The King’s Mate


The King’s Mate – Blurb

She was a vet, just a vet, no one would ever mean her harm. Or so Christine Shaw thought. Until one fateful night when someone, no – something – tried to grab her. Having her bacon saved by sexy as sin man candy definitely didn’t hurt. But really, who would want her?
Hardened, sometimes harsh, Tryggr Jackson had learned through brutal lessons that life wasn’t fair. But on rare occasion it was very giving and generous. Finding his bond-mate was as much a shock to him as anyone else he knew. But could the tiny bit of woman handle all that was pent up within him?
Chissy sees more to her man than he could and now to just show and prove to him that he was what was needed. To save a Throne and to protect all he’s ever known and held in protective hands she has to make him see he’s what she and his people need.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Christine Shaw knew a good thing when she saw it, and in this moment that good thing was the building before her. She all but rubbed her hands together when she looked at the large open entryway that would serve as her waiting room, the small rooms that could be adjusted so that she could have a kennel for cats, and one for dogs as well. This was what she had worked her whole life for, her own practice.

Moving from room to room, she took measurements and jotted them down on her pad. This was truly what she was looking forward to. This was what she wanted, because this was what she had been working her entire life toward.

Chrissy had begun as a run-of-the-mill student, barely making Cs and Bs in school and having no true life direction. That all changed, however, when she was forced to volunteer at a local animal hospital instead of going to juvie. Who would have known that the “punishment” would have turned out to be such a blessing for her? In that punishment she had found her life’s calling.

She had “the touch” according to the veterinarian that had begun to train her. She had always had a light touch with animals, but now, now that she was able to put that to work, she knew that this had been what she wanted to do. It took her nine long years of hard work, double jobs as well as school, but finally she was doing it. She was putting her life’s dream into reality, and it all began with this one little shop on a quiet strip in an equally quiet neighborhood.

All but dancing a jig when she realized that the building had come prewired for sound systems and a PA system, she did just that. Holding the clipboard close to her breast, she did a little dance of happiness and joy because she had done it! She was finally going to make her life’s dream come true!

Humming along as she did and realizing that she was going to have a great deal of patients already lined up as soon as she opened her door, she could only smile. It helped a lot that the man that she had worked for since she was sixteen was closing his practice doors. She would have bought his practice, but to be honest she simply didn’t have that much cash. This was going to be hard enough. She had to take a loan out on her house as well as taking out a business loan in order to afford this small place, but it was hers, all hers! This was what was necessary, and she knew it.

After she had measured every single inch of the space and drew out exactly what she wanted the builders to do, she carefully locked up the doors and walked out into the night air. Turning her face up to the skies, she smiled and breathed in happily. “Finally, life is turning out as it should,” she whispered to the moon.

Looking back at her new office, she smiled happily. Ah yes, life was finally turning out as it should!

* * * *

Three months later

Wiping her brow with the back of her sleeve, Chrissy looked to her lab assistant and smiled. “Thanks, Mindy, you have been a true champ.” Chrissy truly loved Mindy. She was such a sweet young woman who had gone through hell and back again and was still there. “Are you sure that I can’t talk you into staying with me, Mindy?”

“I wish that I could.” Mindy spoke very, very softly as she stroked the fur of the large German shepherd that they had just performed surgery on. “He’s a beautiful beast, isn’t he?” she murmured, hoping and praying that Chrissy would change the subject.

“He really is at that.” Leaning her hip to the side of the table, Chrissy watched Mindy. “So what excuse did he use this time?” she asked and pointed to the black eyes that Mindy was sporting, eyes she’d tried to say were “from walking into a door,” something Chrissy never bought.

“Drinking again,” Mindy murmured. “Thank you for keeping my money for me so that he doesn’t blow it. As soon as I have enough, I’m leaving him.” She had been saving for the three months that she had been working for Chrissy. She had told her fiancé that she was an unpaid intern, and Chrissy, God love her, had kept to the same lie, seeing immediately what a monster that Tommy Burkard was.

“It’s no worries at all, doll. I keep it in a spare account that is earmarked for building damages only, so anytime that you want to look and see how much you have saved, all you have to do is look there.” Shaking her head, Chrissy added, “You have to get away from him, honey. He’s so bad for you. Come and live with me, Mindy. I have more than enough room as you well know.” Chrissy had been left a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house when her adoptive parents died. Too bad that it was mortgaged to the hilt to pay for her dream clinic, but that was fine. She would deal. She always did.

