The Rogue Hunter’s Mate


The Rogue Hunter’s Mate – Blurb

Love can be found in the strangest of places; little did Rogue Hunter and general bad ass Zaidu Metzger know he’d find it at the top of a tree. But that’s where the little bird he’d come to save ended up roosting and she really didn’t feel like coming down either.

Bethany Parkers life wasn’t glamorous but it was going good, could be better admittedly, but it was good. Then she gets herself kidnapped by a pack of wolves who then make her run through the woods at night and get pissy at her for climbing a tree! Seriously?

As a Hunter Zaidu can’t have a bond-mate, it’s the unwritten law of their people. But the Goddess Gaia has other plans and links Bethany, sweet innocent and very human Bethany, to him. Then, just to make things real interesting, Bethany’s psychotic brother comes looking to play. Can they survive her brother and everything else the world is throwing their way?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

“We have trouble,” his boss said to him in his quiet way.

“What sort of trouble?” he asked in return as he paid for the gas and headed outside for his bike. Digging out the keys he slotted them in and sat down astride his beast of a bike.

“There’s been a report of a kidnapping in your area. Word coming down the wire is that it’s a pack of Rogue wolves. It sounds like it’s Gordon’s group of thugs again,” Talon told him honestly with a sigh.

“Crap,” he muttered. “Hold on a sec, switching to comms.” Grabbing out his earpiece he switched the call to the comms system and stuck the piece into his ear. “Back,” he said, tugging on his helmet. “Whereabouts am I heading,” he asked, starting the engine up.

“Six miles east of where you are, near the old logging road and Johnson’s farm,” Talon told him as he read the datapad Quincy had just handed over. “Witnesses say that it’s a Bethany Parker that was grabbed, owns the Parker Gallery over on Tenth. Trey and Tryg both were at the scene of the abduction and say it was wolf. Lights were shot out around her car in the parking lot. Best guess is she was grabbed on her way to the vehicle. Tryg said there were a couple drops of blood, gravitational, likely a bloody nose or lip from the small amount.”

“Sounds like Gordon to punch a woman.” The man was psychopathic on the best of days. Pulling out of the gas station he headed up the highway towards the old Johnson farm. “Anything else at the scene to tell us anything?”

“Her purse was still there, kicked under the car likely when they decked her. No one bothered grabbing it after the fact. She must have dropped the keys as well because they were found under the car along with her purse.. From the sounds of it, between three and five were there to grab her.” The Gods loved witnesses, idiots. Passing the pad back to Q, Talon shifted in his chair. “She’s been missing for two hours now. You know Gordon’s Rogues better than us. Any idea what he’s got planned?”

“Nothing good,” he told the man honestly. “Gordon loves getting his pack of misfits revved up. He’ll likely make her rabbit for them and let them run her to ground. Depending on her smarts and wilderness knowledge I’ll either find her alive and giving them hell or dead.” If he could find a body, that was. Wolves were pretty good at stripping down a carcass, especially a pack of wolves with human brains in their heads.

“I’ll get a medevac helicopter on standby but leave it out of range of their hearing.” Talon motioned for Mac to get the pilots and crew on the move. Covering the phone he looked to him. “Call in Davyn, just in case,” he said softly, knowing the Wraith could pull miracles out of his ass more times than not. “Med team is getting ready. A second copter will be carrying in two Teams. They’ll drop in downwind and wait for your signal to round up the Rogues.”

“Keep them at least three miles downwind. Out in that area the winds shift direction on a bloody whim,” he said as he cranked the engine up higher and grinned at the surge of power. “Gordon and his Rogues might be psychotic and complete sociopaths, but that hasn’t stunted their sense of smell. If anything it’s likely heightened it. They know they are wanted, hunted, and they know what happens to those termed Rogue.”

“So noted, the Teams will rappel in three miles out from wherever the Rogue camp is and move only on your signal. How are you going to get in there without spooking them?” Talon asked more curious than really concerned.

“I plan on walking right on in,” he smiled faintly. “Besides, me and Gordon have a few things we need to clear up before his life is terminated.” The past could only be laid to rest with him beating the fucking snot out of the sadistic bastard. “Who’s on the Teams coming in?”

Snapping his fingers Talon took the datapad of Team members on standby and ready to rock and roll. “Trey, Mac, Tryg, Aiden, Markus, Phillip, Drake and Morgan. We’ll have Pete, Jack, and Davyn on medical,” he said handing the pad back over to Skittles, who was still frowning at his laptop.

“Make sure Aiden and Drake stay at the back, don’t need Gordon getting a whiff of Dragon blood.” No better way to make a lesser changer turn tail and beat trail to fight another day than that. He checked the sign as he whipped past it. “I’m three miles out and closing in. Where do I go once I hit the logging trail?”

“Head north on the logger for about a mile.” Quincy took over pulling up the maps he had layered on one another. “The camp is a mile west at that point but the bulk of the bodies are another half mile north and about three quarters of a mile west. Given current wind conditions your best bet is to stop on the logger just out of the camp and hoof it in. We’ve also got a weather advisory, snow storms coming in hard and fast off the Rockies. We’re looking at a full white-out blizzard in under three hours.”

“Fuck me,” he breathed out softly. Blizzards were bad enough in the cities. Out in the middle of God’s country and you were asking for trouble. Especially with helicopters in the mix. “Keep the medical on standby north of the storm,” he said to Quincy. “If we don’t need them pull them out and get them grounded ASAP.”

