Lacey’s Luhpynes


Lacey’s Luhpynes – Blurb

It’s hard enough dealing with one human guy trying to get a date. If only her life was that simple. Lacey Rose has two men hot on her heels and the fact they are sexy Luhpyne’s is only making it that much harder to resist their appeal. But they aren’t the only ones after her. Lacey has a stalker who is willing to do absolutely anything to gain her attention, including killing all those around her.

Zhubin and Ansell both knew the moment they met her just who Lacey was to them. Their mate. And neither has made qualms about letting her know at every turn. She’s been resistant, but that can only last so long under the persistent and dedicated courtship of two adult males. The only kink in their plans, someone keeps trying to kill them off, and doesn’t appear concerned when she’s in the blast radius.

The clock is ticking for them all. Only time will tell.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

June 20, 2034

Checking his weapon, Zhubin slipped the blade into the sheath between his shoulder blades. Next he assessed the gun and put it into the holster under his arm. Shutting his locker, he left the change room and headed for the briefing room to find out who he was with for his nights tour.

For the last six years he’d been a part of the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or AEDA. He was not human, he was Luhpyne or wolf as the humans termed it, which, at seven feet one inch wasn’t exactly a surprise. While there were a few humans as tall, his build gave him away fully. He was built thick of chest, wide of shoulder and moved with a preternatural ability no human could ever replicate, not even dancers or Special Forces.

His eyes too gave away his alien heritage. They were silver with a lining of violet that had a shape that mirrored the eyes of the pets humans kept called cats. His hair was so dark it absorbed light, mirroring his pelt in his other form. He was muscled, stronger than any human and his voice which was a deep rumble like a rock slide, held just a hint of a non-human accent.

Stepping into the briefing room he moved along the back, behind the humans who were much shorter in stature, and nodded to his best friend, Ansell, who looked bored. He was about to speak but their Captain, a non-human, stepped up in front. “Ladies and gentlemen. As you know we’ve been hearing some more threats coming out of the Human Purity groups. It’s all over the news so I’m sure none of you have missed it.”

He paused as there was a low murmur and several heads nodding. “Be aware out there, the groups are starting to raise a fuss again so take nothing for granted. Keep your eyes and ears open, anything that sounds even remotely useful let us know. Even if you think it’s nothing give it to us. In the grand scheme it could mean a lot.”

Zhubin dropped his gaze to the woman who was to be his partner for the case. She was smart, sassy and sexy, the three S’s that was also trouble with a capital T wrapped in a layer of sin with a very capital and heavily underlined S. Meeting her gaze he tipped his head slightly. She hated him but on the job she would be professional and her smarts were always an asset.

“You two can head out, the rest of you,” the Captain continued and shuffled through some papers before he started up.

Exiting the briefing room as the Captain handed out more assignments he held the door for Lacey as she stepped out. Letting it close he followed on her heels towards the back door into the parkade. Knowing her she’d want to drive so he stuck his hands into the pockets of his black cargo pants.

Pausing at the door to the garage while she got their assigned vehicle, Zhubin let his eyes move over her. She was tall for a woman of human origins. And she was all human and all woman. She had muscles to her, nothing bulky, but svelte and perfectly proportioned. She also had killer curves, one’s she’d used more than once to get someone to say or do something dumb.

Agent Rose was one hell of a woman, one that even he knew would be a perfect match for the right man. Did he think he was the right man? On occasion he had that thought, then she’d open her mouth and it all went downhill. She had a razor-sharp tongue, slicing and dicing a man’s ego into little pieces too easily. She didn’t take bullshit, ever and could play with the big boys. Hell, he’d even seen her go toe to toe with one of his people on more than one occasion leaving them to limp away with their tail between their legs.

Pushing open the door for her, he held it and rolled his eyes when she went through. She’d given him a look of death. Sue him, he had manners. He believed chairs and doors should be held for a woman. He believed a man should pick up the check or, at the very least, offer to do so. He also believed that a man should protect those smaller and weaker than him even when they didn’t like the idea.

She on the other hand, ball buster that she was, seemed to believe men were good for nothing. No, he didn’t think she was into other women, she seemed to appreciate the male form well enough and even had, a time or two, been seen checking males out. By him at least, not that he’d ever said anything to alert her to the fact he’d caught her mentally stripping down a male. He wasn’t an idiot.

