Trained in Blood


Trained in Blood – Blurb

As a lady of her world Violet Macy was raised to be gentle, considerate, polite and demure. But the training she gets when taken off the streets is more than even she can bear. Armed with knowledge of the enemy of her people she makes a daring decision and heads straight for them.
As Colonel of a ship in the Vampire fleet Titan Rostam has seen and dealt with many things. But a half-naked female requesting asylum is a first for even him. With danger nipping at her heels in the form of the Syndicate he has a choice to make – hand her off or marry her. The choice he makes will reshape his life.
A Seer of future events Violet had no idea just how dramatically her life would change when she escaped her prison. Now if she can only survive long enough to enjoy it with the man who surprises her every day of her life.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

“Sir,” the major said just over twenty minutes later, “we are within scanning range and have picked up a small space craft.”

Looking up Titan nodded and seconds later the information was being displayed on the main board that spanned the front of the command center. Pushing up from his chair Titan moved around his console to stand in the main area before the screens. “No weapons, excellent shields but a lot of power,” he commented as he scanned the readings quickly. “Helm, get us within range of the vessel. Communications, once we are close enough hail the craft and order them to stop their engines and lower their shields.”

“By that point, sir, they will be on our border,” the major murmured in a low tone shooting him a look. Titan knew he’d done the same calculations he had to get to that conclusion.

“We will not shoot first, Major,” Titan said softly keeping the command decisions and chit chat between them as the crew had no need to know anything of this. The crew knew procedure and their laws stated that without any contact from a vessel approaching their borders meant they fired first and asked questions later. But in this case Titan was rescinding those orders temporarily.

“Understood, sir.” The major nodded. “What are your orders then, sir?” The question hung in the air from the major.

“We will order them to cease and desist, from there we will decide, Major,” Titan said in a louder tone so that all his crew would hear the words and understand. “How long until we are in range to pull them aboard?” he asked looking to the crew at the radar stations.

“Another ten, sir,” a young sergeant said without looking up from his station.

“Sir!” came a sharp voice at the station one over. “We’ve got another vessel approaching, sir.”

“Damn,” muttered the major. “Identify, Sergeant,” he ordered sharply before moving to stand behind the young man.

“On screen now, sir,” the sergeant said, all heads turning to the main display.

“I thought the Syndicate said they had no vessel in range,” Titan growled seeing the standards of the Syndicate spacecraft.

“They did say that, sir,” the major reported tightly.

“They lied in other words,” Titan snarled. “What are they doing?”

“They are powering up all weapons, sir, and they are burning hot,” the sergeant reported, his words telling them that the ship was putting their engines into the red to reach the vessel.

“Do we let them deal with it, sir? Perhaps the vessel was not originally in the area and just received word from their leaders,” the major enquired.

“Time to the spacecraft reaching our border?” Titan asked sharply, his eyes watching the markings on the large map laid out before them all.

“They are on the outer edge now, Colonel,” one of the Sergeants said sharply.

“Warn off the Syndicate vessel,” Titan ordered looking to the lieutenant at the communication station. “If they breach our borders they will be fired upon. Arm weapons, armor and shields full power,” he added looking to another station in control of weapons and their shielding. “Get us there as fast as possible, Major, target the Syndicate vessel and make sure they know we are not amused by their movements.”

“Yes, sir,” the major said moving towards the control area for the large ship’s engines and directional controls.

“Sir, we’re in visual range of the small spacecraft,” a voice said sharply.

“Full alert, flash message command,” Titan ordered knowing that the communications station scrambled to ensure that all information and data their vessel was holding was sent in a burst message back to their home world. It was a safety measure in case they were destroyed, not that any of them planned on dying that day especially by Syndicate weapons. “Time to intercept of the spacecraft?” he asked looking towards his men.

“Two minutes,” he was told in a tight voice, the young man manning the radar tense. It was the sergeant’s first mission and it was to be a smooth border patrol, nothing more.

Moving up behind the young man Titan looked down at him. “Breathe,” he murmured quietly just for the man’s ears. “We’re bigger, better armed, and we are better shielded than the craft out there. They can’t hurt us,” he said in an attempt to reassure the young man with the facts and keep his mind where it was needed, on the task at hand.

“Yes, sir,” the sergeant murmured taking a breath and visibly relaxing.

Nodding Titan looked to the display. “Time?” he asked the young man.

“Thirty seconds and counting, sir,” the sergeant reported in a stronger, clearer tone. Pressing a couple buttons he nodded when the time dissipated completely.

“Pull the vessel aboard now,” Titan ordered as he turned to look at the major. Getting a nod in return the major moved to supervise the operation of bringing the small spacecraft into their shields and then into a landing bay.

Three tense minutes later the major turned. “The craft is in Bay 4, sir,” he reported.

“The Syndicate craft?” Titan asked eyeing the screen.

“Still coming for us, sir,” a sergeant said quickly, the tension rising again.

“Back us further into our territory, Major, and if that ship breaches the border fire three warning shots over their hull.” Titan shared a look with his second.

