His Angelic Mate


His Angelic Mate – Blurb

Being King is good but even that has its moments of absolute tedium. Apparently the others have noticed his lack of focus and shorter than normal fuse when he finds himself practically kicked off the job for a vacation. Completely unnecessary in Talon’s mind or so he believes until she plops down across from him and starts to steal his food.
Cinnamon loves watching humanity in all its glory and all its low points. Pure of heart and soul she’s a lamb in lamb’s clothing. Innocent and excited by everything she tracks down the only man that can help her with her task and maybe a few more personal items as well.
With his very world being turned on its ear Talon doesn’t know whether to send her packing or find the closest room with a door that locked. She’s drawn to the large Dragon King in ways she’s never known possible. When these two come together, sparks will fly.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

After laying there in the dirt for a time, Cin rose to her feet. Taking in another deep breath, she licked her lips and then frowned when her stomach growled. Touching her hand to her belly, she said, “What is this?”

Hunger, darling. You are hungry. The one that you are searching for is about a mile away in what is called a diner. You will be able to find food there, dearest daughter. Remember, you cannot tell him what you are. You can only give him the proof that you have.

“But how?” she asked even as she began to walk, the long flowing white dress with golden threads of her station moving along with her, the white and gold sandals at her feet moving with absolute quiet across the grass. It was as if nature and all of the animals that were a part of nature truly knew what she was. Instead of running from her, they approached her. They came and touched her where they could before racing away as if to tell the whole nature community that a being such as her was walking the Earth for the first time in more than a millennium.

You have a pack at your hip. It has proof that he will be able to use. There are memory drives that have recorded the beings that you need to tell them about. You also have your knowledge of just how these creatures came to be. Don’t worry, daughter, you will be believed. They have a truth-seer, and she will know.

Cin continued to walk and nodded. “All right, Father. I trust you,” she murmured. “I believe in you.” And she did. She had utter faith in her father. Touching the pouch at her waist, she smiled when she realized what was in it. “I had forgotten that these beings used currency.” She heard her father’s laughter and then said, “Thank you for ensuring that I would be able to survive while here, Father.”

Seeing a small cafe coming into view, she looked at the massive and shiny motorcycle, her mind automatically filling in what it was, and smiled. It was truly a thing of beauty. Lifting her head, however, she inhaled the scents and sighed. “Oh that smells so good.” Her stomach growled even louder.

He is inside. You will not be able to miss the Dragon that I’m sending you to, her father told her.

“A Dragon?” Cin stopped immediately. “Father, their senses of smell are so acute that he will know I’m not human.”

I know, daughter, but you have to tell him that he needs to trust in the wisdom of the Gods, and if he can’t, tell him to ask Gaia. Gaia will not tell him who and what you are, but she will vouch for you.

“I would hope so. She is after all my mother.” Cinnamon was a being that walked the line of many worlds. She was the daughter of the first deity, of the primordial being that brought all into light as well as the daughter of Gaia, his most beloved Goddess. “All right, I will tell him. I certainly hope that he doesn’t bite first and then ask questions later,” she mumbled and opened the door to the cafe, after trying to figure it out first of course.

She might be ancient, having watched civilizations rise and fall time and again, but she had never really been on Earth before, so something as simple as walking through a door was beyond her.

Once she was inside of the cafe, she inhaled and sighed. “It smells so wonderfully delicious.” She didn’t realize the sight that she made. She stood there, her white-as-snow hair falling in waves past her ass, her icy pale-blue eyes huge in her pale face and the white and pure gown she wore with the intricate gold thread at the hems of the gown.

Turning, she looked to the back of the cafe and took a seat opposite the very, holy mother, very large Dragon sitting in the back corner. “Hello. I’m Cinnamon. Would you mind sharing a meal with me and then perhaps having a talk with me about an issue that will come up for you and your Council, an issue that must be addressed as quickly as possible?” Blunt and to the point. She was rather proud of herself for that.

Nearly choking on his coffee, Talon stared at the female that had parked herself across from him at the booth he was in. Blinking, he wiped his mouth and frowned. “I think you may have the wrong person, Cinnamon.” Interesting name to go with an interesting female. She wasn’t human, not fully anyway. There was an aura of power around her that told him that. Plus the fact she smelled nothing human. There was a hint of her namesake with something clear and sunny. Very interesting female.





Sliding his tongue around the tight bud, he toyed with it, tasting her and just enjoying playing with her in a simple way. Sucking it deep, he held it in his mouth as he rubbed the flat of his tongue over the nub. Lifting his hips slightly, he rubbed his aching cock to her, trying to get her to sit back a little and rub over him, too.

Cinnamon could read his need as well as she could her own. Pressing back hard against the solid length of his cock, Cin began to rock back on him, rubbing herself against his shaft as greedily and hungrily as she possibly could. “Please,” she begged this time, holding his head to her breast as she panted the need and desperate desire.

Scraping his teeth to her soft flesh, he suckled hard as he put his hands to her hips. Holding her down, he rocked and rubbed his cock against her. He could feel her wetness even through all their clothing, and Gods, the Dragon was hungry for her.

Cin moaned and shivered. “I need you, Talon. I know we were supposed to stay down here and do a little necking, but I am finding it very, very hard to concentrate on anything other than you. I need you, my Dragon, desperately.” She finished with a wiggle of her ass against his cock.

Letting her nipple free, Talon moved his hands to her waist and undid her pants. “Get out of these, now,” he ordered her. So much for letting her have full control. The Dragon was taking hold, and to hell with the consequences. Talon needed to be buried inside of her and fast.

Cin pulled back, and as she slid off of his body she slipped out of her pants quickly. “Panties as well?” she paused to ask him. It was clear from the look on her face that she loved standing before him in only her pink thong with the little white bows at the top of her ass cheeks.

Kicking his pants off, he tugged her back to him. “They can stay on. They are pretty and small enough that they won’t get in the way.” Tugging her over him, he smiled up at her. “But I need you on my cock now, damn it.”

“Oh I love when your Dragon comes out to play,” she purred and kicked her leg over him so that she was straddling him. “So you need me like this?” she asked as she rubbed the silk of her thong-covered pussy against his cock. “Or do you need something a bit more?”

“Wrap your hot little pussy around my fucking hard cock now, woman.” He growled at her. “Move your panties and take me into your pussy, now,” he said in a demanding tone. He was through playing. He needed her now.

She watched as he struggled to keep the Dragon contained and smiled down at him. Pushing her thong to the side, she rubbed against him for a moment, letting him growl again, before taking him into her wet and waiting pussy. Leaning back with her eyes closed, she rocked slowly on him until he was fully buried in her body. “Talon.” She could only breathe his name in desperation, lifting and pressing down, alternating her movements as she did so.

“Harder,” he demanded of her. Catching her hips in his hands, he moved her over him in the rhythm he wanted. Lifting his hips, he met her thrust for thrust. So much for not getting naked and making love in the living room. Oh well, maybe next time.

Cin rode him harder and harder, using his hands on her hips to give her the right rhythm to move with. Her head fell back, and the long blonde tresses caressed his upper thighs with each movement she made. “Talon.” A gasp of a sound came from her throat, her body nearly complete and shivering in demand of her Dragon. “So close.” She just couldn’t find the right thing to push her over the edge.

Reaching up to wrap his hand around her neck, he hauled her down to him and pushed his teeth through her shoulder. Growling deep, he bucked under her, his hips slamming up to meet her every thrust. Scream! he ordered her.