped his head inhaling again slowly. Blinking he had himself a “holy shit!” moment. Poking Slade’s arm he waited until the sorcerer looked his way and then told him the issue with sign language.

Slade’s eyes went wide at that and he barely kept them from swerving off into a ditch. If she was Rayne’s mate that meant… Holy mother of the Gods, Parker Michaels was his mate too. The prophecy had said he and Rayne would have the same mate, but this, this, this. He just couldn’t seem to stop that stuttering thought in his head.

“Do you want some water, Parker?” Rayne asked her. “Or we have some juice too, plus we have a few granola bars kicking around if you want a snack.”

“Water would be lovely please if you wouldn’t mind.” Her head was throbbing, her heart ached, and she just wanted to curl up and cry. She was stronger than that. She knew she was stronger than this. “And if you have some aspirin that would be wonderful as well.” She doubted that they carried something like that in their vehicle but she had to ask all the same because her head felt like it was about to explode. The further from the compound they got, the more her head hurt. “Oh shit.” She grumbled. “Son of a bitch that bastard.” She fisted her hands. “He’s never been able to put anything electronic on or in me but that bastard laid a curse on me.” She touched her nose, felt the wetness, and whispered, “I can’t go.” She swallowed hard. “God I can’t leave or it’s going to kill me.” She whimpered and felt the pain moving down her head and into her spine. “Fuck.” She should have kept her mouth closed. She should have not said anything so that she could save them both pain and suffering from knowing that they had a bond-mate that had caused so many harm.

Slade slammed on the brakes and threw the truck into park before spinning. “What’s wrong?” he demanded grabbing a couple of napkins to press into her hand. Taking the bottle Rayne handed him he opened it and pressed it into her other hand. “Talk to us, Parker, what’s going on and why is your nose bleeding like that?”

“He could never put a tracker on me because I can explode electronics or make them read what I want them to so instead that bastard put a fucking spell on me.” She held her head and bent slightly. “The further I get from the home base the more that I hurt.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” Slade said and got out of the truck to climb in the back with her. “Rayne, I need you to drive us back towards the compound a bit. Slowly, I’m going to try and get a read on this spell and I need the sat phone too, the old one I can’t fry.” Taking the phone when Rayne passed it over he dialed the base. “Q, it’s me, we have Parker with us and Nathaniel who has been an even badder boy than we realized has put a spell on her to ensure that if she leaves his radius she bleeds out, thoughts?”

“Call it justice served?” Quincy asked and leaned back in his chair. “She’s one of them. She’s just as bad as they are in my book. She led them to our bond-mates. I say either put a bullet through her brain or let her bleed out.” At the growls Quincy sat forward. “Did you just fucking growl at me? What the Goddamn hell is your malfunction?”

“She’s our mate, asshat, and that was Rayne growling at you,” Slade told Quincy as he smacked Rayne. “Dragons have big ears, Quincy, remember that. Now, let’s try this again and let’s be a little more helpful because if our mate bleeds out or dies you do know the Dragon is coming for you right?”





“Oh that feels so very, very good.” She moaned. “Please.” She loved the sensations that she was feeling, the way that they were touching her, stroking her. It was perfect. She felt as if she had finally found home, as if life was finally where it should be, and it was with these men, in their bed and between them. “More.” She whispered as she felt the single finger in her anus, “Please, just slowly?” She was moving her hips and thighs, taking his finger deeper as she did so.

“Always slow,” Rayne reassured her as he nibbled along her neglected breast. He waited as she relaxed, loosened before easing a second finger slowly in. “Shh,” he whispered when she jolted, “I’m not going to hurt you, just take slow breaths little one, I’m not moving at all.”

She did just as he instructed, her eyes wide open, and she whimpered, “That feels so good. Different but so very good.” She moaned and licked her lips. “It’s such a full feeling. So good.” She whimpered. “I like it. A lot.”

“It will be more so when I slide my cock in here, sweetheart,” Rayne said sliding his fingers in a little deeper and spreading them slowly, carefully. He wasn’t huge but he was Dragon which meant he was well endowed and he wasn’t going to hurt her. Scissoring his fingers more he slowly withdrew them before pressing them together and pressing them deeper into her body to spread them again.

Stroking her pussy lightly Slade kept an eye on her face. He was Rayne’s warning system so that they didn’t send her over the edge. Pinching her clit lightly he rubbed the tight bud between his fingers before sliding his fingers through her silky liquid heat.

“So good.” She felt her body floating and whimpered. Biting her lip she braced her feet on the bed and lifted up to meet them. “Please.” She was so very, very close. God she was ready to come apart at the seams but they kept pulling back just before she was able to go flying. “Please.” She was begging them, tugging at them, needing them.

Pulling his hand back Slade shot Rayne a mental warning to still his movements as he pressed down on her hips. “Not yet,” he told her lifting his head to press a kiss to her lips. Hearing her absolute frustration in her growl he nipped at her lips lightly. “I think she’s ready enough, Rayne.” Their little mate was starting to get annoyed with them.

“She’s getting very annoyed with you both,” Parker said with a laugh and pulled Slade back to her. Nibbling his lips she sighed. “I happen to very much love your guys’s kisses, the way that you all touch me and feel me. I love all of it.”

“Good,” he said honestly to her. “I’m going to move over you and slide into you, love, and then we are going to roll so you’re on top. Rayne will then slide into you slowly, you can’t move though, you need to focus on relaxing and breathing. Once we’re both inside of you we’ll do one more roll so that we’re all on our sides, no one gets crushed this way, namely me.” He grinned against her mouth. Once Rayne had moved back a bit he eased her onto her back and settled between her legs. “You ready, sweet?” he asked pressing his throbbing cock to her so-wet pussy.

She smiled and nodded, “I am very ready.” She rubbed against his hard cock, feeling the head of his shaft at her eagerly waiting pussy and whimpered, “Please.” She whispered softly and reached out blindly to touch Slade’s chest. “I need this.”

“I know, sweetling,” he whispered slowly pressing into her wet body, his cock sliding in without any trouble at all. Seating himself fully he had to force himself not to move, not to rock in and out and not to fuck her for everything he could. Later he’d do that. Swallowing hard Slade pressed a kiss to her chin. “We’re going to roll now, nice and easy,” he warned and started their roll knowing Rayne would guide them so they didn’t separate.

When Parker was on top of Slade she found herself clutching his cock that was buried so deeply inside of her pussy and sighed. Leaning down she rested her forehead on his chest and tried to move. Biting his shoulder lightly she growled. “Please.” She then felt Rayne at her back and stilled. Turning her head she licked her lips and watched the aura of her Dragon mate reaching for hers. “I’m ready.”