Assignment: Rock Hard Love


Assignment: Rock Hard Love – Blurb

Their team has one mission and one mission only, to stop the flow of blood diamonds into the United States. It’s dangerous hard work with long hours and tight quarters with a very select group. Much like a family there tends to be friction, but the friction Hope is currently feeling has nothing to do with the current setting. No, this all has to do with one man.

David Burnett has been fighting a seemingly endless and, perhaps, futile war to stop conflict diamonds into his country. But he has the very best team there is helping him. He trusts them, one and all, with his life and would do anything in return. Of course, what he wants to do with Hope has nothing to do with team dynamics and never has.

The heat is rising as they go on a dangerous mission. Thrown into tighter quarters than ever before David and Hope must trust no one but one another if they hope to survive.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers

February 4, 2010 – Paris, France

Staring at the Eiffel Tower he wasn’t really seeing it. Oh, he knew it was there, he just wasn’t seeing it. He was more focused on the target three tables away to his left, the man waiting for his contact to arrive. Lifting his cup of coffee, he sipped at the strong brew.

His own partner was four tables away to his right and slightly in front of him. She was sitting with another one of their crew chatting like the tourists they were pretending to be. William, their backup on the op, was pretending to show her photos he’d apparently taken on his day out and about. In reality the man was taking video of everyone at the little cafe in preparation for the contact’s arrival.

Six months to get to this point. Six months of blood, sweat and too many sleepless nights digging for anything and everything they could find. All in the pursuit of tracking the blood diamonds that would be payment for a huge weapons shipment. If the information was right, and they always doubted it at least a little, it would be roughly four hundred automatic guns, nearly a hundred ground-to-air missiles with launchers and then a bunch of miscellaneous items.

Not that the sale would happen tonight. No, tonight was a hand off. One they had to witness, get on film and then continue to track. Tonight the blood diamonds would be passed to their target, one Gregory Duvall, by the courier the warlord had hired. The courier didn’t know what he was carrying, they never did, part of the safety net the warlords used. The courier would have gone to a blind drop, picked up the package and the cash for the delivery with instructions for when and where.

Depending on the warlord handing off the diamonds there might even be a code phrase. Not all used them, but a lot did. Another level of security. They were always getting smarter and sneakier. That just meant that his team and others like them had to stay one step ahead by anticipating and thinking like criminals.

His phone vibrated and he dug it out, his attention never wavering from Gregory. “Yeah,” he said into it. He knew who it was and why the call had come through. “Oh hey, Mona.” It wasn’t Mona but since he knew that his team members at the other table were still playing their roles, it was a good vocal cue to have so they knew the game was about to alter.

“There’s a courier coming in now. Beige uniform of shirt and slacks, dark blue writing on the back and has a dark blue cap with the company logo in beige on it. He’s about five-ten, a buck eighty, blond hair and wearing sunglasses. He’s got a sheet in his hand as well as the standard clipboard and what we are guessing is the package, maybe six by eight by six. Just coming around the corner towards the cafe on your left now.”

“Got it, no that’s perfectly fine Mona. I’ll take care of it after my meeting of the day, good work. Why don’t you head out a little early and maybe catch a movie. Talk to you tomorrow,” he said and, after a moment’s delay, hung up. It was all code, stuff they’d worked out ahead of time and fine-tuned. The van would get ready to pull out, Gregory’s vehicle was already tagged so they’d be in the lead while he and the other two trailed behind at a very healthy distance.

Pocketing the phone he tipped his cup up and took a gulp as he checked his watch. Letting a small curse slip past his lips, acting late for a meeting, he tipped the cup up again working for that last swallow of the coffee.

The courier stopped and looked over the people at the tables. He moved towards a man and bent with a question, getting a shake of the head. The guy either didn’t know what Gregory looked like or was a really good actor. A couple more checks before he reached Gregory and, obviously, asked if he was the man in question.

