Cover Reveal – Azure’s Warriors

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Cover reveal for Azure’s Warriors

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Sleeping Beau – Mischievous Fairy Tales 5 — RELEASE DAY! :)

Sleeping Beau (MFM)
Mischievous Fairy Tales 5

By: Honor James | Other books by Honor James
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Fairy Tales/Myths, Menage a Trois/Quatre
Word Count: 55,712
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.Buy Link:


AVAILABLE: Friday, December 5th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 12th

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, fairy tale, HEA]

Sent to live away from his birth parents at a young age, Quinn Brodie-McKaughan wanted for nothing. He has a career that lets him see the world even if it’s strenuous and, at times, harsh. But everything is nearly taken away one fateful night when his car is sent careening off the road and he’s left in a coma. One that he might never awaken from.

Susan Ellington was the therapist hired to work with Quinn. What she never expected was to fall in love with a man she’s never even spoken with. Even worse—she fell in love with Quinn’s best friend Jordan as well.

When Susan gets fired and Quinn mysteriously awakens, Jordan Connors has the task of tracking down the woman he knows is the key to his future happiness. Not all that surprisingly his best friend feels the same way. Now all they have to do is convince her that happily ever afters do exist.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Honor James is a Siren-exclusive author.


It still was odd coming to this monstrosity of a house to see his pal Quinn. Hell, Quinn’s shoebox apartment could fit into the bedroom he currently lay in, twice over with a bit of space left over. Fucking place was massive!

Nodding to the butler—a butler for fucks sake!—Jordan shrugged out of his jacket and passed it over. He knew the routine well now. He’d been visiting every fourth day, in the hospital and then when Quinn’s birth parents had moved him to their home for private nursing care.

Quinn’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. McKaughan or George and Janelle as they’d insisted he call them, were an interesting pair. They’d explained why they’d distanced themselves from Quinn and, in light of what had happened, it wasn’t such a stretch to figure out that they’d been right to be wary. Especially given the fact that George was a Supreme Court judge, a lot of people would do shit to get back at him. And Janelle was an heiress to a massive fortune from her grandfather who’d been a shipping magnate back in the day.

Yeah, they both had enemies and people in the world willing to go to any lengths to get what they wanted from the couple. Sick, twisted and often desperate people. Quinn would have been the perfect pawn as a child. Still would be as an adult given what Janelle had revealed about the struggles to have him in the first place.

Passing off his gloves and scarf, Jordan bent to shuck off his boots. Straightening he went to the mirror and straightened his blonde, slightly wavy hair off his face. Dark gray eyes stared back at him from his Slavic face. His mother all the way, he thought with fondness for the petite Scandinavian woman that had given him life and who could still terrorize him into a sweating ball of fear with a look.

Ah, the power of mothers. Chuckling, he straightened his sweater so it wasn’t strangling his tanned throat and then headed up the stairs quickly, taking two and three at a time. With his six-foot-four height he had long legs, easily eating up the stairs and then the hall to his friend’s room.

Knocking, more out of habit than anything else, he slipped inside. Quinn was alone, one of the rare times, because the McKaughans knew that Jordan was coming by to chat with him. Routine was big in Quinn’s life right now.

Stopping at the bedside he stared down at his friend. He had black hair that was a little longer than Quinn preferred which showed the curl he despised, from his mother, Jordan now knew. His face was pale from lack of sunlight, very different from the tanned goof who loved to hit the waves whenever he could. His face was leaner too, showing off the strong, aristocratic bone structure he got from his father, George. A slight cleft in the chin, the strong yet slightly bent nose from a bar fight at age eighteen gone a bit wrong.

The large king-sized bed he lay in dwarfed his six-foot-three frame that normally was stacked in a svelte sort of way, six pack, toned, heavy definition and yet riding that very careful edge of being too bulky for fashion runways. Now he was thin, wasting away before everyone’s eyes.

Pulling up the chair Jordan sat down to talk to his friend. Catching him up on the latest news about this friend or that, he also let Quinn know that everyone at the agency was preparing for the spring fashion show in a flurry, as usual, for Paris. And of course, they missed him being there to pull pranks.

“I’ve been doing my best to keep up the tradition, buddy. But it’s just not the same without you there grinning at the pranked individual with your big blue eyes and dimples that get you out of serious shit every time. They know I’m doing my best and play along, but really, it sucks ass.”

Jordan wasn’t a model, though the agency had tried to get him up on the runway more than once. No, he was better as a coordinator, handling all the little details from flights to shipments to appointments to everything else that the agency needed done yesterday. He had the memory for such things and the quick mind. He’d go insane having to strut around the runway and he knew it, so he resisted the pleas to do it each and every time.

