Their Improbable Mating


Their Improbable Mating – Blurb

The operation was planned for every possible outcome, all but one—complete and total loss of communications. Jackie Sutter doesn’t know if anyone is listening, doesn’t know if they know where she is, and doesn’t know if the cavalry is riding to the rescue. All she knows for sure is that she’s suddenly up on the block, being sold in a black market auction to the sexiest man she’s ever seen.

The mission is simple—get in and save the girls being sold off at a madman’s whim. What Allistair Fairbanks doesn’t expect, what throws a wrench into it all, is finding the woman that is his bond-mate on display for all to see. All he has to do now is get her out, convince her they are fated to be together, and live happily ever after.

Never has a mission come with higher stakes. With their very happiness and future riding on the outcome, do they dare not try?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

He really hated that feeling. That sensation of being on the outside looking in. Like everyone else knew the punch line to the joke while he’d missed the good parts. And even if they did explain it to him, it was in a foreign tongue that made it even less decipherable.

He really hated that feeling, and today it seemed worse than ever. Sighing, he shook his head and tried, again, to concentrate on what he was doing. Focus, damn it, he snapped to himself internally. One mistake could cost him his life. Rubbing a hand over his face, he let out a slow breath and forced his concentration to the computer monitor.

There was a lot of data to take in, something he was pretty good at. Not as good as Talon, the leader of the Paranormal Protection Unit, also known as Bulldog, who seemed to have an elephant’s memory, or Skittles, the Lead Computer Tech whose real name was Quincy, who could, or so it seemed, magically pull shit out of thin air. No, he definitely wasn’t up at Mensa-level genius, but he could hold his own usually. Up to a point. Maybe not against his King or the techie, but against pretty much anyone else he was golden.

Unless it was his twin, but they seemed to share a brain 99.9999 percent of the time, so really, that didn’t count. He just stole all his good ideas, really. Pausing, he tipped his head and waited. Nope, he wasn’t listening in.

Focus, you tool! He had twenty-four hours to know all this stuff or he’d be pulled from the mission and another would go in. He wanted this one. It was kind of personal, not really, but sort of in a vague sixth-cousin-on-his-mother’s-grandmother’s-bastard-son’s-daughter’s-side sort of way. They’d come across this sort of thing too often, and it just sat ill with him. He didn’t like traffickers of human flesh, especially when it was young females and males sold into a life of servitude or worse, sold to some old bastard that used and abused them sexually and mentally. Then when they were broken, they would be tossed aside like a used tissue and the sicko would buy a new slave.

“All right, eyes on the ball,” he muttered and decided to start with his cover again so that he could regain some perspective and hopefully get past his anger and need for retribution against a bunch of unknown men and women, who were codenames and nothing more.

He would be going in as himself, mostly. He’d be a philanthropist by day, good deeds, charities, and kissing babies to appeal to the people who gave him money for his works. By night he had a sick and twisted sex fetish. Apparently he liked early-teen girls, ages eleven to fourteen, well developed for their ages, but they had to be virgins. That put him in an elite grouping.

And, just because Skittles wasn’t twisted enough with that bit, he apparently also liked women in their early twenties, virgins preferably but not a deal breaker. He did insist that if they had had sexual encounters they were very minimal. “Gods, I’m disgusted with myself,” he muttered, scrolling through the screens to learn the “charities” and works he supposedly dealt with. Even if the traffickers decided to do a background check they’d run into Skittles, Bulldog, and a variety of other people that would be rerouting calls to any of the numbers listed to them directly for the period he was undercover. Yeah, it could potentially cause issue with some of the workers and their personal calls, but hopefully they would keep it to a minimum. Besides, that’s what direct numbers were for.

Frowning, he curled his nose up at his newfound sexual predilections. Damn, Skittles had a sick and seriously demented mind. He, or rather who he would be, apparently liked to ensure that his women were hairless on their bodies. So everyone got waxings or laser hair removal or both. “Ouch.” He winced in sympathy at the description of a Brazilian. Who the hell put themselves through that shit willingly? He did that to ensure that there was nothing between him and his “tools.” Gagging slightly, he had to go to a different sheet. He couldn’t read it. He just couldn’t. He knew that Skittles had likely gotten all that from various case files from the different agencies from over the years, but still, the fact that one human could do that to another for their so-called pleasure was disgusting.

