The Big, Bad Wolves


The Big, Bad Wolves – Blurb

In only moment a life can change. His did the night he saved the young Princess from certain death. In that very moment though his own life was forever altered and Michael knew it was better to move on than to wallow in a world not meant for him any longer.

Rissa may be the Princess and future Queen, but without a King to stand at her side it all means nothing. Especially if that King isn’t the man isn’t Michael. Surrounded by her guard, Gabriel and Raphael at the head of it, she sets off to tend to her duty.

A chance meeting that isn’t quite so by chance gives Gabriel and Raphael the opportunity not only to reunite with Michael but to pull him back into the life he never should have left behind. And into the arms of the woman they have, and always will, love. Times are changing and death is coming, it will take all three to keep her safe.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

“Michael’s been avoiding the pack,” Raphael said softly as he checked his saddle once more.

“I know.” Gabriel stroked his destrier’s nose as he fed him another apple. “The pack is becoming worried about his separation.” He looked toward the doors of the office where their Princess was meeting with the man overseeing her estate until she wed or came of age.

“They are not the only ones.” He patted his destrier’s flank before turning to face his friend, comrade and pack mate. “Except for that one incident that we can only assume was him, naught has been heard in too long.”

Heaving a sigh, Gabriel rested his brow to the horses before him. “I’ve heard talk among some of the betas that they think he is close to the edge of going rogue. I wish I could tell them all otherwise, but I, too, worry that he is precariously close to that edge. He’s not been near us in too long, hasn’t even come in to seek comfort from one of the beta females. He is living out there in the forest, God only knows where, and has forsaken even his pack. That is not right.”

“Nay, ‘tis not right but it is his choice,” Raphael said quietly. “He is alpha, too, Gabriel and we must respect his choice. We do not have to agree with it, we do not even have to like it, but we must accept what he has chosen to do. He is not harming any other. He is not causing trouble or making his presence known in a way to cause us trouble, so we need to let him live how he has chosen.”

“I do not think that I will ever be able to accept him walking from those that would never turn their backs on him no matter what Raphael,” he snapped out as he glowered at the other man.

“Be calm, Gabriel,” Raphael said softly, putting a hand to his shoulder. “I didn’t not once say that you had to like it or pretend to like it, but we must accept it. Should he come back to us we will take him in, and then, once he is settled, we will beat him silly for worrying us as he has.”

Grinning at that, he nodded. “I like that plan, but without the waiting preferably.”

Laughing in a deep rumble, Raphael shook his head. “You were never one much for patience, old friend.” Turning when the doors behind him opened, he quickly shot him a warning look. “She is not to know any of this, Gabriel. She believes he is well and living a good life.”

“God help us if she knew otherwise,” he muttered. “We’d end up on some horrendous jaunt to track him down.” Moving to the coach, he opened the door and got her inside with a slight bow. Once again his eyes were pulled to the pendant she’d worn since she was but a child and never once, to his knowledge, taken off.

Shutting the door he went back to his horse, collected the reins from Raphael, and swung into the saddle. “She still wears the pendant he gave her,” he murmured quietly as they set off.

“She likely always will. It is her talisman more times than not in these trying times. I’ve caught her many a time holding it tight and looking as though she was trying to divine some knowledge from it,” Raphael said, resting his wrists on the pommel of his saddle.

Gabriel could only nod. He remembered the Princess the day after Michael, the man they were discussing, had left his post for good. She’d been distraught, torn open with emotion and so angry he truly thought she would storm out of the Palace after him.

She hadn’t, of course, but the intent had been there in her eyes until defeat and uncertainty had swept in. She’d raged in private for a time, even torn the pendant from her neck and thrown it out her window. Then, mere minutes after her impetuous explosion, she’d run from her room down to the gardens with several guards hot on her heels.

She’d hunted for hours, weeping nearly constantly until she’d found it. The chain had needed replacing, but she’d swiftly gotten that taken care of and since then it hadn’t once come from around her neck. Shaking his head and the memories loose, he looked to Raphael. “This is going to be a long ride.”

“That it will be.” The other man nodded before shifting in his saddle to look back. “Unfortunately we need to ensure the rest of these new men know our ways. They are clumped much too close to the carriage.”

“I’ll get them spread out and take a spot at the rear. We can switch after stopping for a break for the noon meal,” Gabriel said, reining in. Turning his destrier around, he moved through the column of men waving them out further. Shaking his head, he settled into a spot at the very rear.

* * * *

The convoy of riders and the carriage moved at a slow and careful pace through the forest. Only two of the guards were truly focused on watching the trees and brush around them. The others seemed bored as they talked to alleviate that boredom. They were making too much noise, and he wasn’t the only one to notice them.

Spotting the brigands moving with at least some stealth through the forest, he huffed out a breath. Not even the guard up front, watchful and ready for action, had spotted them. “Fools,” he muttered quietly.