“Just so you know, Jean-Paul is on my case again to hit the runway,” Jordan said. “He says that he needs me out there since you are unable to do your traditional opener for the season. He fears that without a, and I quote here, sexy man to woo the ladies into opening their purses and other things, that he’ll have a horrid season. I told him to stick it where the sun didn’t shine, again. To which, yeah, you know the reply, ‘But dear boy, I might enjoy that.’” Jordan laughed softly, almost hearing Quinn’s echoing laugh in his head. But he knew the truth. He might never hear his best friend’s laugh again.

Shit, now he was getting maudlin. That wouldn’t do. Happier talk, definitely much happier talk. So he told Quinn about the fitting “incident” with one of the female models, remembered laughter in his voice the entire time.


“If you’re sure I’m all for going skin to skin, Susan.”

“I’m very sure,” Susan whispered honestly and wrapped her legs and arms around him. “Because otherwise you would have to go to the corner store and that would not be good.” She leaned in and brushed her nose to his. “I need you. I’m desperate,” she admitted honestly before she kissed him, the kiss showing just exactly how much she wanted and needed him.

He let out a low groan as he squeezed her ass and ground his jean-covered cock on her jean-covered pussy. “Bedroom,” he muttered against her lips. Sucking on her lower lip he nipped and drew his head back a little. “A bed, Susan, now,” he said. “Otherwise I’m going to throw you on the floor and to hell with the consequences to your delightfully rounded ass.”

“Down the hall, first door on the left,” she said and leaned down, her lips and teeth brushing over his shoulder. “And don’t be slow and gentle. I passed that a great long time ago.” She so should have jumped him far sooner. “I need you too much for that. Next time can be slow and gentle, this first time needs to be explosive, please,” she whimpered, opening the door for him when they got to the bedroom.

He tossed her on the bed and then wrenched off one runner before tugging off the other. Dropping the shoe he went to work on his jeans and, bending quickly, he straightened up, kicked them aside and was completely, gloriously naked. Jordan came toward her and grabbed her ankles. He gave a tug to pull her closer to him and went to work on her jean button and zipper.

Susan looked at Jordan and grinned. “Wow,” was all that she could say. He had a glorious body, he was tanned all over, literally, and he had muscles but wasn’t muscle bound so much that he looked corny. Without him asking she tugged her shirt off and then unsnapped her bra, lifting her ass for him when he tugged at her jeans and panties in one pull. Laying there naked on the bed she looked up at him and felt embarrassed, embarrassed because she wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful as Jordan was.

“God,” he breathed out staring down at her. “You are gorgeous,” he said softly. Climbing onto the bed he stroked a hand up her side gently, his touch very light and barely there. Leaning in he brushed kisses over her belly and then slowly up to her breasts. With a look to her, meeting her guess, he flicked his tongue over her nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

Susan arched up off of the bed. The touch of his tongue to her nipple was like electricity to her pussy. It was a current that ran zig zag all along her being. Her hands moved to his hair and held his head close to her chest. “Jordan,” she begged and rubbed her leg up and down his thigh. “Now.” She was so wet, she was so desperate. She needed and wanted to have him inside of her now.

Sliding his hand over her belly he slipped a finger through her folds, over her clit and then down to her opening. The soft growl he let out vibrated through her breast. “So wet,” he said in a rough voice as he moved to suck her other nipple.

“I’ve been waiting for you for far too long,” she whispered and pushed up against his fingers. She was desperate. She was needy. “Fuck me, Jordan Connor,” she begged and bracing a foot on the bed she pushed up against his fingers. “I want.” That was an understatement.

Laughing softly he used his knees to push her legs further apart. Settling down he rubbed his cock through her wetness and then began to push into her. “Fuck,” he groaned softly. “You are so damned hot and wet.”

Her legs wrapped around his hips automatically. Her hands once more moved to his shoulders and she grinned up at him. “And gods you are so damn hard. I love it,” she whispered. “I need you,” she said with a grin. “You feel so good.” He was stretching her ar-too-little-used channel to its capacity. “Perfect.” And it really did feel just like that, perfect.

Easing over her onto his elbows Jordan slid his hands under her shoulders and wrapped his fingers over them to hold on. Brushing a kiss to her lips he pushed all the way in. After giving her another kiss he began to thrust, his cock sliding in and out slowly at first and gaining speed.

Both of her legs were around his hips, she was pulling him closer and harder. She demanded more and more with each thrust of his cock into her welcoming pussy. She didn’t let her eyes close, she watched him. Watched every expression that crossed his face as they came together and loved it. She wanted more. “So close.” God they had just begun and she was so close. “I want to come and then we need to do this again, slower.”

