Their Mating Rituals


Their Mating Rituals – Blurb

While Aiden was willing to try anything once, being kidnapped, drugged, beaten and held against his will wasn’t one of his choices. Captors unknown, location unknown and probability slim to none his options are severely limited. Until she comes to him, to soothe and confuse him all the more.
As a doctor Talina thought she’d seen it all, or at least most of it, but when she becomes an unwilling accomplice to Aiden’s torment she realizes just how naïve she’d been. Determined to keep him as safe as she can Talina puts herself between him and harm’s way time and again, anything to keep the gentle giant safe.
But just when she thought life couldn’t get any more dangerous or bizarre, Aiden pulls her into his world and opens her eyes to all that is really out there. Now all he has to do is convince her to stay and love him and let him show her his in return.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

The music was what was getting to him. He knew it was opera, knew it wasn’t English but beyond that…not a clue. It was so far away and yet so bloody loud. He had no idea what was wrong with him, well, besides a terrible thirst, a pounding headache, only about half his normal vision and, he was pretty sure, a few broken bones.

His body felt heavy, sluggish, nothing responding when he wanted it to. Blinking with even just one eye was an enormous task for him. Breathing was a serious chore. His arms…well, his arms appeared to be completely numb except for an intense burn in his shoulders. But since he couldn’t see worth a damn and lifting his head was out of the question he didn’t know what the situation was.

Trying to remember his last coherent memory, he rubbed his grainy tongue to his cracked and peeling lips. Yeah that helped—not. He remembered talking to Allister, his twin, about a few things, mindless things. Razzing him a bit about his woman, general smack talk, and discussion about their mother’s impending visit. Shuddering at that reminder he could have done without, he heard a low keening sound of pain and, after too long, realized it came from him. But how had he gotten from his brother’s office to…wherever he was?

* * * *

Several days ago

“Seriously, bro, you are whipped,” Aiden teased with a big grin, dodging the piece of popcorn thrown at his head. Chuckling softly, he picked it up and tossed it onto the ottoman before them. “Not that it’s a bad thing. I like Jackie. She’s good for you, bro.”

“You just like the fact she will run around like an idiot with you doing paintball,” Allister muttered.

“Uh, yeah.” Aiden grinned at him. “Dude, she shoots better than most of us can. That girl has serious fucking mad skills packed in that petite little package. Damn broke my heart when she told me she was a one of a kind.”

“And mine.” His brother was seriously possessive of his bond-mate, not that he blamed the guy in the least.

“She’s my paintball buddy, nothing more. Well, beyond the video games I mean.” He grinned and took some more of the popcorn. “Speaking of which, we were supposed to go and destroy some bad guys tonight. She still on for it?”

“As far as I know. You playing at my place or yours?” Not that it made a huge difference. They lived across the street from one another.

“She wanted to do it at your place. Apparently I’m too much of a bachelor. She bitched me out the last time she was over because my selection of appetizers was seriously lacking.” Aiden had a confused look on his face. “What is wrong with hot wings, pretzels, and chips and dip?”

“Nothing if it’s the Super Bowl party of the year,” Allister said with a grin. “But she doesn’t consider them appropriate for when she’s visiting family.”

“Unless it’s the Super Bowl, right,” he grumbled. “Do you know she had the audacity to try and clean my kitchen? Seriously, you need to have words with your female about taking such liberties.”

“She’s your in-law technically. She gets to take whatever liberties she wants,” Allister said.

He didn’t get to make a smart-ass comeback since the woman in question, or rather under discussion, came in looking annoyed. Thankfully she pinned Allister with the look, so Aiden, being the best brother in the world, abandoned him to her wrath. Waving to his brother, he bailed out and shut the door. Even if she wasn’t actually annoyed they’d end up burning out retinas and the brain bleach market would skyrocket again. No one needed to see Allister’s pasty white ass.

From there he’d done some paperwork, headed out for dinner with a couple of guys off another of the Teams. They grabbed pizza, watched a game, and had a few beers. Then they’d all left as a group to head over to a rocking new club.

The place was going crazy, the music was top of the line, the DJ had his finger on the pulse of the clubbers, and the drinks were on the house thanks to connections they had. What more could one ask for?

After that…

* * * *

Aiden frowned, or tried to. He couldn’t remember much after getting to the club. He’d had a couple drinks, chatted with one of the bartenders, flirted with a couple of the waitresses, and even danced with a couple of hot babes. But he couldn’t remember leaving or anything after until…

He’d woken at some point, his mind buzzing and his muscles heavy and aching. A drug of some sort, something that kept him languid and loose. Or it had until the beat down had started. Then he’d tensed up as much as he could.

He remembered a punch to his face, actually several. There were shallow cuts to his arms, torso, and legs. Electrocution to his balls which had him cringing in memory. Whips, a caning, more fists, and he was sure he recalled a chair at one point. How long the torture had gone on he didn’t know, but he did know not a single question had been asked. Just hours after hours of beatings.

