Azure’s Warriors

Azure’s Warriors – Blurb

Her race has stayed hidden for centuries. Azure Bloom knows that now is the time to change that. Her abilities are needed to protect the Races from a threat no one knows exists. It won’t be easy, it takes so much out of her each time, but it has to be done in order to protect everyone.

Being handed an assignment to protect royalty during an Earth visit wasn’t on Drake or Volos’s list of things to do. Realizing she’s their mate puts a whole new, and quite possibly deadly, spin on every move they will make. But they know that protecting the Races must take priority.

Nerves will be tested, patience worn thin, and a love between mates forged as they do what they must. Azure must rely upon her mates, her warriors if they are all to survive the coming days. A storm is brewing on the horizon, one that will push all their limits in the days to come.