Blowing out a shaky breath, he reviewed who was going in. His twin would be their driver as well as their muscle. He’d remain in the vehicle and therefore out of view but would still have a disguise just to be absolutely sure. The Bear twins, Mac and Sully, would be his bodyguards, his main muscle, which was fitting. They did like playing the big, dumb, muscle-bound type. As well, Rainier, one of their Panther changers, who had a law degree as well as his business degree, would be acting as his accountant and legal adviser on sight to ensure everything played out right without any possible legal ramifications, for him anyway.

Trey, as well as Omega Team, would be on standby in case the shit hit the fan. Not that they were expecting any issues. He was already being vetted and checked out from what the reports said. It was pretty sad when the bad guys had a better system for checking out people than the good guys in a lot of cases. If he received the invitation to attend the auction and private showing to check the “merchandise,” he would have passed. Either that or they figured he was law enforcement and were setting him up to get killed. Here was hoping that they figured he was just another sick sociopath with an addiction he needed fed.

Getting up, he grabbed his empty mug and headed for the lunch room that serviced all the offices. Running his profile through his head over and over again so that it would be second nature, he poured more coffee before raiding the fridge. Finding a platter of sandwiches, he stared at it a second and, after a quick look around, pulled out a couple of corned beef and put them on a plate. There wasn’t a note on them, so hopefully he wasn’t stealing something he shouldn’t. Feeling bad though, he did leave ten bucks on top of the platter, just in case.

Carrying everything back to his office, he shut the door and sat on the large, overstuffed sofa across from his desk. Kicking his legs up onto the ottoman he used for a coffee table, Allister sat back to eat and continued running all the details through his head.

The invitation should come in soon. Hopefully it did. Then there’d be no option but to let him take the role. Otherwise Skittles would have to do some fancy footwork to come up with why someone was there in his stead. Not good for the untrusting bad guys who would just clam up and close up shop, disappearing into the ether with their “goods.”

Looking up, he nodded to his twin as he wandered into his office. “Sandwich?” He offered his plate up to his brother.

“Nah, I’m good, thanks,” Aidan said, sitting in a chair. “So, how’s it going?” he asked curiously, grabbing the can of cashews off his brother’s desk. “You getting it all down?

“Getting there,” he murmured, taking a bite. “Some of it I can’t even look at, but if we get the invite I suppose I’ll have to.” He just didn’t want to know how twisted he was supposed to be, damn it.

“Skittles did his research, that’s for sure,” Aidan agreed, picking out a cashew here and there to munch on. “I got a brief read of some of the early material and knew you weren’t going to like it.” His brother really wasn’t into kink or bondage of any sort. While Aidan didn’t mind trying new things and even experimenting, his twin was against anything that objectified women in any way. How they’d come from the same egg, he’d never know, but he loved him nonetheless and resisted the urge to tease him and his missionary ways. Heh, “missionary.”

“He said he dug through old case files from the various government agencies worldwide, did a background on l’Aurette, and tried to find a few similarities and commonalities so that I’d ‘fit’ in,” he muttered with a scowl on his face.

Watching him, Aidan nodded slowly. “If it’s too much, Allister, I can take your place,” he offered softly but already knew the answer.

“No, I’m doing this.” He’d seen too many families torn apart by such sick bastards. They talked the girls into believing they were talent agents, photographers, or various other ploys. Then, when the women showed up at a predesignated area, too often alone and in a secluded spot, they vanished without a single trace, never to be seen again except on a morgue table.

“All right, well, I’m around if you need me to bang things around with.” Aidan got up and, stealing a couple more of the cashews, he set the can back on the desk. “Hit me up if you need me, bro,” he said, but he knew his brother. He’d internalize and keep it all locked away never to see the light of day again.

“Thanks.” Allister knew his brother worried for him, knew about his personal mission in life and just why he, Allister, was in the Teams. Yeah, he was all for saving the world from mass destruction, nuclear threats, terrorists, and everything else, but those that preyed on the innocent held a special place in his soul. He was determined to see them all go to that special place in hell for all eternity.





She bit his lower lip and whimpered. “Oh God, this feels so good.” Lifting her ass to meet him and his talented fingers, she sobbed, “More.” It was a demand of need. “Please, Al, more,” she begged. “Because it feels so good.”

