Prince Charming


Prince Charming – Blurb

When her mother died Cinderella was sure that she and her father would fall apart alone. However that changed when her father met a woman with two daughters of her own. Cindy was sure that life was going to be spectacular! Not only was she going to have a new mother, but sisters as well! However in the time of war her father was called off to protect their Kingdom, a King who always had believed in fighting with his men Cindy was taught what reality was.

Forced into the role of servant Cinderella lived each day in the shadows of her own home, watching and hiding in hopes that her stepmother and stepsisters will forget her… until she runs into a visiting Prince that is.

When she ran into Prince Randulf in the halls of the castle she knew she would have to do what she could to save him from her sisters and her stepmother. Even at the cost of a whipping Cindy steered him clear of her family.

Cedric thought that Cindy was a servant when he first met her, even if her mannerisms were anything but servitude. He lost his heart to her however, and soon so too did his best friend, Prince Randulf. Now if only she were a Princess life could be good, right?

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Walking through the halls of the garishly designed palace building, he sighed. He couldn’t believe his father was making him marry. Hell, Cedric hadn’t believed it either. Not that it was going to change his plans any, as he’d told his friend. No, he’d marry for his father’s happiness and get an heir by her to assure the reign of the crown. Then he would go right back to his ways of having as many women as he could in any given night. It would have to be more discreet, of course, which Cedric understood. Having word getting back to Randulf’s father would not bode well in the least.

Thus, why he found himself in this particular palace, instead of out enjoying the pleasures of feminine flesh. He was here to meet two eligible princesses as possible candidates for him to wed. Not that he’d actually marry either. One was too loud and obnoxious, and the other didn’t appear to want to give him the time of day. But because his father had asked, he was there to at least meet them and consider them.

The date for the royal wedding had been set already. He had one year to find the woman he would marry and announce it. Then exactly four weeks after, the time required for the bans to be posted, he would be a married man. So here he was, out meeting eligible women who would be invited to the ball in one year’s time. There he would have his final chance to speak to each of the women and make his decision, which would be announced that night at midnight.

If only there were women of any note who weren’t full of air where there should be brains and didn’t sound like the braying of a jackass when they laughed. If Randulf was to be forced into marriage, he wanted a woman that at least could hold a conversation and his interest long enough for him to bed and get her with child.

Turning the corner, he grunted at the impact of a small body to his. Afraid it was a child he’d run over, he swiftly caught the arm of the person he’d slammed into. But it wasn’t a child. It was a woman, slight of form but definitely a woman. “I beg your pardon, miss,” he said, noting her clothing charged her as a servant. “I honestly didn’t see you there and pray you’ll forgive me for attempting to mow you down.”

She barely glanced at him before mumbling under her breath that all was forgiven. Reluctantly he let her arm go, the soft texture of her skin making his cock twitch in the confines of his trousers. As she rushed off, Randulf turned to watch her go and noted the feminine form not quite hidden under the shapeless frock she wore. The glance back she gave him before vanishing from sight had his cock standing at full attention and throbbing in want and need. While she looked tired and worn down, she was a true beauty, both in face and form. He’d have to see about finding her later, and mayhap, he and Cedric could have some fun on their journeys after all.





Cindy nodded and moved with him. Biting her lower lip she whimpered. “That feels so very nice now.” She whispered. “Please move honey.” She whispered. “Randulf, will you please move? So far it feels really very good.”

“Not yet love,” Randulf said gritting his teeth. “Cedric is going to try and slip into your ass so you need to be still and relaxed.”

“If you want me to Cinderella,” Cedric said twisting his fingers inside her body slowly. “Are you ready to try to have me here?” he asked leaning in to kiss her shoulder.

“Yes” Cindy panted. “I really very much would like to have you there please. Will you please take me there Cedric?” She asked with a sob of pure pleasure. “I want to feel you both inside of me, please.”

Pressing a kiss to her cheek Cedric smiled, “Since you asked so nicely,” he murmured. Pulling his fingers free he ran his hand over her pussy and spread her juices back to her ass and over his cock. “Remember, slow breaths and stop me if anything hurts,” he told her pressing the head of his cock to her hole and in until the rings of muscles caught the head.

Cindy nodded, “If it hurts I will tell you.” She promised him. “Just please, be with me?” She asked softly. “I would very much like that a great deal please.” She needed him, wanted him. She looked forward to knowing what it felt like being taken by these two men.

“Stay leaning into Randulf so you don’t irritate your back,” Cedric advised gripping her hips and began to press deeper into her ass. Pausing whenever she clenched he murmured soothing words in her ear and feathered kisses to her skin.

“That feels so good.” She admitted and shivered as she did so. “I didn’t think it would but it does.” Yes it did hurt a bit but it felt far too good for her to want to even come close to stopping. She wanted more. “Please Cedric, move.”

Glancing to Randulf and getting a nod he pushed into her deeper. Holding her hips still he pressed his cock slowly into the depths of her body. “Oh Gods you are so tight,” he growled out his fingers tightening on her hips.

“Good or bad?” Was all that Cindy could force out through her clenched teeth. It felt so very, very good to her, it was impossibly wonderful the feelings that she had from these two men. “Oh Gods.” She shuddered from head to toe.

“Very, very good,” he groaned out pushing in as far as he could and shuddered. Panting hard Cedric slowly withdrew and pushed back into her ass. “A tight ass, one with much muscle tone that can squeeze a cock hard is always welcome.”

Cindy shivered and looked at Randulf, “And do you like it too?” She was panting, her whole body sweating as she took these men. “Because it feels so very, very good.” She admitted bluntly and moved with them for the first time, taking a small lead and lifting from them only to push back once more with a sob of pure pleasure.

“Very much so princess,” Randulf assured her watching her face. “You are tight of both holes but with the added pressure of a cock in your ass it’s nearly unbearable.” Using his hands to help her lift and lower he leaned in to kiss her throat, “That’s it love, find a rhythm you feel in your soul and take us with you on the ride.”

“I’m starting to feel like I’m about to do that thing again.” Cindy shivered, her whole body clenched and biting her lip she dropped her head back onto Cedric’s shoulder. “Please,” she whispered, begging them to take them all three where they needed to be.

“That would be an orgasm,” Cedric said, keeping her from leaning against his chest. Thrusting his cock into her harder and harder, he groaned, “So fucking close here.”

“Don’t hold back, either of you, I’m right on your heels,” Randulf assured them as he slammed into her pussy, thrusting in long deep pushes into her sweet heat time and again. “Come on, Cinderella, scream for us,” he demanded through his teeth.

Cinderella leaned into Randulf and bit his shoulder, her scream muffled by his flesh under her lips, her entire body shaking but the sound still carried in the room and around them. Sobbing, she clenched her body on them both.

Both men came in near perfect unison, their cries of release louder than hers by far as they each filled one of her holes with their seed. Panting hard, Randulf rested his cheek to her hair as she continued to squeeze them, milking every drop they had to give.