Gregory looked up from his paper and nodded, sitting up and setting the newspaper to the side. Pulling out his wallet, he handed over a piece of ID to the courier. The guy did the visual inspection, checked the name to the paperwork and then turned the clipboard to Gregory. But he held onto the package. A good courier always waited for the signature. And he was good, he even checked the signature to the ID card, smart. With another nod the package was passed over.

Standing as the package was handed off he dropped a couple Euro onto the table and set the cup on top, extra tip and a signal that his partners were to watch Gregory until he moved. Collecting his briefcase and coat, he walked hurriedly towards the street where he ‘bumped’ the courier. “My apologies,” he said and smiled in that harried way businessmen used no matter the country.

Reaching his car he slid behind the wheel and tapped his earpiece. “Courier has been tagged, send Marco to keep tabs on him. Do not intercept, do not pick up and do not detain. This is merely a watch.” Getting the confirmation he turned on his car and then pulled out the folding map. Another ploy for extra minutes and in case the target was as aware of his surroundings as his team was.

“He’s on the move.” Her throaty voice in his ear sent a physical jolt through him. Always did, but they were team members and nothing would come of acting on his physical response to her. Only bad shit could come of that, like breaking the team apart and, worse, ruining the camaraderie they all had after being together as a unit for nearly four years.

“Copy, I’m moving out now,” he said. Folding the map, another small delay, he set it aside. Checking his mirrors, he saw that Gregory was sliding into the backseat of his ride. Pulling out from the curb, he took off, his eyes on the mirror. Gregory’s car pulled out into traffic, about seven car lengths back. Reporting it to the team, he started paying attention to where he was going.





“Oh you are a tease.” She let her nails bite into his shoulders and she tugged at him. “Kiss me,” she demanded, low and simple words but she wanted it. She wanted and needed for him to kiss her. “We will get into the tub after but before I want another kiss, dammit. And yes, I am greedy.”

“Demanding too, don’t forget that.” He laughed softly. Cupping her face, he finally gave her just what she wanted, no, what she needed. He kissed her full-on, hard, fast and with enough heat to scorch the bathroom walls around them. He sucked on her tongue and pressed closer, his erection rubbing her lower belly as he teased and tormented her mouth.

When she finally pulled back she licked her lips. “Nice.” She shuddered. “I could live with kisses like that often, please.” Leaning in, she kissed him once again. This was what she wanted, this was what she needed. Him. “Now, the tub is full enough that we can even turn on the jets if you would like.”

“Good plan,” he murmured, sliding his tongue over his lips. Pulling back he stepped into the tub and then sat down. Holding out a hand to her he helped her in even while turning the water off. “Hit the button for the jets when you settle down, if you would.”

She hit the button and stood over him. “Where do you want me? At your side or at your feet?” she asked with a smirk. “Or do you want me to slide down over that cock that’s bobbing in the water begging for me to taste it, touch it, god I want you.” Words tumbled out of her mouth, she couldn’t seem to stop them.

Laughing at her, he tugged her down into his lap, his cock sliding over her clit as he held her to him. “I love when you get all distracted, your mouth just runs away. It’s adorable.” Pressing a kiss to her chin he slid a hand down over her ass and between her thighs. His fingers found her weeping slit and stroked her, slowly and with just enough firmness to his touch to make her hungry for more.

“I just have to make sure to keep from being distracted when in the field.” Actually when she was in the field she was nothing but professional and he knew it. She leaned her head back and shuddered. “I love when you do that.” She was rubbing herself against his cock and fingers. She wanted to take him inside of her body but she was waiting, waiting for him. She was waiting for him to make that first move.

“You would never be distracted in the field, that I know for sure. Hell, you barely blinked the last time we were both out in the field and I was shot. For which I’m grateful, you took the bastard down who did shoot me.” He pushed two fingers into her sheath and stroked her gently. “And I know you’d do it again if it came to that.”