“Agreed,” he groaned. Biting her lip he thrust faster, pounding into her pussy over and over. He tugged at her lower lip and then kissed her as he ground his hips to hers, his cock sliding over her clit as he thrust at a slightly different angle.

Susan’s entire body was moving with Jordan’s thrusts.

Honor James writing as April Zyon new release

The Prince’s Forever (Guardian’s of Light 2)
Guardians of Light

By: April Zyon | Other books by April Zyon
Categories: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Paranormal
Word Count: 38,874
Published By: Secret Cravings Publishing
Buy Links:



Barnes and Noble:

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AVAILABLE: Monday, December 1st

Riley Jensen has always known a lie for what it is. When the lies the world tell on a daily basis became too much she sought out a sanctuary behind thick walls. Only the lies didn’t stop at the door, they followed her and now she has a mystery to unravel. Unfortunately it appears someone else is looking for her.

Hector is a warrior, first and foremost. One who’s been forced to watch generation, after generation come and go. But he is a man with a purpose, a greater calling, one that demands his all to protect Humanity from the evils that wish to enslave it. Finding the one to call his own was nothing more than a dream, until he meets her.

Danger will hunt her. Lies will blend with truths. And only one of the Vestal’s can separate it all to show the Guardians the path.

Story Excerpt

Intercepting Gaius in the hall, Hector held up a hand to stop the man. “Mercury sent them off already. He needs us on a different task.”

“Unacceptable,” Gaius snarled. “They went after my Emily. All because that asshole sold us out. He will die by my hand, not theirs!”

“Quit being such a drama queen for a moment, if you wouldn’t mind. Mercury sent them off to track him down. He also gave them explicit orders to find only. They will contact you once they know he’ll be in one place for a time. Or when they nail him to a wall.”

Gaius was practically vibrating in anger. Hector could well appreciate that. The other man only wanted to protect the person who held his heart, his soul, his very life in her hands. Emily was one of the thirteen Vestal Virgins, a unique and much sought after woman. To say the least.

The Vestal Virgins were the only ones who could bond with the Guardians. At least that was Hector’s understanding of it all. Apparently, something in their genetic makeup made them the perfect balance to the men who were the Guardians.

Being a Guardian was a huge responsibility. It took a gigantic toll on each of the men that were chosen to be part of the organization, which had been created by a goddess to protect the humans from things they just couldn’t comprehend. The strain to remain good when always faced with such evil day in and out, well, it was quite huge.

Many had succumbed to the siren’s call of evil over the centuries that he’d been a part of the Guardians. More of late than at any other time, though. This worried them all. They were finally finding the Vestal Virgins, or so it was all their hopes, and Guardians were beginning to turn on their brothers in arms.

In Emily’s case, one of the Guardians they had called brother had betrayed her journey to the Guardians’ mountain fortress. He’d sold the information to those they called the Monsters, or Evil Ones. Basically, they were all that was truly wrong with the world. Literally. She’d nearly been killed in the attack—badly wounded, as a matter of fact—and was still recovering from her injuries seven weeks later.

Another reason for Gaius to be so…moody. He didn’t want to leave her behind. She would be protected—their leader Mercury wouldn’t allow any harm to come to her—but Gaius saw it as his personal duty to ensure her safety always. An honorable and noble sentiment. If only he wasn’t so damn pussy whipped.

Focusing on his fellow Guardian again, Hector watched as Gaius reined in his anger. It was truly amazing to watch as he shoved it down, deep inside, so that he was the chilling and calculating warrior that Hector had always known. “Better?” Hector asked after a moment, his droll tone earning a snarl from the other man.

“If they kill him instead of awaiting me, I will ensure they forever walk with limps,” Gaius growled.

“Yes, they realize that, I am sure. Now, we need to go.” Turning, Hector only rolled his eyes when he was absolutely sure Gaius couldn’t see him. He didn’t need to be walking around wounded.

“Where are we going?” Gaius asked once they had gotten into one of the heavily armored SUV’s.

Hector smiled slightly, but got them in motion before he answered, “We’re going to the looney bin.” He only smirked when he caught the sharp, stunned glare that Gaius shot his way from the passenger seat.

On the drive, he explained to Gaius how Mercury had picked up on a sudden spike in apparent, yet highly suspicious, suicides at the sanitarium. It all seemed slightly unusual. Even though they were crazy people, they had all died around specific lunar events. Three suicides had been made known to the local law enforcement, and another one had just occurred.

Mercury was pretty damn sure that the Evil Ones were trying to gather souls. In the depths of Hell, the more souls you had in your pocket, the more power you had in general. And the more power you had, the more havoc you could create on Earth. As far as the Guardians were concerned, someone was powering up and that was not a good thing.