“Already on the same page with you, Zaidu,” Quincy muttered. “We’re sending in the Teams on a modified copter so they won’t need to worry about the storm. They’ll have a fucking nasty ride if they’re caught in it, but they’ll live,” he said and looked to Talon.

“We’ll keep you updated on the storm. Keep your comms open on channel one. Teams will be on two and medical will be listening in on three,” Talon ordered him. “Update us when you’re on site,” he said before hanging up and looking to Mac. “Full armament and tranqs for any of the women and children they may have on site. Any of the males come at you use deadly force as necessary.”

“Understood, boss.” Mac nodded and left to go and brief the Teams as well as their pilots.

Disconnecting on his end for the time being, Zaidu revved the engine more. The less time they spent on the ground the better. He did not want to get caught in the storm coming in, not without proper gear to protect himself and anyone they might find alive.




Sucking her tongue Zaidu stroked his hand slowly down her ribs and back up. Rubbing his thumb over the curve of her breast he lifted his head to drop a kiss to her neck. Nipping lightly he breathed her in slowly and nibbled gently.

She shivered and tugged him closer. Leaning her head to the side she panted. “Please.” She was begging, dammit. Lifting her other leg and wrapping it around his thick and heavy thighs she tugged him closer. “Inside of me. Now,” she growled.

Growling right back at her he nipped her ear. “Patience,” he told her in a rough tone. Pinching her nipple Z rolled it between his fingers as he rubbed his cock to her wet pussy. She was ready to come right then. He’d have to give her an orgasm so he could push her to a second for the bonding. He’d decided to do it and live with the consequences, which he was extremely paranoid and worried about.

“Has never been my virtue,” she growled right back at him. “So close.” Lord help her but she really was so close. He wasn’t even inside of her but already she could feel her pussy walls clenching. She could feel her body rippling and whimpered. “Zaidu.” It was a growl, a groan, all rolled into one. It was a desperate plea for more.

Shifting slightly he pushed the head of his cock into her and rocked slightly to tease her. Dipping his head more he caught her other nipple and suckled lightly, using his teeth very lightly on her soft flesh.

It embarrassed the hell out of her but she heard herself screaming, her nails bit into his shoulders deeply, and she came, orgasming just at his teasing, at his mouth teasing her nipple and his cock teasing her pussy. “Please,” she sobbed.

“Shh,” he whispered lifting his head to brush kisses to her lips. He needed her to relax so that he could slip into her slick body. Nibbling lightly on her mouth he breathed in her heady scent and inched into her body a little at a time.

Moving under him slightly Bethany opened her body even more and sighed as he inched his way into her body. “So good,” she whimpered. “God you feel so good.” She had never felt so full in all her life. She had never felt so right in all her life.

Dropping his hand to her bottom Z tipped her slightly and slid in all the way. The feeling of complete rightness and completion was terrifying. Sliding out very slowly he pushed in just as slow, letting her body adjust to his invasion.

Bethany’s legs moved just a bit higher on his hips and she pulled him closer. “So good.” She was purring now. Damn she was purring. “Harder. You aren’t going to break me. More. Harder.” She growled in demand.

“Hush,” he told her flicking his tongue to her nipple and then tugging it with his teeth. Moving to the other breast he treated it the same as he slid in and out slowly. He was going to build up her need until she was half crazed.

Bethany’s body was being played by a maestro. He was strumming her like a finely tuned instrument and each time he pressed into her body she sighed, pulled out and she growled. Need and desperation flew through her until she began to pant and then she screamed as she went over the edge and clawed at him to try to get him to move in closer, harder, deeper.

“Shh,” he whispered quietly again her throat. Nibbling lightly over her shoulder he breathed her in slowly, deeply. As she started to come down off the orgasm Zaidu adjusted his position and hers slightly and thrust harder, deeper. Nipping the spot between shoulder and neck, the spot he would bite her to join them for all time, he moved faster, pumping into her again and again.

Her legs loosened slightly on him. She relaxed her hold ever so marginally, but when he began to move faster, harder against her body she whimpered. His chest moved against hers. Her nipples pebbling and her body leaking from sheer pleasure she tilted her head to the side in a subconscious gesture of submission. Biting her lower lip she begged once more by simply whispering his name.

Growling low as he drove into her harder and deeper Zaidu whispered her name softly before sinking his teeth into her flesh. Snarling at the light taste of blood he slammed into her as he came, his cock swelling as it began to pump seed into her body.

She felt his cock swelling and gasped in surprise. That she had never experienced before in her life but there was more than that. In that moment she could swear she felt his soul reaching out and stroking hers, felt as if their very bodies were being bound by more than flesh. On instinct alone she reached out and tugged him closer, her mouth closing over his shoulder and biting him hard as she came in another blinding flash.

His cock swelled more, the knot forming to lock him into her body and he felt another spurt of his seed shooting deep into her body. Growling he wrapped his arms around her tight and held her close to him as he slowly eased his teeth from her flesh.

Gasping for air Bethany simply held onto him, her tongue easing the hurt that she caused him and holding him as close and tight as she could. It was the weirdest thing but she still felt as if she could feel his soul brushing hers, his mind seeking hers out, and Gods, the way that her body kept giving off little mini orgasms she was ready to faint. “That,” she gasped. “Was. Amazing.”

That it was, he breathed into her mind softly. Nuzzling at her throat lightly he nipped her ear and lifted his head. Brushing his lips to her cheek he sought and found her mouth. Kissing her lightly and gently he sucked on her tongue, nipping her lip with care before lifting his head to look down into her eyes.