Briar’s Saviors


Briar’s Saviors – Blurb

Her future was shaky after an attack left her broken, inside and out. But with the help of those around her Briar Sapphire is determined to be stronger, better and deserving of the mates she is blessed to have. But the universe is a fickle thing and she will be tested yet again when danger comes calling right to her front door.

Byrne and Danel have given their mate space, space she needed to heal and to see they would never be a threat to her. But a man can only stand on the sidelines for so long. And time for their little mate has just run out. This Luhpyne and Ahnjel are going to claim the woman they love.

Love conquers all but it may not be enough to stop the threat coming for Briar. This time though, she’s taking a stand and won’t allow her life, fresh and new, be torn apart ever again.

Story Excerpt (acceptable for all readers)

March 2, 2014

“Ladies and gentlemen, we here at the news center cannot reiterate strongly enough the importance of remaining indoors.” Jonathan and Casey were back behind the desk. Not the spit and polished one from the previous newscasts, but one that appeared to be in a bunker. Both wore fatigues from the military with helmets at their sides and military personnel in the background.

“That’s right Jonathan.” Casey flashed a smile, steadier but not as bright as it once had been. Harder many would call it. “Anyone on the streets is being classified as a combatant. Whether you are bearing arms or not. The American military has asked you to stay indoors, keeping your doors and windows shut. Draw your curtains and please remember to use power sparingly. If you are in your home, ensure you place the sticker you would have received from one of the care centers or envoys above the doorknob. This alerts the military to your presence there, that the home is indeed occupied. If you have been residing in apartments or condominiums, the stickers should be placed on a window. Please ensure that you can see the street clearly from the spot you’ve chosen, otherwise the military and their liaisons can’t spot it either.”

“The military has also advised to ensure you fill up jugs, pots, and even your bathtub with water. While they don’t foresee a disruption in your utilities at this time, we are at war and unforeseen circumstances may arise. If you have already lost one or more of your utilities, we will be running a number at the bottom of your screens shortly you can contact. Please note, this number is strictly if you have lost a utility or multiple utilities. This number is not for information on loved ones or for information of any kind. This is merely a center for all the utility boards. If you do not get through immediately, please continue to try at intervals. They are expecting a flood of calls many of which will be from people not listening to our warnings.” Jonathan took a deep breath.

“Correct, Jonathan,” Casey picked up the slack. “That number is now at the bottom of your screen and will run at varying intervals during our broadcast. As well, we’d like to stick up a few other numbers now. Please read them carefully, as if you call the wrong number you will be disconnected, period. We are sorry for this rudeness, but in a time of war these men and women are concerned about their assigned tasks. When calling any of these numbers please have all your information ready depending on the nature of your call. The first number up is the Red Cross, who will be gathering your name, address, phone number, and who you may be looking for. They cannot, at this time, assist you with any sort of list of names. They are merely gathering information on the phone lines, quickly and efficiently. If they find the person or persons you are looking for, you will receive a call or text back as long as the phone circuits allow. So please, stay off your phones unless it is an emergency so that all emergency personnel can continue to communicate with one another and you.”

“That’s right, Casey, we cannot stress this enough. Use your utilities and phones sparingly, as we don’t know how long this will last, but prepare for the worst,” Jonathan added. “The next number up is the number for the CDC. This number is for reporting any unusual diseases, symptoms, or sightings of people with possible diseases. Nothing more, folks. The third number is for the utilities, the same number going along the bottom of your screens now. This is only to report a loss of one or more utilities. Please have your name, address, number, and utility or utilities ready to report. They will not be answering questions, they are merely taking your calls and information. As soon as someone is able to assist you, you will get a call back.”

“Sorry to interrupt, Jonathan, but we have breaking news.” Casey’s smile was gone, and she looked pale and shaky. “The President of the United States, the Vice President, and several of the members of Congress have been detained and taken as prisoners of war. As well, we have yet unconfirmed reports that the Prime Minister of Canada, the Prime Minister of England, and several heads of states that may include France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, have also been detained and declared prisoners of war.”

“What is going on?” Jonathan whispered, totally breaking their stride. Shaking it off, he looked into the camera. “As soon as we have more news on this, on anything, we will come back to you live. Please keep your televisions tuned to this station. During the interim our station coordinator has the approval to play a few movies to help fill the void.”





Briar did just that. She let her body go loose even when she wanted to tighten. She licked her lips and kept her eyes on Byrne. He was her anchor. “I trust you.” She felt Danel entering her ass. She moaned at the sensations and licked her lips. “That feels good.” She moaned. “I didn’t think it would, but it does,” she confessed and pushed back against them once more. “Please, more?”

