Goldie & Her Bears


This is a reprint with revised editing, and content

Goldie and Her Bears – Blurb

Goldie thought it was a great plan, go with her bosses and their significant others out to the woods for a camping trip weekend. She’d get to know them all a little better, share some laughs and maybe like them a little more. But when the significant others mysteriously don’t show up things get downright scary and she doesn’t stick around to find out just what her now ex-bosses have planned.

Co-owners of their own construction company Arkadios, Torben and Mahon are also best friends. Sharing a woman wasn’t new to them, but when their mate comes crashing into their lives things get pretty interesting.

A house in the middle of nowhere, doors unlocked and nobody home should have had her running. But it was warm, dry and had a bed just screaming her name. Upon opening her eyes to find a man leaning over her, Goldie quickly comes to realize that her life, her very destiny, was about to change.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

“Get your fucking paws off me,” Goldie told the man that had been her friend, up until the moment when he decided he “owned” her ass while they camped. “I don’t know who the fucking hell you think you are, but you are not anyone that has any right to touch me.”

“Come on, Goldie, you know you want me every bit as much as I want you,” Barrett told her as he reached his big, meaty hands to her. “Come on, babe, come crawl into this sleeping bag with me.”

“What part of no do you not understand?” Goldie’s brown eyes were wide, shock registering on her face. “I mean seriously?” She should have never fucking came with them. She knew what a bad idea it was the moment she looked and saw only four guys and no other girls. “Fuck you, tweedle dick.” She turned on her heel with her long blonde hair flying out around her, grabbed her backpack, and stomped into the woods with her flashlight shining brightly.

“Don’t worry, she will be back.” The male voice carried on the breeze to her and made her stiffen. “All it’s going to take is some fucking rabbit or something to scurry across the path, and then the bitch will be back. If she’s lucky we will just fuck her senseless and she will be back in our good graces. Or we can tie her ass down and make her like it.” The laughter that followed the suggestion made her skin crawl.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that you fat, sadistic pervert,” she muttered and stomped farther away from the campfire and the assholes wanking off around it. Goldie walked for what felt like hours and finally came out the other side of the woods into a clearing.

The home that appeared before her was maddeningly beautiful. The steel-and-glass structure took her breath away with its simplicity and stark modern beauty. Walking up to the door, she glimpsed inside at old world charm and modern day wonder. The furniture was massive and looked like it had been carved from huge chunks of trees. The paintings on the walls looked like masterpieces, and she was stunned such a marvelous home was in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Lifting her hand she used the brass knocker to knock on the door, frowning because there was no doorbell. “Who has a place like this, and no doorbell?” she asked softly.

When the skies lit up with violent lightning and the thunder shook the ground she stood on, she knocked again, louder this time. When the rain began to fall in buckets from the skies, she screeched and knocked loudly again.

“Oh fuck it,” she muttered and reached for the door handle, pressing the lever, surprised when it opened. “Holy crap. How freaky,” she said with the shake of her head, and all but fell into the home. “Okay. I won’t go any further than right here.” She wrapped her arms around herself and rocked back and forth on her feet, hoping whoever lived here would understand her just walking right into their home. Yeah, she was going to have her ass handed to her by the cops she was sure, but it was better than being out in the middle of a rainstorm.

She looked out the window as the storm grew in intensity, wincing as hail began to pelt the windows. That was when she saw the kitchen and sighed. “Oh man, whatever they cooked smells so good,” she mumbled.

Before she knew it she was walking into the kitchen and pulling the first plate of food toward herself. Taking a bite of the food, she quickly spat it into her hand. “Holy fucking shit that was hot.” The spices on the food were like weapons of mass destruction.

She pulled the next plate to her and took a bite, again wrinkling her nose. “Maybe plate one and plate two needs to marry.” The second plate was bland, so damn bland that it made her feel ill. “Good lord, listen to me.” She shook her head and rose. “Unbelievable,” she muttered and left the kitchen before trying the third tempting plate of food. “Already I’m going to jail. Jesus, no need to make a complete idiot of myself.”

She stepped into the living room and ran her hand lovingly over the back of the couch, a deep sigh escaping her as she did so. “Freaking beautiful impressive pieces,” she whispered and took a seat on the sofa. Snuggling up against the back cushion, she sighed, “Perfect.”

She sat there for what felt like forever, watching the rain as it pelted down the windows. Rising finally, she stretched and yawned, “All right. Well, since I’ve already tried out their food and couch I might as well check out the bathroom and beds.” If she was going to go to jail she might as well live it up while she could.

“I just hope whoever lives here isn’t some of the shoot-first-and-call-the-cops-later kind of people,” she muttered.

With her hand on the banister, she walked up the stairs, smiling at the feeling of the hand carved wood under her hands. This home was spectacular. It seemed as if someone had cracked open her head and pulled out everything she liked. “Maybe that’s it. Maybe I just fell while getting away from idiots one through four and I’m lying in a ravine somewhere with my head split open.” She giggled and shook her head. “God I’m an idiot,” she muttered.

