Under Her Spell


Under Her Spell – Blurb

After living for so very long the men had become disillusioned with life. When Melisande walked into their Manor the men all came alert and ready to kill.

Wearing the face of the woman that cursed them all every single man there wanted to kill her, every man except two that wanted instead to tear her clothes free and find out what exactly was under the facade of the hard ass that faced off against thirty-two very pissed off Highlanders.

Twin sister to the evil witch that cursed thirty-two highlanders so very long ago Melisande does all in her power, including tying her life force to a spell she created to ensure that the men would somehow find their freedom via a small loophole in the original spell. Little did she knew that she would be the first woman to walk into the Manor to set the ball rolling.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

“Cassandra was so very certain that you would never be able to break the curse because no one woman would ever want to be with two men such as the Warriors that you are. In our time especially that would not have flown over well.” She sighed and turned to face hunk number one again. “I can see why she was so taken with all of you.” She felt her fingers itching to touch him, dammit. Not good. At all. “However what I did was ensured that in time a woman would be born that would not only be able to break the curse for you a pair at a time, but would ensure that you three were happy for the rest of time, if that was your choice. Immortality is something that we as Witches enjoy, however as Highland Warriors you may not., she murmured. “But I had to choose and in that I’ve chosen to give the trios the choice. Forever or only what is left of a small human lifespan.”

“This choice ye speak of,” Colton said, leaning his shoulder to the wall, “How is it to be made? Are there some words we must speak or some task that needs to be done? Is it even up to us or to the mystical woman ye say may pick us as pairs?” Hearing Markus’s snort he looked to him. “His skepticism is just, m’lady, not many even in a time as liberal as this would be willing to live and be with two men. Some would never want to live in sin like that and others may find it daunting.”

“The moment that you touch her you will know,” Mel told him. “You won’t know who the partner is until he touches her as well but the second that you touch her…” She licked her lip. “You will start to feel a burn, an ache. A small band will form on each of your left ring fingers when you consummate the act. Even if you don’t recall the act, due to being drunk or whatever, you will all know that the bond has formed and you won’t rest easy until you have completed the trio. She won’t care. The woman. All she will know is that she loves you and the love will come quickly. It will start the moment that you meet, the feelings, and build from there. It will only grow from there.”

Turning, she faced both men. “You will feel your mouths go dry, and then water. You will look at her and simply know that you have to have her. You will feel the need to protect her, you will want to woo her. And as for her.” She shrugged her shoulder slightly. “She will ache. She will begin to burn. She will know that there is no one else she would rather spend time with. She will do anything to make you happy and you will her. It won’t matter, at all, to her what society thinks because the love that the trio will share will eclipse everything.”

“For the straight men in the room,” Markus said putting up his hand, “What exactly do ye mean by completing the trio? ‘Cause I have to tell ye, I am not at all comfortable with what ye’re words imply, lass, not in the least. So please, clarify that point would ye?”

Mel looked at him and shook her head, “Not like that, you bloody arse,” she muttered. “I mean when one of you fills her from both holes and cum inside of her. The three of you all climaxing at the same moment, the same breath of time. Your hearts, in that moment, will stop and when they begin to beat again it will be at the same rhythm. It will be magical.” Because she had ensured it would happen. “There might be ups and downs, some of you might fight it but it will always end with the curse being broken.” Either that or Mel would die. She had literally placed her soul, her life on the line to save these men.

“Ye’re not telling us something,” Colton said, moving closer to look down in her eyes. Staring at her for a long moment, he narrowed his own. “What aren’t ye telling us m’lady? And if ye would, speak the full truth now.”

“If all of the Tri’s aren’t found before a certain time has expired I will die.” She didn’t even sugarcoat her words. “It was worth it though. Cassandra had no right to do to you what she did. If even one pair of you are able to find your happiness and forever after with a woman that can love both of you equally then my life is well spent.” She was a White Witch and a protector of Earth, Moon and Man so she would do it again if she had to simply because what was done to them wasn’t right. Even if it felt incredibly personal to her, she knew she would do it again.

“Yer blood,” Colton murmured. “That’s why ye’ll die isn’t it? Because ye used yer own blood to solidify the spell ye made. Bluidy hell woman,” he snapped out at her. “Are ye daft? Who the hell does something tha’ asinine? Bluidy playin’ the cards fate hands ye is bad enough but this.” He spun away and paced the room before coming back to stand before her. “Why?”