“Easy,” Danel hissed out. “I’m on the edge as is and you are so fucking tight,” he moaned out. She felt a shudder ripple through him as he squeezed her ass cheeks. “Relax so I can slip in, love. We need to do this as quickly as we can, without hurting you, otherwise I will embarrass myself and fuck this all up.”

She felt herself relaxing once more. “Sorry,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean to tighten but it feels amazing.” Her eyes never left Byrne’s eyes. She loved the heat that was there, the way that he looked at her as if she were the single most precious being on the planet. “Feels so very good. More.” She spoke louder to Danel, telling him she needed more and was ready for more.

“Breathe,” he said in her ear. “We’re almost there and then Byrne can join with you as well and we can get this party really started.” When she nodded he pressed in deeper, pausing whenever she began to tense and only pressing forward when she relaxed fully until he was fully in. They both let out sighs, his sounded distinctly relieved though.

She did just that. She began to breathe, and when he pushed deeper she whimpered. She then looked to Byrne and smiled. “I need.” That was all she had to say because she saw in her Luhpyne’s eyes that he needed as well. That he was hungry and needful just as she was. Pulling him closer, she smiled. “Kiss me,” she begged softly. She needed this, had to have this. Needed them.

With a low growl, he kissed her, feasted on her really. Shifting his body closer to hers, he adjusted her leg, the head of his cock pressing to her slick pussy. “Ready?” he whispered against her lips. At her nod he smiled and, kissing her again, began to slide his cock into her waiting sheath.

Pressure. Undeniable and intense pressure from both of them being inside of her at once. But it was a good pressure. It was one that she liked, a great deal. “Yes.” She found herself hissing it out, her hands clutching against Byrne’s shoulders. “I am not going to make it long.” She knew she wouldn’t. She wasn’t going to last long and damn well knew it.

“Doesn’t matter,” he said, his voice rough and deep. “As long as we are all joined, that is what matters in the mating. But I won’t make it that long either, so don’t feel bad. We’ll make it up to one another later. This is just for the bond this first time.”

Danel slid an arm around her, his hand moving up to cover her breast, right over her heart.

As Byrne slid home inside of her, he let out a throaty growl and moved her hair to the side. Dropping his head, he pressed his lips to her neck and thrust, pulling out slowly before thrusting in hard.

That did her in. The growl, the bite of the teeth at her neck and the touch of Danel’s hand to her breast. She felt the heat of Danel’s hand on her breast, knew that it was heating to mark her. “That feels so very good,” she whispered. “It feels so very good. More.” She pushed back against them once more. “More. Harder. It feels so very good,” she said quietly.

Both men were moving, Danel slowly pulling and thrusting, but Byrne had a rhythm down that was driving her around the bend. He scraped his teeth over her skin. Back and forth before settling them in to the curve where her shoulder met up with her neck. He was biting just enough to hold, but not enough to break skin, yet.

“I never dreamed that could feel so good,” she admitted. When she had been bitten before it hadn’t felt nearly as good as this had felt. “That feels so very good. Please, more,” she begged. She moved on them again, her body filled with pleasure, her nipples hard and gooseflesh covering her skin. Another shiver raced through her body. “More.” She couldn’t believe how needy she was, how desperate she was for them both.

They did as she asked and begged, and gave her more. Thrusting into her, they held her still and all she could do was take what they doled out. Drowning in the sensations as they all reached for the pinnacle together. Byrne’s teeth began to tighten and, if she wasn’t mistaken, Danel’s hand on her breast was warming up. They were close, all so very close.

Briar wasn’t able to hold it in another moment. She leaned in and clamped her mouth on Byrne’s shoulder and bit hard. She could taste blood when she bit Byrne, and yet she didn’t release him. She held onto him and begged for more from these two men. The only two men that could ever complete her.

His growl rumbled through her body, through her teeth and through her very soul. Then it happened. Byrne’s teeth clamped down harder, breaking skin, but not as anything she’d ever felt before. It was almost gentle as he bit. Danel jerked against her back, his hand hot on her breast and burning sensation there, but again, nothing like ever before.

Danel’s shout, her name torn from his throat, heralded in his orgasm as he jolted against her once more before his seed spilled into her ass. Byrne gave two more deep thrusts before he too went over the edge, his arm around her tightening and holding her close as they both filled her completely.

Briar was smiling, everything in her relishing the pleasure that she had in that moment. This loving was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Having these men taking her as they did was beyond wonderful. It was perfect. She went limp between them, a smile on her face, and released Byrne’s neck. “Sorry I bit you,” she whispered only a moment before she went limp between them.