“I can’t put you in that danger, Dr. C. You and I both know that your place is the first place that he would look for me at.” Mindy also couldn’t let Dr. Shaw in on the dangers that Mindy truly was in. The man that Mindy was engaged to was far more than a man. She knew it, but she knew that no one would believe her even if she told someone. Closing her eyes, Mindy shuddered and shook her head. “No, when I leave I have to go a very, very far way from here.” And she would have to do everything she could to cover her tracks so that the wolf that was her fiancé wouldn’t and couldn’t find her.

“You are awesome, Dr. Shaw.” She looked at her watch and sighed. “Crap, I have to leave. If Tommy comes home and I don’t have dinner ready then he’s going to…” Well, she didn’t’ want to talk about what he would do, but Chrissy knew what he would do.

“All right, be safe, honey.” Chrissy walked around the table and enveloped Mindy in a hug. “If you need anything at all, you call me. No matter what time or where, call me,” she told her friend.

“Thank you, Dr. Shaw, Chrissy,” Mindy put in with a smile. “Are you sure that you are going to be all right closing up on your own?” Mindy hated to leave Chrissy alone too long after dark because Mindy knew just what the hell lurked at night but Chrissy didn’t.

“I will be fine. Stop worrying,” she said with a smile and shook her head. “Now then, get out of here, darlin’. Get.” Because they both knew what happened if she was late.

Mindy didn’t need the reminder, but she nodded all the same. Taking in a deep breath, she said, “See you tomorrow.” No matter how broken she was, she would come in, mostly because Chrissy always put her back together again without police involvement. Mindy had made one vow though. She would never, ever again be pushed around by a man. No matter how beautiful, how perfect, she would never be told what to do again.

Chrissy watched Mindy out to her car and then turned back to the German shepherd. “All right, my friend, time to get you into one of the kennels so that you can sleep off the meds, and then tomorrow we will call your owner to come and get you.” She gave the animal another stroke before wheeling him to the dog kennels and putting him into one of the post-op recovery cubes.




Growling deep, he caught her hands and pressed them over her head to the wall. “Behave or you’ll have me embarrassing myself.” Nipping at her lips, Tryggr breathed her in slowly as he pressed in closer to her. “I want you so badly I may not be as gentlemanly as I should, so let me say it now. I will make it up to you later.”

“I don’t need you to be gentlemanly. I need you to be wild. I want you to be wild.” She, however, had to admit that she really, really liked it that he was taking control, that he was forcing her body into submission. “I need you, Tryggr,” she begged.

Growling, he nibbled down her neck lightly, and he sucked at her throat. “Keep your arms up,” he ordered before dropping to his knees. Spreading her legs, he cupped her ass and pulled her to his mouth, his tongue finding the tight swollen bud between her swollen folds.

She wanted to reach down and wrap her fingers in his hair but she didn’t. She did as he had ordered her, kept her arms up. “Please,” she begged. “I want to touch you. Please I really want to touch you.”

Spreading her so he could thrust his tongue against her wetness, he growled. “Later,” he told her. Flicking his tongue deeper into her pussy, he pulled out her cream. “So sweet,” he practically purred against her softest flesh.

That made her come all the more, his demands, his force. “Oh God. So good,” she cried out. “Please, Tryggr. That feels so good. More. Please, I want to come, need to come. I want to come because I need you inside of me.”

Thrusting a finger into her body, he sucked at her clitoris and growled softly against her flesh. Pressing a second finger into her wet pussy, he rocked his fingers in and out of her fast and hard. “Come for me,” he growled .

Chrissy did just that. Lifting her leg again, she screamed and arched her back. She swore that the lights dimmed with her pleasure and she sobbed. “Tryggr!” His name echoed on the glass enclosure, but she didn’t care.

Getting to his feet fast, he lifted her up and thrust into her, his body shuddering when she squeezed him tight. Grabbing her hands, he held them up as he forced his cock deeper into herpussy. Rocking hard and fast, he took her, pushing and pulling in and out of her sweet, wet body.

Chrissy lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. She might not be able to have her arms around him, but she could and would hold him with her legs. Arching against him, she moved harder against him with the help of the shower wall. Her eyes on his, she demanded, “Kiss me, Tryggr. Please.” She was again ready to come. Lord, he could make her come over and over again just by looking at her.