Following her to the car, he resisted the urge to open the door for her, barely. It went against every single fiber of his being but he knew she’d just shred him with her razor-sharp tongue if he did. So when she passed him the keys he was shocked but he climbed into the driver’s seat and pushed it back as far as it would go. Thankfully all the AEDA vehicles could accommodate his larger frame so he gained plenty of leg room. She, on the other hand, had to scoot the passenger seat forward, a lot, just to sit comfortably.

Turning the onboard computer to face him he punched in his code and pulled up the information on where they were going. He happened to love New York, loved the scents, the smells, the energy the city seemed to vibrate from its very core. It was nothing like it had been before the war the humans started, but it was still a lot the same in the little ways.

“East side harbor,” he told her. “We’re heading for the McKinley warehouses near dock eighteen. Looks like there are six dead with another three currently being rushed to the hospital. The uniforms have two potential witnesses they are holding until we arrive. The coroner is on scene and starting to work. As well, looks like the crime scene techs are there too and are getting started.”

He punched on the keys and frowned, “No IDs on the bodies and…” He fell silent as he read what was still coming in on the system. One of the technological advances the Veil dropping had given to the human world was interfaced computers on a whole new level.

Things like cell phones were a thing of the past. Everyone now had a chip behind their ear that worked as a cell phone and recorder as well as ID which made this unusual. A second chip at the inner wrist held personal information like allergies, medical history and also worked for paying for things. No more cards or cash, everything was now fully integrated into a new version of the Internet. So secure that even hackers couldn’t break through, there was no more identity theft, no more need for banks or financial institutions of any sort. Everything flowed on the new Net system, no glitches, no mistakes.

“Their hands were all removed. ME says that she’ll likely have to do dental records if not DNA,” he added in a low murmur. Odd, very odd. Switching to live feed of the scene he watched as the Medical Examiner, or ME, moved to another body and bent to pat him down looking for anything of significance.





“You would never hurt me,” she told him softly. “And I was pushing your buttons, I won’t lie, however I ate every single bite on my plate.” She pulled back and grinned. “Do I get a reward?”

He stared at her and nodded slowly. “Yes you do get a reward.” He pressed his lips to her ear and slid his tongue over the shell. “You get my cock filling your ass while Z fills your pussy. You will be ours tonight and for the rest of time. No more running, no more hiding, no more.”

“Good.” She moaned. “No more running, no more hiding. From now until forever we are one,” she said simply. “Forever. Now, get naked because I need you. I’m so fucking horny, I’m so wet it’s like I’ve sat in a river for a swim. Naked. Sex. Now.” Okay, so maybe when they got to the cottage, but she wouldn’t turn them down right here in front of the lake either.

“Not outside, no need to scare off any more of the staff,” Zhubin said from behind her. “The cottage,” he added so that Ansell would know where they were going as well.

Ansell nodded and began to move, holding her tight to him as he moved with long-legged strides. He nipped at her neck and squeezed her ass in his hands. “Are you sure you’re ready for this, Lacey? We haven’t exactly had time to prepare your body for what needs to happen with us.”

“God yes I’m more than sure.” Lacey moaned. “Can’t you feel how fucking wet that I am? How much I need you?” she asked and rubbed herself against him, hard. “I can’t wait another moment. Rip my clothes off but damn I need to be naked with you both and very, very soon or I will explode.”

“Almost there,” Ansell assured her softly. He climbed slightly and she heard a door opening and then slamming shut. No lights were needed, not with their eyesight. And since he was carrying her she didn’t worry one bit. Next thing she knew she was dropped onto a bed and they were working on her shoes, tossing them aside. Her pants were next before they paused to pull at their own clothing.

Lacey watched them and licked her lips as they began to bare themselves to her. “The bands too.” She wanted all of them. Not just part but every single inch of their bodies. She was going to belong to them fully and she wanted the same from them.

Sharing a look they shrugged and pulled off the cuffs. They tossed them aside and then, in near unison, eased onto the bed. Zhubin on one side, Ansell on the other. When they lay down they began to touch her, slowly, with infinite care as they stroked her naked form for the first time.

Lacey put her hand on Zhubin, her palm to his and did the same to Ansell. “We are a unit. All three of us, right? Going into this no matter what we know that the three of us will always be solid. And you know how very much I care, right?”