He had two choices. Stop the brigands before they reached the party or warn the party on the road below and let whatever might come, come. Choices like that were never easy. But it was made all the harder when he spotted just who it was riding in the carriage. “Rissa.” He whispered her name with pure reverence as he caught a glimpse of the porcelain-perfect complexion.

He couldn’t let the men intent on ill will attack the convoy or she could be hurt. Decision made, he pulled up the hood on his leather coat to hide his face from potential identification and moved with stealth from his position. Using the innate speed of his heritage, he raced through the brush on light feet, leapt over the road well out of sight from the convoy, and zeroed in on the brigands.

Utilizing all the skills he’d been both born with and learned from his overlord, Michael put down the first man with a solid right to his jaw. The man would live, lucky for him, but he would feel that punch for a long, long time. Turning his head, his eyes lit upon the next man who had to be stopped. Much like the first, he was put down silently and still breathing.

The third man, though, was not where he’d thought him to be. No, he was much closer to the convoy than he should have been. Growling out a soft warning he knew two of the convoy would hear and recognize, Michael did the only thing he could. He drew a blade and launched himself after the other man.

Hitting him dead center in the back, they rolled past several horses, narrowly missed by the hooves of the startled and highly strung beasts, coming to a halt in the road. Up onto his feet, Michael ensured the hood was low enough to keep him from being seen clearly and went to work disarming the brigand. But this was not a man about to give up, which meant he knew who was within the carriage that bore no markings, the guards dressed in nothing but unending black.

This man had been fed information, which meant Michael had to keep him alive. Someone wanted Rissa dead, someone that would die by his hand and his hand alone. It was furious fight, blade to blade, fist to face, but soon enough Michael had him down. Glancing up, he sighed when he saw himself being watched. Fuck.

“So you do still walk among the living,” Raphael commented, leaning his arms to his saddle pommel. “’Tis but a miracle, I am most sure.”

“Nay, hardly that,” he rumbled in a voice too long unused in pleasant company. “The Devil had no use for one such as me and has found a more effective eternal punishment right here.”

“You should not joke of such things,” Raphael said, sliding off his destrier. Holding the reins loosely, he stepped forward. “Especially among those most grateful to see you both in your timing and because you’ve been greatly missed.”

“Would have been better had you not seen me, Raphael,” he said. “And you shan’t again,” he told him, turning and heading back for the shadows of the forest.






“Darling, I am a simple creature. You wrap your luscious lips around my cock, and there is not much you could do wrong. But yes.” He nodded as he lifted his arms up to take hold of the headboard. “If something doesn’t feel good, I will let you know. How else are you to learn what I like otherwise?”

That had her smiling and she nodded. “All right then.” She moved so that she could slide her tongue over Michael’s cock, tasting him and humming in reaction. “Salty, but something else. I like it,” she murmured and then did it again, her tongue moving over his cock greedily, desperately and hands bracing on the bed at his hips.

There was a loud creak and a low growl. “You may kill me at this rate,” he muttered. His head was back, and she didn’t know where his eyes were focused, but he was all there in the moment. “Do whatever feels right to you, Rissa. You’ve never harmed me before, and I doubt you ever will.”

“Good.” It was all Rissa said before she moved her hands from the bed to his thighs. She then began to move her head up and down, her mouth closing over the head of his cock, and she slowly began to take him in and out of her mouth. Going on pure instinct and using his body cues to get the reaction she wanted and needed from him.

His back arched up, lifting from the bed as the creak sounded again, louder. A slow hiss sounded before Michael spread his legs a little and thrust slightly. “Gods that feels so good,” he growled at her.

“Quite the view,” Raphael’s voice sounded behind her.

Shooting a look over her shoulder she smiled, he was naked and stroking his cock. He was hard all over, just like Gabriel and Michael, and yet infinitely tender with her.

She smiled as he turned back to Michael and looking up his body at him and did it again, watching the play of emotions on his face as she did so. Her tongue darted out and swirled around the head of his cock. She was determined that he enjoy this every bit as much as she was, and boy was she ever!

“You’re killing me.” His words came through his teeth. His jaw clenched so tight she could see the tendons of his neck standing out sharply. His hips were jerking, pushing his cock into her mouth ever so slightly.

Smiling she drew off slowly, teasing him. Throwing a look over her shoulder she tipped her head. “Are you planning on joining us, Raphael?”

“If that is your desire, Princess,” he said, his voice held a low growl to it.

Turning to look at Michael she nodded at the question in his eyes.

“I think it’s time,” Michael said, sitting up slightly. “Join us, Raphael.” Pulling her up he turned her to face Raphael as he stalked to the bed.

Licking her lips she panted softly, her eyes on Raphael’s cock as he continued to stroke the length. Leaning forward as he got on the bed Rissa swiped her tongue over the head and caught the bead of moisture there. “Mm,” she hummed, her pussy clenching. “Salty and so very different from Michael, yet delicious.”

