Their Mating Illusion


Their Mating Illusion – Blurb

As a part of the royal line of magic, Maya Griffon knows just what evil is brewing in her own home. But to break free will take everything she has and everything she can give. Prophecy spoke of a way free, a way to find love and to have what she’s always wanted, a man who can understand her like no other ever has. All she has to do now is convince him she is right.

Growing up poor, Quincy Wallace learned that everything has a price. Nothing is unconditional, and nothing is ever free. Love? Love is for those that can afford to be made the fool, something he will never be again. Maya, though, might just be the one person who can change all that if he dares to let her in.

With a crown on the line and danger pressing ever closer, love is truly the most powerful and pure magic there is. But will it be enough?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Staring out into the night, he watched the moonlight dancing off the drops of water dripping from the trees. The storm had blown in suddenly and fiercely but had continued on eastward about ten minutes ago. Sighing softly, he moved back to the desk and got everything started up once more. He had work to do. The upcoming mission might very well depend on what he discovered.

Rubbing away the sleep from his eyes, he cracked his neck and popped the tab on another energy drink. It was turning into a hell of a long night, not that he wasn’t used to them, but still, just once he’d like to get to bed before the sun rose. Maybe one day, who knew?

“All right, lads,” he said and then had to pause to yawn wide. Shaking his head, he blinked. Two hours of sleep after nearly forty-eight hours wide awake just did not cut it. “Sorry ’bout that,” he muttered and rolled his head around his neck.

Ignoring the smirks, he refocused on Beta Team. “Jean DeMarco.” He pointed to the large screen where the image of a male, early thirties and looking too suave to be real, was displayed. “He was spotted coming out of Monte Carlo three weeks ago, a quick stop in Belize and then, from what we’ve been able to determine, he is now headed to meet up with his current fling on a cruise of the Mediterranean. The ship left Venice, Italy, three days ago. He will be rendezvousing with the cruise ship in Mykonos, Greece, in just under four days. The ship comes in at approximately two in the afternoon and leaves promptly at nine. He will be on it for the next two days when it will reach Naples and he will depart it again and we lose him until an unknown date in the future.”

“It’s a cruise. How is he getting on board at such a late date?” Scaled Wonder Number One asked.

“He’s rich, he’s powerful, he has connections, and the captain is his fourth cousin on his mother’s side, so flat-out bribery works well,” he explained to the thick-headed ones. He liked most Dragons, Talon in particular, but the twins were a serious pain in his ass. Even more so since apparently he was going to be stuck with them for eternity. How in the world could Gaia be that mean? Like really!

Shaking off the thought, he changed images on the large screen. “This is the captain of the cruise liner, Filip Espanito. This”—the image shifted again—“is the girlfriend, Felicity van Hemptyn. She’s from a very influential but clean-as-can-be family. Her father took his father’s small clothing alteration and repair business and turned it into a multi-billion, yes, billion, dollar empire. He owns ships, owns shops worldwide both still in clothing repair and alteration, but also design studios, malls, and many other things.”

“Does Daddy know what his little princess is getting mixed up in?” Scaled Wonder Number Two put out there. Gods, he hated those Dragons.

“As far as we can tell, no,” Skittles explained to them all. Alpha Team was there, too, but since they were merely acting as a secondary extraction team and not primary, they were sitting in the back talking amongst themselves and with Talon. “It appears that her father hasn’t got a clue who she’s dating, probably wouldn’t approve.”

Another click on his computer and he brought up a schematic of the ship. “I’ve sent this to all your iPads. Study it. We’re going to have to get on during the stop in Mykonos with forged documents, travelers who missed the Venice departure. I’ve got us berths on board and we’ll have a full day at sea to ensure we have him secure. We’ll be departing before the next berthing.” He’d open a Vortex back to base from the ship. A risk to be sure but if it had to be done, it had to be done.

“I’ve marked out where the girlfriend’s room is, his most likely path to her room, and some of the better locations to intercept him. We need to get him before he reaches her, otherwise we’ll need to bring her along.”

“She’s not involved in his business?” Dragon Breath Number One asked.

“Not from anything I’ve dug up.” Which had been a lot. “She’s a party girl, a wild child in every meaning of the word. She barely got through high school, only made it through college thanks to her father’s money, and lives off anything and everything he gives her. As long as she stays out of the papers for idiotic things he stays out of her life.” Skittles looked at them all. “I doubt DeMarco would trust her to park the car let alone handle his gun-running and prostitution business.”

“All right, boys,” Talon said, finally speaking up. “You have three hours before you’re on a plane out of here. Sorry, but no Vortex for this portion. We don’t need to wipe Skittles out ahead of the game.” When they added in the fact that they had no idea just who or what might be in the way at the far end, it was just another reason not to slide in via Vortex. “Gear up, get packed for a vacation, and meet down at the pad in two and a half hours. Move out,” he ordered the Dragons who looked ready to argue. Eventually they meandered out of the room.

Walking to Skittles, Bulldog looked down at him. “You okay with going in only with those two, Quincy?” he asked seriously, using the Mage’s real name instead of his nickname of Skittles.

“Yeah, I’m good with it,” he said softly. “I might not like them personally or what is coming our way but they are topnotch operators. I’d have them at my back any and every time in a mess.”

“Good.” He squeezed Quincy’s shoulder. “We’ll be close if you need us,” Bulldog promised.

“I know.” Skittles grinned up at him. “If all else fails, I’ll fry their asses if they get too mouthy,” he teased. Getting a laugh from Talon, he relaxed more. “I’m going to go and get a couple hours of sleep.” He desperately needed it before being stuck on a plane for too many hours with the twins.