Pumping his hips, he leaned in and brushed his lips to hers, teasing her with a small grin. “You are so wet, so soft, so mine,” he smiled, nipping at her lip. Running his tongue over the small wound, he breathed in their mixing scents. “You smell so bloody sexy, all that pretty and slick cream sliding around my cock turning the air heavy.”

Chrissy grinned. “So yours, and you’re mine, Tryggr. I’m keeping you,” she said with a growl of her own. “More,” she begged leaning her head to the side and baring her neck to him. “Please.”

Nuzzling at her throat, he licked gently up the smooth column. Releasing her hands, he slid his hands down to cup her bottom, tipping her more toward him. “I think you should always be naked,” he commented for absolutely no reason. “I love you naked,” he purred, nipping at her throat.

“I think that can totally be arranged.” Chrissy whimpered again and moved her hands so that she could wrap them around his neck. “I think I just plain love you,” she whispered very, very quietly, so quietly that she was sure he didn’t hear her, and squeezed him tightly. “Harder, Tryggr. Please.”

Scraping his teeth down the length of her throat, he groaned. “I love you, too, Chrissy,” he whispered a second before he sank his teeth into her shoulder. Holding her pinned to the wall, he took her harder, fucking her as she tightened around him like a vise, and growled.

Chrissy’s eyes went wide and a scream stilled in her throat. Pleasure soaked each and every single cell of her body. It was so intense that she literally saw stars before she finally did scream again. Her body clamped down on his and milked him for an orgasm that would match hers. She came. Hard, hot, and fast she came.

His hips slammed into her once more as his seed jetted hard from his body into hers. Growling deeper in his chest, he held her to him tight as he continued to pump into her tight sheath. Shuddering, he closed his eyes and soaked up the sensations, his bond-mate, in his arms, wrapped around his cock, forever his.

Chrissy’s legs slipped from his waist and back to the floor. Panting heavily, she finally opened her eyes and looked at him, a silly smile on her face when she did. “Good morning, Tryggr. I really hope that we can start each morning like this.”

Lifting his head after licking gently at the wound on her shoulder, he rubbed his nose to hers lightly. “Good morning, sweetheart,” he rasped out roughly. “I will gladly start every morning with you just like this,” he murmured, shifting to slide free of her body. “We should bathe and then go and get back into bed for a while.”

“Oh, I love how you think,” Chrissy murmured happily. “Especially if it means that I will get to taste you like you were able to taste me. I really, really want to wrap my lips around your cock and suck you until you come. I then want to get up on you and ride you until we are both screaming. These are things that will happen in bed, right?”

“If we get there before I decide to bend you over and take you again, it will,” Tryg told her honestly with a chuckle. “Better wash up, darling, because with that image in my head your chances of getting out of here without prune toes are dropping quickly.”

“I can handle prune toes,” Chrissy told him with a smile. “In fact I really think that we should try this with you behind me. I would love to feel your hands on me when you are fucking me from behind. I’m up for anything your mind can come up with, darling.”

“Oh, babe, you shouldn’t tell a Cat as old as I am that,” he purred out softly with a wicked grin. “I am extremely creative and have been alive long enough to have learned a lot of things. You may very well regret telling me to have my way with you.” Not really what she’d said, but to hell with that. Turning her around, he put her hands to the wall and bent her over as he rubbed his cock against her silky wet body.

“I don’t think that I can ever regret anything with you, Tryggr,” Chrissy admitted to him and pushed back. “I just need you in my life, Tryg, now and for a very long time.” Forever would be nice. It was so cliché and so dumb. She knew that it was, but she was in love with him. That fast, she loved him.

“Well, darling,” he breathed out against her neck lightly. Pressing into her slowly, he rolled his hips. “You are mine for the rest of time,” he murmured, licking her throat lightly. “You’re my bond-mate, Chrissy, more than marriage, and it’s permanent, no divorce. You are my other half, my heart and soul. Two pieces of the whole forever linked in body and mind. Your needs, your pain and your fears are mine and vice versa.”

She gave a body wracking shiver. “I get to keep you?” she asked when she arched her back to let him slide deeper, her eyes closed with absolute ecstasy on her face.

“Forever,” he whispered, softly nipping at her ear. “Which is a hell of a lot longer than you may believe in my world, Chrissy.” Grinning, he thrust deeper and flexed his cock before rocking back slowly and forward hard flexing once more. Sliding his hands over her ribs, he cupped her breasts, his fingers finding her nipples, and tugged, rolled, and flicked them as he fucked her slowly.