Bonds of Blood


Bonds of Blood – Blurb

It was an arrangement, a contract, a deal between factions. Andries Mauricio is a soldier, does his duty, serves his people, and prays to die with dignity when his day comes. But then she steps into his life, rearranges all his preconceived notions, and puts his carefully controlled world into a tailspin. If only he knew for sure she was there for him and not to gain information for her backstabbing father.
Every moment of her life is filled with terror and worry, every moment carefully thought out so as not to bring pain. Xandra Ripley knows how her days will end. Then it all changes with the first kind thing ever done for her.
With war imminent, there they are, in the middle. Xandra wants safety. Andries wants his enemies dead. Can two more different people ever see what they both have before it’s too late? Time is running out, and everything, including their hearts, is on the line in the most important battle of their lives.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

Staring out the window that had been specially treated to keep out the damaging rays of their sun, Andries’s mind was on things other than the discussion in the room behind him. He knew that he should be paying attention, but he had no patience for politics and the mechanics of the so-called “peace” talks. He knew war, how to kill in absolute silence, how to take a life with ease, thousands of variations and all of them without a weapon. Put a weapon in his hands and, just as it was with his men and the others of their military, he was nigh unstoppable.

“Colonel Mauricio,” one of the voices behind him called, attempting to regain his attention to the discussion currently on the floor.

Turning his six-foot-six frame, Andries lifted a brow which matched the blacker-than-night hair cut in the brutally short military style as he focused his citron gaze on the speaker. As it always did, his unusual eye color made the man decidedly uncomfortable, so much so that he looked down to the papers before him to avoid it. “Yes?” Andries asked, his voice a low rumble of sound, one he’d once heard made a man wish for death rather than hear anything more from his mouth.

Clearing his throat, the chancellor, a member of their ruling Alliance, glanced to the others as though hoping they would speak up so as to remove Andries’s attention from him. They all appeared to be ignoring him, quite pointedly. “What are your thoughts on what the Syndicate has proposed?” the chancellor asked after a moment of discomfort.

Ah yes, the Syndicate of Systems. A rather innocuous term for the human vultures and butchers that led the people under them with bloody and iron fists. Any who opposed the Syndicate became barely even a footnote in history as they were crushed under the Syndicate’s bootheels. And they dared to refer to his people as animals. At least his people had come to a peace amongst themselves and the worlds under their umbrella of protection, and it hadn’t been done in oceans of blood either.

Running his tongue lightly over his teeth, Andries considered the “offer” the Syndicate had proposed not a fortnight before. A high-born daughter of one of their leaders in marriage to a lord of his world. It was the Syndicate’s hope that this marriage would allow them entry to what the Castitans controlled, their space, the planets, and, most importantly in the Syndicate’s minds, the natural resources undisturbed upon said planets.

“You would need to find yourself a lord willing to take on a human female, chancellor,” he said in a low tone, ever careful of every word he spoke. “Not just any man is going to accept this, and I doubt greatly that any on our world will see it as the honor these humans continually claim it to be.”

The chancellors all nodded, but he knew that they’d already considered that fact, and he had a sneaking suspicion they’d already decided just who would be the one to receive the “honor.” What made his skin crawl and his blood chill was the dawning realization that he was a sitting duck for their grand plan. Andries was not just a soldier of their people, but, because of a circumstance of birth, he was also a very high-ranking lord.

All of a sudden so much came to him in crystal clarity. Stepping forward, he cut the distance that he’d been careful to maintain up to that moment for their “comfort” and watched with some internal satisfaction as they all forced themselves to remain in place, though many flinched and he was sure at least two jumped practically from their skin. “If you are thinking of having me step into this ‘honor’”—his lips curled up in a sneer that bared one of his long incisors—“you had better think again.”

Clearing his throat, the chancellor seemed to be searching for his voice as he eyed him. “But, my lord,” he said, his voice higher than normal, “we’ve already spoken with your father and he’s agreed this is exactly what should happen.” Those words were thrown out as if they might save him from Andries’s wrath.

It did have the effect of stopping Andries where he stood. “He what?” he asked in stunned horror. The man that had given him life had never been his father in any sense of the word, and yet, they thought his “permission” would put him in his place.

“Your father told us to let you know that it was his wish you accept this newest station or…” Another of the chancellors trailed off when cold yellow eyes turned his way.

“Or?” Andries growled the word out in question.

“Or he would remove his claim to you being his son,” the chancellor finished in a barely there whisper.

Stunned, Andries stared at him for a long time as those words ricocheted in his head. If his—he sneered internally—father removed his claim of the blood tie between them, Andries would lose his position in the military and be shunned from all of society. He saw the sympathetic looks the chancellors directed his way, but he ignored them. Swallowing hard, his pride pricked by the hateful position his father had placed him in, he nodded. “Fine,” he said in a biting tone. “If that is what needs to happen, then so be it, but if she is not in agreement of this fully, without threat from the Syndicate, it’s off.”

The relief that filled the room was palpable to his finely tuned senses. “We will let the Syndicate know of this latest term, my lord,” the first chancellor who’d spoken said quietly.