“Aye, sir.” The major nodded with a gleam in his eyes. They both knew that the third shot would graze the vessel, accidently of course.

“I’ll be in the bay seeing just who our ‘guest’ is,” Titan said. “Command is yours, Major.”

“Command is mine, aye, Colonel.” The major moved so he was able to see all that was going on around them.

Signaling to four of the guards in the corridor as he moved to the lift Titan refocused his attention. The major would handle anything the Syndicate stupidly did. Right now they had a “guest” on board that no one knew anything about. Riding the lift he looked to the guards. “Assume whoever is on board is armed,” he ordered. “But do not fire unless fired upon or if I order otherwise.” Looking to one he nodded to the side piece. “Put your weapon on stun just in case they are not armed and are not cooperative, Chief.”

Seconds later they moved up the corridor to the bay and he signaled the other four guards waiting there. “Open it and remain here,” he ordered. When the door opened he stepped inside with the guards fanning out, one moving to the control panel that was holding a shield around the vessel to keep it from allowing the occupant to open the ship and run. “Open the vessel,” he ordered a second guard as the first shut down the shielding and they got into position.

The ramp came down and they all stared at who was there and just what they were dressed in, or rather, what they weren’t wearing. “They called out a hunt on a consort,” Titan murmured in confusion as he stared at the female standing there in just enough clothing to be legally covered by all standards but definitely not warm.





He stayed still for another moment before he lowered his head to stroke his tongue over her skin, his eyes shuttering at her taste. Breathing her in for a slow minute he scraped the front of his long canines over her skin gently. He felt her tense and knew that just wouldn’t work so he slid a hand down her side and then up under her shirt. Stroking her skin he felt the shudder race through her a moment before she relaxed and, in that moment, he slid his teeth into her neck.

Violet’s body clenched with the insertion of his teeth into her skin. She bit her lip and whimpered even as she lifted a leg and moved it to wrap around his butt. “Titan.” She moaned and felt his hand massaging her breast and tweaking her sensitive nipple. “Please.” Her hands moved around his waist and felt the expanse of skin there and shuddered when her hand moved between them and clenched around his rock-hard shaft. She began to pump him as he fed from her, her fingers moving up and down the long thickness of him even as she imagined him inside of her. She came hard, hot, and fast with those thoughts, desires, and once again cried out his name.

Growling against her skin as he drank Titan couldn’t seem to control himself as he thrust into her hand. One hand was massaging her breast before he shifted enough to undo the top she wore and pushed it aside. Moaning when he put his hand on her bare flesh Titan came in her hand as he lifted his head. Shuddering in her palm he stared at her for long minutes. She could feel something warm trickling down her neck towards her chest. He blinked then lowered his head to slide his tongue from her chest and up to her throat. He stroked over her thrat a few times before pulling back once more.

The second his seed began to spill on her hands she too came. Her body clenched hotly and she felt her panties drench with her orgasm. It took her several long minutes but she finally looked up at him and smiled. “That was…” It was so many things that she couldn’t just choose one. “I need you, husband.” She did too. She wanted to feel the release he gave her, the release she gave him, when they were both connected.

He wasn’t about to argue. He wanted their marriage consummated in the worst way. Shifting he got to his knees and lifted her to a sitting position to push her top off her arms. Laying her back down he slid his hands slowly down her torso to the top of her pants and undid them slowly before drawing them down her legs. Running his hands up her flesh he slipped a hand between her legs to cup her mound through her damp underwear, his fingers rubbing at her lightly before he slid one underneath to stroke her pussy.

Her body responded to his touches, caresses, and she began to move her hands over his body as well. Looking into his eyes she gave him a sad smile. “I don’t come to you innocent like you deserve. Hell I am very far from innocent, Titan, are you sure that this is what you want?”Hooking his finger around her underwear he tore it quickly tossing the shreds of silk aside before he touched her again, lying down at the same time. “I do not come to you as an innocent either, Violet, would you turn me aside for that?” he asked. His culture did not view a woman’s virginity the same as most cultures did. It was prized when it was given, but experience also had its pluses.

“Hell no.” She groaned and let her fingers again encircle his cock. “The practice you had was just something to lead you up to me. No more talking,” she demanded as she squeezed him again and began to move her fingers up and down his hard length. “There is a thing called fellatio, I want to do that, Titan, I want to take you into my mouth and lick you, suckle you, and taste you.” She shivered fully. “I don’t know which I want first, you inside of me or me licking you.”

Smiling faintly at her words he pushed two fingers deep into her cunt. “Your choice, Violet,” he said quietly. Leaning in closer he bit her ear gently, his tongue stroking over the flesh before he suckled. “Choose, wife, but choose quickly,” he warned, “or I’ll choose for you.”

“You first.” She said the moment his fingers began to stroke deep inside of her cunt. “I need you to take me, Titan, I want us to come together as one,” she whispered as she let his cock go and rubbed her leg against the hard length. She stroked him with one hand even as her other moved to cover the hand that was slowly moving in and out of her pussy.