When she walked into the first bedroom she smiled. “Wow, talk about modern.” The room was modern to the ninth degree. It had a low platform bed that frankly looked, “Far too hard.” She completed her thought aloud. Everything about the room screamed order, modernness, and control.

She walked out of the bedroom and into the one across the hall from it. “Oh my, I seriously hope this is the guest room.” The room was done up in some seriously girly pinks and fuchsias that frankly made her head hurt.

She stepped out of the room and shook her head. Seeing three more doors, she opened the next one and walked in. “Perfect,” she whispered and touched the massive bed, which dominated the room. The bed looked big enough to hold a whole party in it. Taking off her shoes, she jumped up onto the bed and sighed. Closing her eyes, she whispered, “This is just right.” Grabbing one of the pillows she hugged it close, fully intending on getting up and out of there, but instead she fell asleep.





As if of one mind, Torben and Mohan stepped back as Arkadios turned and took her to the large rug. Laying her down, they all got out of their clothing in what had to be record time. They joined her, positioning her to how they wanted her so the three could pleasure her at the same time, then Arkadios was kissing her, Mahon was stroking her ass and licking her breasts. And Torben was between her legs, his mouth on her pussy.

Goldie’s hands fisted in Ark’s hair. She held him close even as she arched up into Torben’s mouth. Crying out, she lifted her leg so she could brace her foot on the floor and nibbled on Ark’s lips as she did so. “God, yes. There,” she begged all three men whose hands seemed to be everywhere.

“Sweet as honey,” Torben practically moaned, flicking his tongue over her slick pussy. Pressing two fingers deeply inside of her, he pumped them in and out as he nibbled over her thigh. “Tight, so fucking tight,” he groaned when she contracted her inner muscles.

“Because there hasn’t been a great deal before you.” Even though she was pretty much giving it up to strangers, she typically didn’t. She was drawn to these three men and if asked, she wouldn’t be able to explain it. “God, please don’t stop, that feels so good.” She reached out and cupped her hand around Ark’s cock and smiled. “I want to taste you, bring your cock closer. Let me lick you.”

Moving in closer, he leaned over and let her take his cock as she wanted. Stroking her hair back, Arkadios ran his fingers down her cheek. “I want you to taste me, to lick me, do whatever the fuck you want to me,”

Smiling, Goldie took his cock into her mouth, trying to take him as deeply as she could before sucking, hollowing her cheeks out to give him as much pleasure as she was receiving. Closing her eyes, she began to move her hand up and down the long part of his cock that still wasn’t in her mouth, while undulating against Torben at the same time.

“Beautiful,” Mahon groaned as he flicked his tongue to her nipple. Sucking one into his mouth while he moved his finger to push against her back hole and then running the finger back and forth to gather her juices, which were dripping from her pussy. Returning his finger to circle and press against the hole, gaining entrance as he pushed past the ring of muscle after stroking in and out a few times, he then pressed his finger deep into her ass before slowly adding a second. Working them in slowly, he stretched her a little at a time, letting her motions push onto and pull off his intruding digits.

She had never felt such intense and surreal pleasure in her life. Never before had she felt so amazed by anyone before. “Oh Gods,” she panted against Ark’s cock. “Please, don’t stop,” she begged and rocked back and forth on the fingers in her body, the pleasure of their hands touching her and demanding more.

Mahon’s fingers spread in her ass. Torben’s fingers pumping in and out of her pussy harder and faster. The mouth on her clit was sucking hard while the one on her nipple teasing and tormenting. And then there was Arkadios, his cock in her mouth as he stared down at her in need, hunger, and something more.

Taking Arkadios’s cock deeper into her mouth, she began to moan, humming lightly as she did so. She was determined to give him as much pleasure as the others were giving her now. She shuddered, lifting her body with the aide of her foot on Torben’s shoulder. She was close, so very fucking close.

Sliding a hand into her hair, Ark tipped her head back a bit and growled at her. “Come now,” he ordered a moment before he thrust in a bit more and shuddered. His head went back and he snarled as he spilled his seed on her tongue and down her throat.

It seemed as if she had been waiting for his demand on her body to come. She tasted him and suckled harder as she came. Her vision wavered, it felt as if the world tilted on its axis when she cried out around his massive cock hidden in the depths of her mouth. Shuddering, she released his now flaccid flesh and arched her head back, eyes closed and moaned happily even as she licked her lips.

“Perfect,” Torben said, sliding his tongue over her thigh. “More,” he added as he pulled her to sit, “but not here. We need to get comfortable, and this rug, while it has its merits, is not a big comfortable bed,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to her lips.