Raphael let out a groan as she licked her lips. She was quickly discovering just the power she held over these men, her men.

“Tell me what to do,” she demanded of them both.

Raphael looked beyond her and then back to her. “Michael is going to take your ass.”

A shiver worked down her spine. They’d been stroking her there with their fingers, stretching her and preparing her. But none had yet to slide their cock in. Her pussy clenched as her body let another rush of liquid loose. “All right,” she breathed out.

The bed moved and she felt Michael shifting around behind her, getting into position.

“I’ll slide into your pussy to wet my cock and then I’ll take your sweet little ass.” Michael’s rough words only turned her on more. Her body practically vibrating with need as he gripped her hips. “Relax for my, Rissa,” he said softly.

Doing her best she leaned into Raphael and stared in his eyes as Michael pressed his cock deep into her pussy. Whimpering she rocked back against him, heat rising through her body as he pumped in and out of her before withdrawing. A moment later she felt the head of his cock at her ass. Instinct had her clenching.

“Relax,” Michael said again. He stroked his hands over her ass and spread her cheeks. “Keep your eyes on, Raphael, and just let your body ease up to let me in.”

Nodding she took Raphael’s hands as he offered them to her. Lacing her fingers with his she held on and moaned as she felt the pressure increasing at her back hole. Panting softly she forced herself to relax, as Michael had asked. She was soon rewarded when she felt the head of his cock invade her. But she couldn’t fight the instinct to clamp down on the intrusion.

“Fuck,” Michael snapped out.

She felt him slide one of his hands around and then he was stroking her clit. Moaning she went limp in his hold and then he was pressing in. Her eyes went wide and then began to roll back in her head as he filled her. It was a tight fit and yet, while there was a little bite of pain, the pleasure outweighed any hurt.

“So, tight,” he said in a gruff voice.

Panting she let him pull her back to his chest, she could feel his cock throbbing in her ass. Whimpering slightly she pulled Raphael with her. “Please, need you now. I’m not going to last,” she said.

Raphael moved in closer, his cock brushing over her clit and then he was pressing it to her pussy. Staring her deep in her eyes he pressed in. It was impossibly tight and there was no way both were going to fit inside, they were practically splitting her in half.

“No, it’s too much,” she whimpered, struggling a little.

“Rissa,” Raphael said.

Her eyes snapped to meet his.

“Breathe,” he whispered. Leaning closer he feathered kisses over her lips, cheeks and eyelids. The gentle touch loosening her body and, before she realized it had been his intent all along, he pressed his cock home inside of her.

“Oh!” She blinked rapidly as her body clenched around them both.

She could feel Michael’s body shaking behind her and Raphael’s chest rising and falling with each harsh breath they took. Licking her lips she relaxed and then squeezed again, this time with a low and needy moan.

She thought she knew it all then, every feeling and emotion involved with being with her mates. But then they began to move and the level of sensation kicked up and she realized she was just beginning to understand what it meant to be mated to her Wolves.

They took it slowly at first, thrusting in and drawing out. But as their growls, and likely their need, increased so did their movements. Having both their cocks filling her over and over was too much and soon she was clenching on them, screaming in orgasm. But they didn’t stop, even when she pleaded and begged, they didn’t stop.

Harder and faster their cocks slammed into her body, pushing her through one orgasm and impossibly to a second. Thrashing her head back and forth she pleaded again for them to stop. Then it was too late and she came with a keening scream of pure need.

And they were right there with her. Their cocks pressed impossibly deeper into her pussy and ass, throbbing and releasing their seed in long streams. Another orgasm caught her by surprise but she didn’t have anything left to scream, her voice too hoarse from the last two.

Hanging limp between them she let them move her. She didn’t have the energy to care what they were doing just then. But all they did was settle their bodies, and hers, to the bed and hold her close.

“Rissa,” Michael’s voice was in her ear, pulling her from the light doze she’d fallen into.

“Mm,” she hummed, her body clenching on their softening cocks.

“Are you all right?” he asked, worry clear in his voice.

“Oh, very much so,” she whispered with a smile.

Raphael let out a chuckle, the vibrations sending little shocks through her body. “Good to hear,” he said.

Opening her eyes she saw him smiling down at her. Turning her head she saw the worry in Michael’s eyes and lifted a hand to touch his cheek. “I’m fine, Michael,” she whispered. “But I do have a question.”

He lifted a brow and smiled a little. “What would that be, Princess?”

Licking her lips she shot Raphael a grin and then looked back to Michael. “When can we do this again?”

Both men burst out laughing at that and hugged her closer.

“Soon enough, Princess, soon enough,” he told her.

“Good,” she nodded. Yawning she stretched a little before curling back into their head. “That is very, very good.”