The Wraith’s Mate


The Wraith’s Mate – Blurb

Davyn had a good life, a job he loved and a group of men and women he actually called friends. Not that he liked them all the time, some were just plain annoying. But he was missing a very important part of his life, a bond-mate. Having watched many of his friends find their own all he wants is to know that kind of love and inner peace.
Dahlia had it all – a good home, loving parents and a job, not a great job, but it was a job. Now if she can get her boss to stop being such a sleaze! Then her very world rolls and rumbles, literally. One minute on her feet and then next a sexy doctor was leaning over her reassuring her everything would be just fine.
A whirlwind romance, heartache and there’s only one place they want to be – in each others arms. The cosmos throws them back together for one last go, can they make it work?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Dahlia Ramsay should have known when she took the job that it was too good to be true. She had taken a job with a man that she had known since she was a child, a general with the Army at one time who took on working in the private sector when he retired. No, she should have known then that it was far too good to be true, but oh no, she didn’t listen to herself. Not at all. Nope. She was stupid.

She looked up at her boss and frowned. “I’m sorry, what did you say to me?” She surely hadn’t heard right. There was no way in hell that this man who was at least forty years her senior had asked her out.

“If you want to move up in the office, you need to learn ‘tit for tat,’” he stated and looked, rudely, at her tits.

“Fuck you, sir,” she muttered darkly and turned to leave the room. When she was about to leave the entire world shook. “What in the—?” she asked and grabbed onto the doorframe. She had no idea what happened next, but the very world around her seemed to rock and roll. Her entire world rumbled around her, and the world went black.

She heard him then. She heard the sound of the man. “Help!” she screamed. “Please, help!” The building must have crashed. That was the only thing she could think of. The building must have crashed down around them, and because she was inside of the doorframe she had thankfully been somewhat protected, somewhat.

When the large man found her, she reached out a hand to him. “Please? Help me?” She was buried under far too much rubble still and could barely breathe, but she reached for him, pleaded and begged for help.

“Be still,” he said to her, softly taking her hand in his. Checking her pulse automatically, he reached out to stroke back her hair with his other hand and checked the wound on her forehead. Shifting, he pressed the comms. “I have two more live ones, one female and one male, older. The male appears unconscious, and I’m going to need a hand getting him free. The female is conscious and coherent, a bit banged up. Bring in two backboards and collars just to be safe,” he advised before looking to her again. “It’s all right, I’m a doctor with the Teams working to get everyone out. Is there anyone besides you and the older gentleman in this area?” he asked her, pulling out a small light to check her pupil dilation and reaction.

“No, just me and that old piece of crap who thought it was good to hit on me. He actually thought that because I’m a twenty-five-year-old virgin I would leap into his bed. Idiot.” All right, so maybe she was more than slightly concussed, but still. “I can’t believe that jackwagon idiot,” she muttered. “Who does that? I mean seriously, who?”

“Dirty old men who think they can get anyone they want because of their position and or influence,” he told her, gently running his fingers over her head and face. “Couple of good scrapes, one slightly deeper gouge, but no broken bones,” he said. Digging out a compress, he applied it to her forehead and continued his check down her neck. He didn’t feel anything out of place, but he’d feel better after a full set of X-rays and scans.

“Here.” Tryggr passed him a collar as Mac set one of the two backboards down next to her.

“Can you go and start getting some of the crap off the older guy?” he asked the jaguar. “Keep him still if he’s conscious, but ask him his name, the date, and who the president is if he is awake. If he’s unconscious, we’ll deal,” he said, shifting to let Trey and Aiden past him to the guy with Tryg. Looking back at her, he smiled. “I’m going to put on the collar just to be safe. You seem fine, but I prefer to be overly cautious, especially given you lost consciousness,” he murmured, gently slipping the neck brace around and tightening it properly.

“I would prefer to be overly cautious as well.” She closed her eyes and drifted again. When she came to it was to the most beautiful man once more over her, and she found herself smiling. “You have got to be an angel, because men simply aren’t as beautiful as you are naturally.” She knew she had lost consciousness again, and that was bad, right? “Hopefully the old bastard broke his you-know-what. Stupid old buzzard,” she grumbled. “I’m Dahlia, who are you?” she asked softly.

“Davyn Montrose,” he murmured with a frown as he continued to check her limbs gently. “Mac, let’s roll her, and, Tryg, can you slip the backboard in place?” He looked to the others as he settled at her head. “Nice and smooth in three, two, and one.” He held her head between his forearms as he rolled her by her shoulders. “And back in three, two, one,” he said when the backboard was in place. Moving, he strapped her down after covering her with a light thermal blanket. “We’re going to fly you to the local hospital,” he told her. Digging out a card, he gave it to her. “But you need anything at all, you call me, all right? I have privileges in most of the local hospitals around here, so I don’t mind coming in and butting my nose where it doesn’t belong.”