“Then I suggest we go and find the biggest bed in this place.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and moved to wrap her legs around his waist, and pull herself closer so she could rub her bare pussy against his throbbing cock. “Or you could just fuck me so we can take a bit more of the edge off?”

“Not without some protection,” he said against her lips, his hands on her ass. “We’re all clean, but it doesn’t pay to take chances, especially with an amazing woman like you. So we will be safe and use condoms when we make love with you.” Walking through the house, he nibbled on her lips. “Mahon, grab Ark and don’t let him fall down the steps.”

“One time when the asshole was drunk…and I get labeled for life. How is that fair?” Mahon muttered from the office.

Goldie snickered and shook her head. “Yeah? I would like to hear more about how he let Ark fall down the steps,” she teased while leaning in and letting her lips move over his neck as she did so. “And thank you for thinking about protecting me. I’m clean as well, but I didn’t even stop to think about protection. The last thing we want would be an accident to happen when it shouldn’t.” Or something like that.

“If we decide to change things later, we can. For now, making sure you are protected is all that matters,” he said as they went up the stairs. Moving down the hall, he smiled. “It was a New Year’s Eve bash. Ark got loaded, Mahon was pretty sloshed, and I was no better. We poured ourselves into a cab, got home, and then had to try to take those stairs. I made it out of sheer will by crawling up them like I was a toddler. Ark decided he wasn’t that drunk and was going to walk up them. Mahon was using Arkadios to lean on for his journey up, but Ark missed a step and from there it was literally all downhill. I laughed so hard I’m pretty sure I wet myself a little.”

“Oh God! That is utterly and completely priceless. I love it. Damn, I wish I could have seen that. Please tell me you didn’t let him live it down, either of them.” Ark was too serious by half and needed someone teasing him and reminding him it was perfectly acceptable to be human.

“I never let them live anything down.” He smiled at her. Setting her on the bed, he tipped his chin. “Work your way to the middle,” he said before he went toward the bathroom. Coming back out with a box of condoms, he pulled one out before dropping the box on the side table.

Goldie looked at the large box of condoms and smiled. “I don’t think we will use that many tonight, but I’m glad you think we might be able to.” She teased and held her hand out to him. “Come here,” she murmured happily. “I need you.”

Chuckling, he tore into the package in hand and rolled it onto his cock. “Darling, I’m pretty sure we can make it through that box. We won’t be alone for long, after all, and we have pretty damn good stamina, too.” Climbing onto the bed, he crawled toward her, slow like he was stalking her.

“Yay for good stamina,” she said with a smile and parted her legs, her fingers rubbing up and down the insides of her thighs, her eyes never leaving his as she watched him stalking her. “I really think you need to come and put that condom to use, especially that beautiful cock inside of it.”

Kneeling between her legs he reached for her and pulled her up into his lap. Spreading her legs, he lifted her up and pressed his cock against her pussy. “I plan on putting my cock to great use tonight. You’re in for a workout, that’s for sure.”

“Good.” Her hands braced on his shoulder, she bit her lower lip and rubbed against him. “Because I seriously want you putting your cock to great use. A work out is just what I need,” she teased and rubbed against him. “But please stop teasing,” she groaned.

“I’m not teasing, you’re teasing.” He chuckled. Letting her take him in, he moved his hands to her back. “Slow, darling, you’re so damned tight I don’t want to hurt you.” Running his fingers up and down her spine, he nipped at her chin lightly.

She closed her eyes and pulled in closer to him, her breasts rubbing against his chest as she shivered. “You are just a little too big,” she shot right back at him, her pussy gripping his cock so tightly she could barely breathe without feeling him breathing with her, and loved it.

Chuckling, he breathed out against her cheek. “Haven’t you heard? Bigger is better,” he teased, sliding his tongue over her skin. “You can handle me, you can handle us all I’m more than sure,” he whispered, sliding a hand down to her ass. Rubbing a finger over her anus, he circled the tight ring all the while nibbling at her jaw.

“Oh I’m sure,” Goldie moaned and rubbed faster against his body. “I’ve only had anal a couple of times but didn’t like it. I think it was because they didn’t know what they were doing.” She pulled back and smiled. “You do though, don’t you?” She stilled on him so she could ask her question. “God, you feel so very good inside of me.”

“Most definitely,” he said and smiled. “Yes, I know what I’m doing with anal. Too many rush for their own pleasure. It takes more to stimulate the woman with anal but, if done right, can be just as powerful of an orgasm as vaginal sex.

“God that sounds delicious,” she moaned. “You make me want to do it again. Especially to feel you inside of me like that.” She shuddered again. “God yes. More. Harder, it feels so fucking good.” She said simply, “So good.”

Chuckling softly, he nibbled on her throat as he rocked into her pussy slowly. Pressing a finger into her ass slowly as he slid his tongue over her skin. “You can have me, us, any way you want us, Goldie. All you ever have to do is say the word.”