“Go, do what you need to. I’ll have one of the others give you a wake-up call,” Bulldog assured him. “Not one of the twins.”

“Appreciate it,” Quincy muttered, collecting his computer before heading off to find a bed.

* * * *

Operation Day 1, Mykonos, Greece

“Holy hell,” Charcoal Breath Number Two said as they all stood before the poster. “I’m thinking we should stick around. Just dump the mark through the Vortex and stay on board to enjoy a little extra treat.”

Tilting his head, Skittles had to admit the female portrayed in the poster was a tempting little bit of beauty. Supposedly a master illusionist. Smoke and mirrors really, nothing more. Damned so-called magicians gave real magic wielders a bad rap. “If we have time after securing the package we’ll go and take in her show.”

Both Dragons looked at him for a long moment. “Good plan. The package can stew for a while as we enjoy ourselves,” Charcoal Breath Number One said with a toothy, evil grin. “Maybe she’ll be willing to do an aftershow with us.” He chuckled.

Rolling his eyes, Skittles headed for the elevator. For all of two seconds he’d actually liked them. Then Puff the fucking Dragon had kept on yakking, totally ruining the moment. Seriously, Gaia? These two? Gah! Like he needed them busting his balls for all of eternity, in front of his bond-mate no less. Seriously?





“Oh.” She felt her body clench at the nuzzle that he gave the back of her knee. Who would have known that would have been a hot button for her? “God, that felt lovely.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his thigh and waist. “I think that we should do that again. I really liked that feeling.” It was as if his nuzzling the back of her knee was wired straight to her pussy, which clenched and dampened greatly.

“We will, on the second go if we can still both move,” he assured her softly. Nuzzling at her neck, he breathed her in and nipped gently at her neck. Stroking a hand down her throat, chest, belly, and over her pussy, he gently stroked her wetness.

“Oh God,” she cried out when his fingers dipped into the cleft of her pussy. “Again, come on, love, give me more, please,”

“In a moment.” He grinned, shifting to nuzzle her breasts and, pressing a finger into her sheath, he caught up a nipple and sucked hard. Rolling the tight bud around his tongue, he thrust his finger in and out of her slowly, enjoying the way her body arched, squirmed, and then fought to get away and closer all at the same time.

Maya’s body arched against his when he teased her. “Oh God.” She moaned. “I think that in a moment you are going to kill me,” she teased. “In a moment I think that I’m going to burn up in a flame of need.” Which was the Gods’ honest truth.

“You’ll survive,” he whispered, moving to her other breast. “Just lie back, enjoy, and soak it all in, darling.” Attaching his mouth to her other breast, he suckled at her. Pressing his thumb to her clitoris, he rubbed lightly as he continued to pump his finger in and out of her body, soon adding a second to stretch her and give her more pleasure.

“I love how that feels.” She moaned, opening her thighs more for him, needing to pull him in closer and hold him deeper, even though it was only his fingers. “More,” she begged, demanding, needful, frustrated.

Moving his mouth down slowly, he licked and nipped at her belly lightly. Shifting down between her legs, he pressed a kiss to her inner thigh. Moving his thumb, Quincy put his mouth over her clitoris and began to suckle and flick at the nub with his tongue.

For a moment she couldn’t breathe. For a moment air completely escaped her and she moved against him and whimpered. “I love how that feels.” So many new emotions, so many new sensations, so much tactile input.

Grinning, he nipped at her lightly and pressed a third finger in deeper. Stroking her lightly, he spread his fingers, stretching her. Suckling gently, he slid a hand up her body to cup her breast and massage gently, rolling her nipple.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God” seemed to be Maya’s new mantra. He watched as she winced, once, and then a second time with the slightest of pains but found herself lifting her hips to meet his mouth.

Watching her face, he eased up a little. He didn’t want her hurting. He wanted her swamped in pleasure. Stroking her lightly, he rubbed his tongue to her clitoris slowly. Flicking her tight nipple gently, he sucked hard once more before lifting his mouth. “More?” he asked her quietly.

Yes!” Maya’s screams tore through the room. “Please, Gods, yes please, more.”

Grinning, he eased up over her and kissed her softly as he slowly withdrew his hand. “Then there will be more,” he murmured, adjusting her under him. Pressing against her, he took hold of his cock and pressed into her slowly. “Look at me, sweetheart,” he whispered.

Maya turned and looked up at him, her gaze taking in his as she watched him carefully. “Always,” she whispered to him with a smile. “I trust you, Quincy, now and always. Trust you,” she assured him and ran her leg up and down his leg, feeling him pressing against her opening and shivering as he did so.

“I’ve got you, sweet,” he murmured, sliding an arm around her waist. Touching her cheek with his free hand, he stroked her skin as he slowly slid ever deeper into her body. Brushing a kiss to her lips, he nibbled gently as he pressed deeper and deeper, pausing now and again to let her adjust to him.

She moved her legs and wrapped them around his waist a little higher. “Quincy.” She whispered the word, his name as a prayer. She felt the bite of pain. She felt the fullness, but it was so good. It was just what she needed, him. Only him.

“A little more,” he murmured softly to her, pressing up against her hymen. “This may hurt a little or not at all,” he warned before pressing forward quickly and then stopping as he settled firmly in her body.

Maya cried out but then, as she began to adjust with him, she shivered. “Oh God,” she cried out. She was repeating herself. Lord, she knew she needed some more words, but she couldn’t think past the “oh God” and “so good” phase of things.

Sliding out slowly, he pressed back in and smiled at the O of her lips. Nibbling on her jaw lightly, he teased her skin as he began to stroke in and out of her body. Stroking her skin, Quincy tipped her hips up more and picked a slightly rougher but still lazy pace to allow her to get used to all he was doing to and with her.