He didn’t know a location, a day, or even the bloody time. All he knew was he was in deep shit, and the why still eluded him. Especially when no one would tell him. They had to be softening him up, thinking that if they beat him enough when an olive branch was eventually offered he’d take it no matter the consequences.

He tried reaching out to his brother but couldn’t when a blinding pain shot through his head. Biting his lip to keep the sound trapped, he tasted blood. Either he’d split it again or bitten through the flesh. All he could hope was that Allister was looking for him.




“Oh, I love how you think,” she told him happily. “See this is why I think you are the most brilliant man ever,” Lina said as she began to peel out of her clothes as well. “Where would you like to make love with me, darling? Bed, floor, couch, chair, where?”

“Anywhere at all.” He smiled and looked around the room, “Except for this desecrated space,” he sneered. Maybe those that had emptied his place had been semi-smart and taken the coffee maker to Allister’s. He’d have to check with his brother in the morning. Looking to her, he smiled again and laid a hand on her belly. Dropping to his knees, Aiden pulled her in close and pressed a kiss to her rounded stomach. He still couldn’t believe how truly blessed he was. A mate, children, a full and promising future before him, them.

Her fingers feathered through his hair and she smiled. “I love you, too, darling. Now, take us somewhere so we can fuck like bunnies, please.”

“Yes ma’am,” he smiled at her lifting her up in his arms and turned from the kitchen. His cock ached too much to go far so he took them to the living room. Putting her on her feet Aiden rubbed a hand over her back lightly and down the curve of her ass. “Turn around and put your hands on the back of the couch,” he ordered.

Her tongue darted out in a quick swipe before she smiled at him and lifted her chin, “And if I don’t?”

Smacking her ass sharply, more for sound than anything else, Aiden let out a growl. “If you don’t I will put you there myself,” he said.

Her eyes dilated slightly at his words, “Promises, promises,” she whispered, her breasts rising and falling as her breathing sped up.

“Absolutely, now, turn around and put your hands on the couch. I want your ass up in the air so I can fuck you,” he said in a low tone. Running his hand around her belly he stroked up to capture a breast and squeezed, his thumb flicking over her nipple. “You want me to fuck you don’t you?”

Talina nodded, her breathed even more ragged, “I do Aiden.”

“Then turn your cute little ass around and stick it in the air so I can see how wet your pretty pussy is,” he demanded of her.

Nodding she let out a shaky breath, “It’s very wet, dripping even,” she told him in a husky tone. “I need you Aiden, so much,” she shifted on her feet. Turning around she bent over with her hands on the couch before looking back over her shoulder, “Like this?”

Letting his gaze roam down her body he growled happily, “Just like that darling.” Stepping in closer to her he pressed her shoulders down more before cupping her pussy in his hand. “You are wet,” he said sliding his fingers through her slick folds.

She wiggled against him, “Aiden please, now,” she begged.

“Not yet love,” he told her dropping to his knees behind her and, spreading her legs wider, put his mouth to her cunt. Lapping at her sweet juices he slid his tongue around her clitoris and into her pussy, fucking her with his tongue.

“Aiden!” she screamed out.

Catching her hips when she tried to wiggle from him he growled against her wet folds. You taste so damned good, he told her through their connection.

“Aiden, now, please God I’m begging you,” she whimpered.

Knowing frustration when he heard it Aiden got to his feet and, fisting his cock, rubbed it through her folds before pressing it into her pussy slowly. When she rocked back against him he moved his hands to her breasts and gently massaged.

“Oh God that feels so good,” she moaned out. “Harder Aiden, please fuck me hard.”

“As you wish my angel,” he whispered moving a hand to her hips to hold her as he began to slam his hard cock into her hard and fast.

“Yes,” she screamed out arching her back as she pushed back into him.

“Gods you are perfect,” he growled rolling her nipple as he shifted his stance and moved his hips faster. His balls slapped against her pussy with each hard thrust of his cock into her slick sheath. Growling as he felt his orgasm coming he dropped his hand from her breast to her clitoris and rubbed it frantically.

Her body started to tighten around him, a keening sound coming from her lips and then she screamed as her inner muscles clamped hard down on his cock. Thrusting twice more he slammed his cock in deep and came, his balls up tight as his seed splashed against her womb entrance.

Her head was down, her legs shaking and her breathing was ragged. “Wow,” she breathed out. “Aiden,” Lina turned her head to look at him, her eyes half closed, “I think I need a nap now baby.”

Chuckling softly he groaned as his cock twitched once again, more semen spurting into her red hot pussy. “I think we can manage that angel.” When he was finished he pulled his only partially limp cock from her and lifted her up in his arms. “Time for a nap now darling.”

Smiling at him she suddenly yawned, “Already asleep,” she whispered before she fell asleep in his arms.