Turning, Andries left the room, his long strides carrying him out of there before he gave into his more primitive nature and he did as his normally deeply buried beast demanded and bathed in their blood.

“May the gods help us all,” one of the men whispered softly as he looked at his fellow chancellors, and, for once, there was no argument to that from any of them.





Her fingers buried into the short dark hair and held tight to the strands. “Andries.” She gasped out as her head fell back, her leg moving to rub up his thigh and the curve of his waist. “That feels so good.” Licking at her breast, he carefully sucked at her nipple, pulling it into his mouth between the long teeth. Sliding a hand up her leg, he gently touched her pussy, lifting his head to whisper soothing words as she jolted. When she calmed, he rubbed at her slowly, letting her acclimate to his possessive touch, and once again, returned to her breast, needing to taste her again.

She moved slightly, rubbing herself more on him and needing more as well. “Please.” The feeling of his fangs on each side of her nipple was making her pant. “Oh please.” Her pupils were dilated with hungry need as she looked down at him, watched him. She loved to watch him, loved the way that his eyes glowed with feral heat and needed, wanted more.

Sliding a long finger into her pussy, he gently stroked her as he moved to her other breast, giving it the same treatment as the first. Lightly he scraped his long teeth over her skin, ever aware of just how little pressure it would take to bring blood welling to the surface. Looking to her, he watched her watching him and pressed a second finger into her cunt. He knew she was innocent, had felt that barrier just moments ago that told the truth of all things, and because he wasn’t a complete monster, he wanted her to be ready. Pressing a kiss to her heart, he moved down her body, his tongue lapping and licking at all the flesh he could find.

She was shaking as he made his way down her body, her voice a sigh of pleasure. “Andries.” He spread her legs wider, giving him more room to work between them, his fingers stroking slowly in and out of her slick pussy.

Kissing the soft flesh just on the inner side of her thigh, so close to the heat of her pussy, he could feel it on his cheek. Her scent was ripe in the air, filling it and his lungs with her need. Licking her flesh slowly, he nuzzled her curls with his lips, and then spreading her wide, his fingers damp, he laid his mouth to her clitoris before licking along her labia.

She shuddered violently as he licked the broad side of his tongue up and then back down her hot pussy. “Andries.” Surely what they were doing wasn’t allowed, right? Whatever, because if it was, she couldn’t see how people would ever leave their beds. “Again, please.” She begged for more of his masterful attention.

Closing his eyes slowly, he breathed a small sigh of relief that she wasn’t protesting what he was doing. Vampires were sensual and highly sensory beings. To him this was pure bliss. Doing as she asked, he looked up her body to watch her face as he licked at her again, sliding the fronts of his incisors up her swollen pussy, dipping his tongue deep into her and wiggled it around slowly.

She felt the long incisors as they gently moved over the swollen and sensitive pussy. It didn’t hurt. However, it did excite her in ways she never dreamed possible. “Again, please.” She was panting and reached a hand out to touch him. She caressed his cheek gently and watched as his eyes seemed to close slowly and then open again with fire in them.

He couldn’t seem to resist her soft commands, and again, he did as she asked, applying just a hint more pressure before he moved up to suckle at her clitoris. Pushing two fingers deep into her pussy again, he stroked her faster, spreading them to help stretch her until he could push in a third. When she tensed, he patiently waited, flicking his tongue over her clit and teasing her gently with his teeth.

She felt her body clenching and then stretching to accommodate him. “Please.” She begged slightly as she moved her head to look up in his eyes. “Andries, I need.” She had no idea what she needed, but she needed. She knew that.

“Soon,” he promised quietly as he moved his hand again, pressing deep into her body, stretching her even more to fully accommodate him. “I don’t want to hurt you any more than is normal for your first time, Xandra.” Kissing her inner thigh, he licked along the artery he could feel just under her thin skin, breathing her in. Shifting, he continued to stretch her as he shifted up her body, pausing to kiss each of her breasts gently before laying over her. “How are you feeling?” he asked her, his eyes locked with hers.

“Marvelous.” She breathed out on a sigh and bit her lip. “Incredible and needy. Like I’m burning up and wanting more. I don’t understand it, but I need, and each time I feel your teeth pressing against me”—she gave a shiver—“it makes me all the more needy.”

Her vocabulary was disintegrating slowly, a sure sign that she was close to the edge. Pressing a kiss to her jaw, he slid his tongue over her skin, tasting the faint sheen of sweat her flesh held. “Do you want more?” he asked her, his lips to her ear. He was close to not caring if she said yes or no, but he wasn’t there yet.

Sliding his lips over her skin, he shifted and, moving his hand, he gently pressed his cock into her sopping-wet pussy. Pressing slowly into her tight cunt, he paused as he contacted with the small, thin, weak little barrier inside of her. “Hold on to me, Xandra,” he whispered and, when she clutched at him, he thrust his cock into her as he sank his teeth into her throat.

The moment was there, and when he pressed not only his cock into her slick pussy, but his fangs into her throat, she cried out but moved her legs to wrap tightly around his hips to hold him close, and her fingers bit into his shoulders as she cried out his name in a combination of pain and pleasure.