“Because no one deserves what she heaped upon your heads. No one. I did it because it was right,” she murmured and moved back away from the men slightly. “Since you all know exactly who was on that field and was cursed will you simply pass along to them that there will come an end to their suffering? That one day a woman will walk into their lives and be the one for them. The Trios will form, all of them, they have to.” She had already begun to feel the Trios’ women starting to wake and find their way towards the men. She just hoped they all were able to complete within the small time she had left.





Turning her around slightly, Colton sliced through the stays and the gown began to droop. Gripping the shoulders he pushed it off of her arms and then lifted her from the pile. Growling, he shot her a look. “How many layers do ye have underneath?” he asked, his tone exasperated as he cut through more ties.

“You remember these times as well as I do, Colton, just slice through the bloody damn shift and then you will have my skin.” Because as it was she was ready to burn the fucking thing off of herself with a small spell. Looking over her shoulder at him she cocked an eyebrow. “Come on, Colton, please,” she whispered, begged.

“Fuck it.” He tossed the blade onto the dresser and, gripping the shift in his hands, tore it. Sucking in a breath, Colton stroked a light finger down her spine. “Ye stayed true to the time period and didn’t wear a modern bra. Thank God, bluidy evil contraptions made to make a man lose his mind.”

“Hate bras, hated bloomers too. Love the garters and silk hose though, I still wear them as you will see.” Even if she didn’t wear panties. She leaned back so that she could feel more of him. “Gods, Colton you are killing me. Touch me. Please,” she practically begged.

Stroking his hand up her side lightly and moved his hand around to cup her breast. Pressing a kiss to her cheek, he breathed her in slowly. “Ye’re so bluidy soft,” he breathed against her cheek. Stroking his other hand over her belly and down between her legs to cup her pussy, his finger pressed to her clitoris.

Spreading her legs wider for his invasion she whimpered, “And you are so rough, so hard.” Her hands moved behind her and found his jutting cock. Her fingers moved to circle him and began to move up and down. “I need you.” She whispered the honest truth.

Scraping his teeth over her throat he pressed his lips to her ear. “On the bed, now,” he told her. Stepping out of her reach he got rid of his kilt and shrugged off his shirt. Shutting the door he turned to look on her. “Now, Melisande, I’m not a patient man by any means.”

She moved to the bed and lay back on it, her thighs parted and her gaze looking down her body at him. “That’s good because I’m not a patient woman.” They both were liars on that part and they knew it. Each of them had learned the hard lesson of how patience was a virtue they both needed to learn and embrace.

Moving to the end of the bed he wrapped his hands around her ankles and tugged her until her ass was on the edge. Smiling slightly, Colton dropped to his knees, put her legs over his shoulders and, spreading her slick folds apart put his mouth to her pussy to suckle and lick.

Mel arched up with her feet on his shoulders and met him halfway. A sob broke through as she fisted the blankets beneath her. “Colton.” She sobbed his name and rubbed her pussy against his mouth. “More.” It was a growled demand.

Scraping his teeth over her clitoris he thrust a finger into her slick pussy and stroked her. Biting her clit he tugged gently as he fucked her with his finger, adding a second as she squirmed. Reaching up her body he cupped a breast and squeezed, rolling her nipple between thumb and finger.

“Oh God, yes!” she screamed. “Please. How about you swing your cock up here so that I can taste you? I need to feel you, taste you, Colton.” She was nearly half mad with her desperation and desires, needy and about to come out of her skin because of it.

Flicking his tongue over her clitoris he lifted his head., “I don’t think so. I want ye so bluidy needy that ye’re mad with it. Then and only then, will I slide my cock deep into yer sweet pussy and fuck ye until ye’re even more mad.”

“Oh you are getting so very close,” she growled. “Please,” she whimpered. “I’m so close.” She couldn’t recall the last time someone had made a feast of her like this, besides that it had been decades since she had fucked anyone so gods, this was killing her.

“Then I want ye to scream for me as ye come,” he said softly before pressing his mouth to her again and sucking hard on her clit. Thrusting a third finger into her pussy he stroked her faster, spreading his fingers slightly for more friction.

Melisande’s whole body arched off the bed and she screamed. She screamed so loudly she was sure that people in the neighboring county could hear her screams. His name was torn from her very fucking soul when she screamed his name in desperation.