The Dark King’s Mate


The Dark King’s Mate – Blurb

After a few centuries, life becomes rather boring, especially when one couldn’t stand being around people. Mikhail is a Vampire with a long past and an even longer future, alone, looming before him. Then he’s asked for a favor, to help out a friend of a friend who’s running from her abusive ex.
Mindy Hastings is getting tired of changing her looks and always having to watch over her shoulder. She’d give anything for the nightmare to just be over. When Mindy meets a tall, dark, and mysterious man in a dark parking lot, she has no idea just how fast and dramatically her life is about to change.
All Mindy and Mikhail need to do now is figure out if they can trust one another and, just maybe, find a once-in-a-lifetime love. But when Mindy’s ex comes back into her life and complicates everything, their budding relationship is put to the greatest test of all.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Mindy looked up at the large man and gulped. She could tell that he wasn’t exactly human, and that made her step back a step. “I…” She gulped again. Son of a bitch! Her friend was in love with, freaking married to a monster! “I can’t stay here.” She felt panic rising in herself. Chrissy had always been nothing but sunshine and happiness when she spoke of Tryggr, but he was a monster. How could she be happy with him? Mindy knew monsters, and this man was one! He was just like the man that had tried to control her, tried to force her.

Mikhail stopped her with his hand on her back. “Why not?” he asked quietly with a frown. “Why are you afraid, Mindy?” he asked softly. “They are coming, Mindy. Speak up quickly,” he murmured in even a quieter tone.

“Because he’s a monster, too,” she whispered without even thinking to hold back the words. “Just like the one that I’m running from. He’s a monster and he will turn me back to him.” She panicked and stepped back. Shaking her head, she fished for her keys again. “I have to go. I can’t stay.” Oh God, all her carefully laid plans had been shot to hell and back again. She had to escape! She had to run! Needed to run!

Frowning at that, Mikhail caught her hands and shook his head. “He’s not a monster, Mindy,” he told her softly. “Just as all human males are not monsters, neither are the Changers.” He watched and saw the instant she clued into his words. “I’m not a Changer. I just know of their world,” he said as she jolted back. “Mindy, no one is going to hurt you. Do you honestly think Chrissy would be with anyone that hurt her?” he asked gently, keeping her wrists in a gentle but still-firm hold.

Looking up at him, she shook her head. “No,” she whispered. “Chrissy would never be with someone that would hurt her. She’s not as stupid as I was.” She hated it, but that was the honest truth. “But how? He’s not human. The only other ‘not human’ that I met was a monster. He’s who I’m desperately trying to get away from now, so how? Why?” She was confused, more than a little actually.

Sighing, he stroked his fingers up and down her back. Mikhail listened as Tryg pulled Chrissy to a stop in the hall around the corner and told her to “shush for a sec.” “You are not stupid,” he told her softly. “You just didn’t see what he didn’t want you to see, Mindy. And no, Tryggr isn’t human, not fully technically. He’s what’s known as a Changer. He’s half-human and half-animal, created by Gaia.” Gods, it hurt even saying that witch’s name. He had the instinct to scrub his tongue off to rid it of the foul taste. “But, as is true with humans, not everyone is good or bad. Everyone has a balance of both. It’s their life choices that pull them one way or the other.”

She looked up at Mikhail and didn’t know why she trusted him, but she did. She nodded and whispered, “All right. I will trust you.” She murmured, “If you are certain of him, that he’s not truly a monster.” She wiped her eyes clear of her tears and gave him a wan smile. “This will work out all right, won’t it? By stopping here for the night I won’t bring the monsters to her doorstep, will I?” she only then thought to ask. Damn, she should have thought this out. Really should have thought it out.

“No one will bother Tryggr,” he assured her softly. Reaching up, he lightly brushed her cheek, catching a small drop of liquid on his finger. “Chrissy will reassure you as well, but he’s one of the good guys.” Unlike himself, he was definitely riding the fence, more now than ever before. “Trust in them, Mindy. They will protect you from all the bad out there.” Himself included.