“Always,” Zhubin said, lifting her hand. He pressed a kiss to her palm as Ansell did the same to her other hand. Then they were moving her, turning her to face Zhubin. Her top leg was lifted up over his hip and his cock was rubbing over her clit. Ansell’s hand was between her legs, stroking her pussy and pushing the liquid to her anus. He pressed a finger into her tight hole, his mouth on her shoulder.

“Yes” She hissed out loudly. “Oh God, yes.” She was pushing back against Ansell. The feelings were so intense and oh so good. Leaning down closer to Zhubin she rubbed her nose to his. “I need you to fill me, both of you. I need this more than you can possibly know.” The man kept her from taking his cock into her body. She had tried to push down on him, tried to move so that she could take him but he wasn’t doing it, wasn’t letting her.

“Can’t, not until Ansell has you ready enough to take him. He needs to stretch you so he doesn’t hurt you.” Zhubin held her hips still, his lips against hers as he kissed her gently. He smiled and nipped at her mouth. Then I’ll fill you up as he fills you up and we’ll take you, hard, fast and later, once this edge is off, do it all again nice and slow.”

“It’s going to take years to get the edge off.” Lacey shuddered, her cum sliding down out of her pussy and wetting Zhubin’s cock in her heated moisture. “More.” She whimpered and pressed back against Ansell’s fingers. “I can take more, please.” She just wanted him to stretch her body, needed him to get her ready so that they could all come together as they should.

“One more finger,” Ansell warned. He rubbed his fingers through her pussy again and then pressed two into her ass, spreading them wide. Slowly he pulled them out and pushed them in, stretching her more. “How’s that feel?” he asked softly next to her ear.

“So freaking good.” She was shaking, every inch of her body was broken out in gooseflesh and she wanted more. She needed more. “More,” she begged. “Please, I need you both inside of me. That feels amazing and I know it’s going to feel even better when we are all making love together.”

Ansell pulled his fingers free and rubbed his cock to her ass. Zhubin caught her lips and kissed her, nipping at her lower one. “On three,” Zhubin told her softly. They both positioned their cocks, the heads just pressing to her. “One,” he began slowly. “Two and three,” he whispered. Right on cue they both slid into her, stretching her impossibly and filling her completely.

Lacey screamed out when they filled her so fully, so completely. It was such an amazing, such a great feeling! Dropping her head to Zhubin’s shoulder her entire body shook in the pleasure that rolled through her. “Oh gods, yes that feels so very good.” She felt them quivering, quaking and she was right there with them.

Both men gripped her, held her as they shuddered and fought for control. “Lace,” Zhubin moaned. When she lifted her head he kissed her, hard, fast and they both began to move. Their cocks slid in and out of her body, the timing perfect, the friction amazing.

She kissed him back, her everything wrapped up in the kiss as she began to move with them. She shuddered, her being one with theirs. When they both began to move in and out of her ass and pussy in perfect timing she felt a tingling at the base of her spine working its way up and through her body. “Oh God, yes,” she cried out.

Her hair was twisted up and out of the way, her neck bared to them both. Zhubin ended the kiss and moved his mouth to her shoulder, the one over her heart. Ansell put his mouth on her opposite shoulder. She could feel the heat of their mouths, the slight scrape of teeth but still no bite. Not yet, but she knew what was coming.

“That feels so very good.” She moaned. “Please. Do it,” she begged them. “I feel so close.” She admitted to them as she pushed back against them. “Please, come with me.” Yes she was begging but she felt it coming, she knew that her orgasm wasn’t going to hold off for much longer at all.

She got a pair of growls and more teeth, but still no bite. They were moving faster, their cocks slamming into her harder and deeper. Their hands a little rougher on her body as they stroked her, pushing her to the edge. Then, in near unison, they sank their teeth into her flesh and held her as they drove into her and came, their seed spilling into her in hot waves.

Lacey’s screams tore through the stillness around them, their gasping breaths the only reprieve from the sounds of silence and her cries of passion. It was almost too much, no it was too much. Lacey felt them inside of her, not just their bodies but their souls as well. Another shout to the Gods and Lacey passed out cold against Zhubin’s chest, her climax fully taking her away.