Four hours later, they drew up to the structure in question. Parking well out of range of the cameras, Hector leaned forward to stare at the building.

“How are we to do this?” Gaius asked.

Looking to the other man, Hector was grateful to note that he was completely calm. Gaius was looking around, likely noting the position of the cameras, doors, and the security on the grounds, as well as any exits from the highly protected lot of land.

ADULT Excerpt

He suddenly rolled over her, his larger body pressing hers down into the bed. “I like being very hands-on in my demonstrations. It doesn’t mean that we won’t be having a little discussion, as well. After all, without a constructive and mutual exchange, how can we learn what the other likes?”

Riley licked her lips again. “I think that we should definitely do hands-on.” She moved in just a bit closer to him and rubbed her leg against the growing and impressive erection that he was sporting. “I think that we should get undressed and figure out just how well we might fit together.” That was her first thought, at least—getting naked with him.

He smiled slowly and shook his head. “Not quite yet,” he said softly. Lowering his head, he nipped at her jaw. “There are a couple things I should mention to you. Especially since you’re rather new to all of this, I’m guessing, from your earlier reactions.”

His mouth moved down to her neck, his lips and teeth lightly teasing her. “I’m very dominant in bed. As a warrior, I need to be. I have certain skills that can be very deadly in any situation, so it’s just easier for me to be in control at all times. I’m not saying that you won’t ever have a chance to be on top, as it were, just know that for the most part, I have to be in complete and total control.”

“I’m perfectly fine with that.” She arched against him and bit her lower lip. “I think that I was born to be submissive.” If her reactions were anything to go on. She was perfectly happy to follow his lead and the idea of him being in complete control thrilled her. She wanted more. Hell, she needed more and knew it. She had to have him. “Because I know that no matter what, you will always ensure that I have as much pleasure as you.”

“Definitely,” he breathed against her pulse. When he sank his teeth into her neck, at the point where it joined her shoulder, she jolted against him. The bite didn’t hurt—it was just a bit of pressure from his teeth before he scraped them over her skin lightly. “I think we’ll be just fine in all aspects, Riley. Now, I want you to get naked, fast if you would please.” He pushed up and off her and was standing at the end of the bed before her brain even registered he’d actually moved.

She wouldn’t and couldn’t deny him. She stood and stripped out of her clothes as fast as she could. Licking her lips, she watched him with her hands at the clasp of her bra. “Why is it that I’m nearly naked and you aren’t even pulling off anything?” She stood there in her peach-colored bra and panties, silk and skimpy, with little bows at her hips and between her breasts.

He tipped his head slightly and pulled his undershirt off, tossing it to the side. His hands went to his pants, undoing them before he bent to strip them down. Interesting tidbit—Hector goes commando. As he straightened, he tossed them to the side with the rest of his clothing and cocked a brow as he stood there, naked.

Riley’s eyes were on his rather impressive erection. The man was hard and large, all over. She tugged off her bra and tossed it somewhere behind her. Pushing her panties down, she moved back to the bed. Her body was aching for him. She wanted to touch all of the scars on him, kiss them, and try to get him to understand that she hurt for his past hurts. She ached because of the pain he had endured.

“On your back. Arms over your head. You can hold onto the headboard, if you’d like,” he told her. He stepped closer to the bed, but didn’t climb up as he watched her with hungry eyes. “Then, I want you to spread your legs, bending your knees up to show me all of you.”

Riley did just as he instructed, gripping the headboard tightly. She shifted her bottom just a bit and allowed her thighs to open widely.

A low growl sounded from him as he leaned onto his hands, climbing up between her legs. He brushed a kiss to her inner thigh, meeting her gaze as he began to nibble down toward her pussy. Not once did he break the connection, even as he lifted to give her other thigh the same treatment.

Riley wouldn’t allow her eyes to turn from his. She was drawn to the heat in his gaze. She couldn’t turn away, even if she wanted to. She lifted her hips slightly, biting her lower lip and begging, “Hector, just a bit lower.” She wanted to let go of the headboard and put her hands on his head, but she let him do with her body as he desired.

Her words earned her a sharp bite to her inner thigh. It hurt for a moment, but then he was soothing it with his tongue. Sitting up, he pressed her legs wider as he lowered his head, his gaze still on hers. She heard him inhale and saw the look of pleasure that rolled over his face as he took in the scent of her body calling to him. “You’re very wet. I like the way you respond to me, Riley. Would you like me to touch you, or would you prefer I feast on your pussy first?”

She didn’t know. She needed both, wanted both, and God help her, she was going to scream without both. “Please,” she whimpered and looked up at him with need and passion painted over her features. “I’m yours. Do whatever you want.” She gave full control to him because she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she would enjoy everything he gave her.