“I need to protect them as well,” she admitted with a sigh. “I won’t stay long. It just isn’t safe.” She would remain long enough to get her hair colored, buy new clothes from a second-hand shop, and donate all of hers. Yep, it would be time for her to reinvent herself. She had the new identity. Now she simply had to put it into play.

“You should rest, Mindy,” he said quietly as he studied her face more intently now that he could. “You deserve to sleep for a little while,” he pointed out. “If you want”—he couldn’t believe he was going to say this—“you could stay at my place. No one knows of my association with Tryg and the group he works for. It would be safe, and you’d be hidden away from the one after you,” he murmured.

She took only about half a second before she nodded. “Are you sure it wouldn’t put you out too much?” Why was she trusting him? She had only just met him! But she did. She trusted this man. She also knew that in trusting him it would keep her friend safe.





Passing her the soap, he grabbed the shampoo. “Clean up and we’ll get out,” he said before washing his hair and ducking under the water to rinse. Pulling back, Mikhail wiped the water from his eyes and watched her as she began to wash.

Mindy took her time getting clean. She was bad and she knew it, but with him watching her she had to take her time. It was a rule or something. “Do you like watching me?” she asked with a knowing grin on her face, eyes closed and leaning back to rinse soap from her hair.

“I love watching you, but I especially appreciate you when you are bathing,” he whispered softly to her, his voice deep and throaty. “I love seeing your hands moving over your body, slick and with all those suds.” Mikhail growled softly.

“Like this, you mean?” she asked and ran her hands down her soapy front, taking the time to pinch her nipples as she did so. “Is this something that you like, darling mine?” She knew she was teasing him, and loved it.

Growling, he felt his teeth punch down as desire hit him hard. “Yes,” he hissed through his fangs. He was tempted to scoop her up and fuck her hard and fast for teasing him as she was. On the other hand, he seriously was appreciating and enjoying the show.

“Maybe I should see if you like something a little different?” Mindy teased with pursed lips. Grabbing the bar of soap, she sudsed her hands up again and then ran them down her chest, over her tummy, and to her mound. “Do you like this?” she asked and slipped one finger over the top of her mound and across her clit.

“Yes,” he breathed out the word again, the S elongated. “More,” he demanded, forcing his joints to lock so he’d stay in place. “Spread yourself. Show me your clit as you stroke yourself,” he said. She was killing him, slowly and in the best way there was.

Reaching down with her other hand, she spread her pussy lips for him so that just the little pearl of her clit was visible. The water hitting her smacked against her clit and she moaned, her first finger on her left hand reaching out and stroking the little bud with fast need.

“Perfect,” he breathed out, his cock twitching in need to bury into her slick and pink pussy. “You are absolutely perfect,” he murmured quietly. Moving in closer, he dipped his head to kiss her softly, being careful not to catch her with his elongated teeth.

Mindy moaned into his mouth and lifted her hands from toying with her own pussy and wrapped around his neck. Lifting a leg, she wrapped it around his upper thigh and pulled him in and close. Mikhail was all that was said in his mind. She allowed him to feel the intense need, the desperate desire she had for him and only him.

Growling, he lifted her up and pressed his cock into her waiting pussy. Her back met the wall, and he began to move slowly, his tongue dancing hers. The glide of his hands up her sides seemed to encourage her to move on him. Then his thumbs slid over her nipples in a rough yet sensual movement.

Mindy’s body moved against his. She was aware of the water as it pelted them both and pulled him closer, determined that they both have pleasure and neither of them get hurt. Moving from his lips, she pressed her mouth to his shoulder, her whole body tensing as the first wave of her orgasm shattered her thoughts.

“More,” he growled softly as he drove his hips forward, slamming his cock into her harder and faster. She was starting to clamp down on him, but he didn’t want her coming yet. Rubbing the fronts of his fangs to her throat, he darted his tongue out a couple of times to her skin.

She gave a shudder. “Bite me,” she demanded of him her hands grasping at him. Her hands tugged at his hair, her hold keeping his mouth to her neck and shoulder. “Please.”