“Damn straight.” She moaned and began to rock on his fingers. She began to ride his fingers, her hand going down to his cock and starting to move her hands up and down on him. “Do another. I want to be ready for you.” God it had been far too long since she had sex, and lord she needed him to help her get through all of this.

He did as she asked, demanded, whatever. Three fingers pressed into her body, stretching her and readying her for what she really wanted buried between her legs. “Dare I be so bold as to ask just how long it’s been for you?” he whispered. His voice sounded strained and his grip was tighter around her waist.

“Six years,” she moaned, “Five months, three days.” Exactly how long she had been on his team. “David,” she shuddered. “That feels so good.” She loved the way that it felt, so very much. “I need you. Now.” It had been far, far too long.

He withdrew his fingers and held her up higher. The next thing she felt pressed to her lower lips was the head of his cock. “Slowly, sweetheart,” he said. Pressing her down over his cock he helped to steady her as she took over, taking him into her body.

She braced herself with her hands on his shoulders and leaned in, her forehead to his. “I’ve waited so long for this.” She felt full, so good and so full. The jets hitting them both just right, the heated water adding to the sensations and this. God, him. “David, you feel so perfect. So right. So good.” She moaned.

“Heaven,” he whispered against her lips. “Absolute and pure, heaven.” Kissing her gently, he hugged her to him, her breasts pressing to his chest as she sank deeper over his cock. One hand on her ass massaged her buttocks while the other slid around to squeeze a breast.

She soon had him fully inside of her body and she whimpered. “You fit perfectly. And you are right.” She leaned in closer to him and smiled. “This is heaven.” She agreed and lifted, lowered and brushed her lips to his. “More.”

Sliding his tongue to her lip he took her mouth in a deeper kiss. His fingers found her nipple and tugged gently. Sucking on her tongue, he lifted her up his cock. It was a slow move designed to drive them both nuts, and it worked too. “Move,” he growled at her, a small nip of his teeth to her lip.

She did just that. She moved up and down on him faster, harder. She kissed him with everything that she had inside of her and loved it. She nipped at his lower lip and shuddered. “David,” she whispered against his lips and kissed him again. This was it. She was so close.

“I’ve got you, Hope. Just let go, baby,” he whispered to her gently. Holding her close, he tipped her back a little. Dropping his head, he began to suckle on her breast, pulling her tight nipple deep into his mouth and rolling it with his tongue.

Hope cried out, the pleasure that rocked her with his mouth closing over her nipple she shuddered. “Yes,” she moaned. She rode him harder, faster. She moved at a rapid pace and before she knew it the orgasm to beat all orgasms ripped through her body. She heard herself screaming, her pussy creaming all over his cock.

“More,” he demanded over her. His thumb pressing to her clit to rub at the tight nub. He tipped her back more, his hips lifting to meet her on each thrust. He was trying to kill her, she was sure of it, David had a sadistic side she hadn’t realized until that moment. But god it was delicious.

How he was holding back from coming was unknown to her. She rocked on him, harder and faster. She moved harder and harder on him. “Again.” She demanded, it was a whimper as she did so. She loved when he brushed his thumb to her clit. “That feels so fucking good, David.”

His thumb moved faster, harder, rubbing and scraping over her clit. He moved his mouth to her other breast and sucked at her neglected nipple. Then he lifted his head, his mouth catching hers in a hard kiss. As she began to come again his arm tightened around her waist more.

She did just that. As they kissed, Hope came again. She felt him pushing up into her harder and faster and knew, for the first time she felt the splash of a man’s semen inside of her pussy. She moaned and felt the fireworks once again. She felt another orgasm ripping through her just at the feeling of him coming inside of her, something that no one had ever done before.

“Hope,” he breathed out on a moan, his forehead meeting her sternum as his cock flooded her with hot jets of his seed. Groaning, he held her close, keeping her from just melting into the water around them. Perhaps even holding onto her so he didn’t float away as his body shuddered and jolted with another release.