Protecting Bethany

Protecting Bethany – Blurb

Her life is a wreck, but Bethany Hanson has a plan and so far it’s working. But when the oldest Graymont brother comes home to the ranch things start to unravel for her. Not a bad thing, especially when she finally admits to how she feels, for both brothers.

Connor and Brendan Graymont have ranching in their blood. While Connor made the ranch his career Brendan followed his love of the law to a different path and a career putting the bad guys behind bars. But there really is no place like home. With vacation time at hand, Brendan comes back to where his heart has always been and finds even more than he expected.

With Connor and Brendan at her side, Bethany can close off one chapter of her life and start a fresh one with the men she loves. A rancher’s life is never easy, but when you have the best partners around anything and everything is possible.

COMING NOV 7, 2014