She took the card and smiled up at him. “Thank you, Davyn Montrose.” She reached a shaky and filthy hand up and touched his cheek. “For saving my butt, thank you.” She winced again and shuddered. “I seriously hope that I have some drugs waiting for me at the hospital.” She only half teased. Reaching out though, she grabbed the man’s hand with hers. “I’m scared.”




Dahlia dropped to her knees. She wanted to see the large vein that her thumbs were caressing. When she did so she looked up at him and then, simply because she couldn’t help herself, she leaned in and traced her tongue along the pulsing vein on the underside of his cock and shuddered in reaction. Looking up, she saw the neon blue of his eyes and grinned. “Hello to my Wraith mate as well.” She knew that the flames in his eyes were the Wraith now, and she didn’t mind, at all.

Letting out a breath that sounded a lot like a hiss, Davyn tightened his hold on the frame, hearing the wood creak. Rocking his hips forward a little, he growled at her softly. Don’t tease me, love of my life, he murmured in her mind as he gave her a “breath” over her wet pussy.

She shivered. “Then what should I do?” she asked with a grin, her mouth closing over the head of his cock, her tongue finding his sensitive spot and toying with him. The entire time her mouth and hands touched him she watched his eyes, felt the Wraith, and pushed a little further.

Any second he was going to tear the frame away from the doorway. The wood was seriously and ominously creaking under his grip. “More,” he told her, imagining rolling and pinching her pretty pink nipples, licking at her tight little clit as he thrust fingers deep into her body over and over. It was getting hard to concentrate on teasing her, controlling the Wraith, and guiding her. Multitasking with a raging erection wasn’t all that easy apparently.

Dahlia gave in to the need and began to move her head on him. She took him deeper into her throat, her mouth sucking harder and harder at him as she moved up and down on his hard cock. Lifting her other hand from his thigh, she touched her fingers to his balls lightly and began to toy gently with them while her other hand stroked his cock in time with her mouth moving up and down on him.

Releasing the top frame, Davyn pressed his palms to the frame on either side of him and pushed. Growling deep down, he felt the Wraith shivering through him to touch her, stroke her, pet her. The demon definitely had a thing for their little mate, good thing.

She loved the feeling of him, and she heard her own moan. Looking up at him, she saw that the Wraith and her Davyn were both well and truly present, and for them and them alone she redoubled her efforts. She was determined that he would enjoy this, determined for him to come for her, if she could do it that was.

More, he demanded, rocking his hips forward over and over. He was trying not to push her or hurt her, but by the Gods she was killing him. Throwing his head back, he growled and, when she scraped her teeth to him, Davyn gasped as his body went taut and semen sprayed into her waiting mouth. Holy mother of the Gods!

Dahlia drank him down. She swallowed the salty and tangy seed that he pushed down her throat happily. When he finally stopped spilling down her mouth, she pulled off of him, licking him clean and then licking her lips as well. Leaning back on her heels, she looked up at him, the pose a subconsciously submissive pose. “That was amazing,” she breathed when she was finally able to form words.

Staring at her, Davyn moved suddenly, pulling her up with a gentle hand on the back of her neck, dragging her to him to kiss her. Lifting her up, he carried her into the shower, pressing her back to the tiles so he could get even closer to her as he feasted on her perfect mouth.

Dahlia kissed him back. She didn’t say a word, simply moved with him, tangled her tongue with his, and allowed her hands to move over his body. I love you, Dahlia told him softly, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist from where he had picked her up. She trusted him to ensure their safety, trusted him in everything.

Reaching out blindly, he turned the taps on and adjusted the water, getting it good and warm but not so much that it would burn her. Moving his mouth to her throat, he suckled at her neck, nibbling down to her full breasts. Lifting her up higher, he teased her nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Dahlia’s whole body was a living and breathing mass of need. Everything that he was doing to her was making her drive closer and closer to that edge. “Please,” she then begged. She wanted to come, needed to come. She was so desperate and needed him inside of her again.

“Please what?” he rasped out, nipping at her soft flesh, leaving a small mark. Sliding his tongue to her perfect skin, he breathed her in. “What do you want, baby? Tell me in great, graphic, and explicit detail. I want to be blushing by the time you’re done describing it,” he told her, nuzzling the valley of her breasts, her scent intoxicating.

“I want and need to come, Davyn. I want to feel your hard cock buried so deep inside of me that there is no difference between you and me. Please, Davyn, fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. Bring us both to our knees!”