P.P.U. 10 Years Later




Their Mating Triad ~ A special look beyond the book



This short story takes place ten years after Their Mating Triad ends.

If you haven’t yet read the book DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

For those of you that have read the book, read on my dears, read on.

My publisher came to me with an interesting request in June 2013. They wanted to have me on their Menage Monday spotlight and feature my latest and last book of the Paranormal Protection Unit series. I was surprised, honored (no pun intended) and intrigued.

Then I saw their questions for this event and my brain froze. Thankfully I got it back into gear and was able to come up with some answers that actually made sense. One of their questions though had me writing, rewriting and then going back and doing it all over again. I had to keep my answer for the spotlight short but since I’d written this I knew I had to share it with you, my readers. Because, honestly, I think you deserve a little more. The question that prompted the following was:

“Describe one perfect moment that
Rayne, Slade, and Parker share ten years from now.”

And here’s what I came up with, enjoy…




“You guys ready?” Rayne asked grinning at them.

“Yup, the camera’s rolling, let’s get this show on the road.” Slade grinned over at her and leaned in to bump shoulders.

“Come to mama baby,” she said holding out her hands. Wiggling her fingers she grinned at the little girl. Perfect in her frilly diaper cover and little pink dress. No shoes, just like her fathers she hated having shoes on.

Her little fingers were tight around Rayne’s fingers as he stood over her, bent nearly in half. She was such a tiny little thing, dainty and yet with a resilience that apparently all children had. Not that Parker didn’t cringe or suck in a breath whenever she did something, anything. She was a worrier, especially over her baby girl. But then so were her fathers.

Glancing to Slade she smiled. Her Sorcerer was such a sweetheart. Tough on the outside and soft inside. He was such a sucker too. She’d have to watch him as their daughter grew up. He’d give her everything she wanted if Parker didn’t rein him in. At least a little bit. Some thing’s were inevitable she knew, fathers would always do anything for their baby girls.

Turning her attention back to the other end of the living room she chuckled as Everly took her first hesitant steps. They had been helping her to walk around for the last couple of weeks and Everly was always a little shaky in those first moments. But even her little girl knew that neither of the large, deep voiced males in her life would ever allow harm to come her way.

Lifting her gaze Parker chuckled softly at the picture Rayne made. So diligent and his attention focused completely on their fourteen month old daughter. He was their protector. It was in his genetics. As a Dragon he always faced down the bad guys first and kept his women-folk safe. Not that she let him get away with the sexist attitude much, but now and again it felt nice to let him have his way.

She did worry about him though when Everly got older. Already she was adorable and come her teen years. Yikes! Keeping Rayne from eating all the boys she’d eventually have following on her heels. Yeah. That was one challenge she wasn’t looking forward to. Other teen girls had to worry about their daddy showing off his shotgun collection. Their daughter had to worry about one father who could turn a man inside out with a flick of his wrist and a few words. And the other father that could roast a man alive in two minutes flat down to ash with barely a twitch of a facial muscle.

But Gods it was going to be fun to see. Everly would have her fathers tied up in knots, not that she didn’t already. One quiver of her lip and they were both right there trying to make it all better.

“Here she comes,” Slade said bouncing up and down slightly next to her. They were both on the floor, he had the camera in hand and she was encouraging Everly to walk towards them.

And she was. One little step at a time. Oh Gods! She let go of one of Rayne’s fingers. Another couple of steps and… Parker’s heart was in her throat. All she could do was stare as her baby girl let go of Rayne’s other finger. She was walking. All on her own. She was walking!

“That’s it baby,” Parker whispered through the tears already coursing down her face. “Come to mama.”

Rayne was right on Everly’s heels. His hands out, ready to catch her if she fell. Oh no! Everly stumbled, she was tipping too far. No, no, no. She was going to fall, no. She was so close, just another couple of steps and she’d be right there in her mother’s arms.

But then she recovered. Parker sucked in air, she hadn’t even realized she’d been holding her breath until that moment. The boys were silent, the room was nearly a tomb with how quiet it was. Just the sound of those little bare feet slapping to the wood floor filled up the space.

Then Everly was there, in her mother’s arms. Scooping her up Parker was laughing and crying, blubbering a mile a minute as she praised her daughter. She’d walked. She’d actually made it the whole ten feet across the room. Not all on her own, but Gods she’d done a good three feet by herself.

“Mommy is so proud of you baby,” Parker whispered. Pressing kisses all over the chubby little face she squeezed her daughter closer. “You did so good,” she was crying again. Oh Gods, her baby was walking! Next she’d be going to school, dating, driving and then moving out. She was losing her baby girl!

“Not yet love,” Rayne said with a chuckle. But even his cheeks were damp as he sat down with them on the floor. “She’s got a few more years yet before all of that.”

“Oh shut up,” Parker muttered at him kissing Everly again and rocking her in her arms. No way in hell was she letting Everly ever grow up. She could stay just as she was right then, right there.