Suckling at her neck, he pushed a third finger into her and pumped them in and out of her lush body. She was so damn responsive. Gods, he loved her so much. Nipping at her throat, he nibbled down to her breast. Sucking at her tight nipple, he drew it in deep to roll around with his tongue.

“Oh God,” she cried out. “Another.” He was huge, as evidenced by her hand closing around him and beginning to stroke him harder and faster in time with his fingers in her body. “Killing me,” she said and squeezed the head of his cock before moving her fingers down to stroke him more and more, faster and faster.

Pulling his hand free, he caught hers before he embarrassed himself and, moving over her, thrust into her body hard. Freezing when she stiffened under him, his hazed mind cleared a little. “Oh Gods, Jackie?” he whispered in fear that he’d hurt her.

“Don’t stop. Talk about it later. For now just please?” He smiled when she begged. “Please don’t stop, my love,” his fiery little bond mate all but demanded. “I want you to fully and totally claim me.”

Her little movements totally fried out his brain again and the Dragon took over. Gripping her ass, he lifted her hips up to take him all the way as he thrust into her again. Groaning at the sensation of bumping into the opening of her womb, he moved harder, faster. Instinct was guiding him fully, ensuring her pleasure was absolute before he claimed her properly. “Mine,” he growled out, the Dragon very evident. Tipping her head to the side, he slid his long incisors deep into her flesh and held her as the bit of mild toxin in them slipped into her system, creating hypersensitivity in her entire body.

She felt the bite, screamed from it, but then a sensation of utter pleasure multiplied by a million spread like fire along her skin. Her hands in his hair, she held him to her throat. “Al.” She could only get out that single word in her surrender. Jackie’s body clenched on him. She felt his cockhead hitting so deep inside of her body she swore that he had to be inside of her womb, but it was that bite which had her seeing stars.

Growling out her name, Allister held her in his grip as his seed emptied into her over and over again. Collapsing over her, he remained still until his teeth returned to normal and he could lift his head. Pressing his cheek to hers, he shivered as she clenched on him again. “Gods,” he moaned out, softly stroking a hand down her side. Obviously not a great idea since her entire body seemed to ripple through another complete orgasm.

Each ripple of his body in hers, each explosion of seed into her body had had her whimpering. “Gods is right,” she panted out. “Al, so good.” He was so very good. “Always will need you,” she admitted to him with a smile. “Especially if making love with you is just this good.” She felt a bond with him. So weird, she felt as if there were ties between them now.

“That was the bonding,” he said softly to her, lifting her hand to kiss her fingers gently. “It won’t always be quite so…intensely explosive.” That was the best he could come up with for the nuclear event they’d just survived. “But it will always be amazing because it will be only us,” he whispered, brushing a kiss to her cheek. “Unfortunately you are going to have a lifelong scar because of how hard I bit you.” And he seriously felt horrid about that.

“I honest to goodness don’t care,” she admitted with a smile. “I will make sure to wear shirts so that everyone and their brother can see the scar, the sign of possession,” she told him happily. “I look forward to it because you are the one that I need. Always, forever, until the end of time.” And he was. A scar didn’t matter at all when she had him there in her life.

Rolling them onto their sides, he wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her bruised shoulder lightly. He’d really bitten her hard. “I love you, Jackie,” he whispered. “I’m also sorry I was so rough, little one.” He’d hurt her in the beginning. He knew he had. She was, or rather had been, a virgin.

“Don’t be, I’m not,” Jackie told him with a smile. “If you hadn’t noticed, I really and truly rather loved it.” She was now, however, sleepy, sore, and just wanted to be held close to him. Later she would need to call her boss and let him know that she wasn’t going to make it. That was unless Aiden hadn’t already made that call. “Just hold me, my love.” She yawned again. “I need some sleep, Allister,” she told him.

So did he. He was exhausted. He really hadn’t slept much since she’d left him. Every time he’d closed his eyes he’d seen her, remembered every little detail. It had been too hard. Hugging her closer, Allister breathed her in. “Sleep, my love.”

“I do love you, Allister.” She yawned again and leaned in closer to him, wrapping her arms around him as tightly as she could. “Still gonna beat your brother,” she said with a smile. Beat him then hug him, but that was neither here nor there.

“I know, darling, I’ll help you,” he whispered to her quietly. Stroking her back lightly, he brushed a kiss to her cheek.

“Sleep. No more talking. Sleep,” she said and patted his chest with a smile, knowing she was the one who kept talking, not him.